"You all go, don’t wait on me, I’ll rest first." Liu Sunseeker faced Moxi at night.

Wait for everyone to leave the window
Face to face, I saw a white face that was owed 12 thousand white flowers and silver.
Liu Xiyue "What are you doing here?"
White light tunnel "stupid sleep"
Liu Xi nodded later "thank you"
Recently, Bai Du has been secretly teaching stupid martial arts. Originally, stupid bodies were all soft and loose, but now they are getting tighter and tighter, and their pale faces are flushed.
Fang’s heart ached, but she didn’t speak out against it.
Liu Sunseeker glanced curiously at the night. Why doesn’t this man go?
"It’s so late," Liu Xixi woke up late.
Bai seems to be hesitant about this errand, but he finally stuck his neck and said, "The emperor is ill and asked you to go at once."
Liu Xi can feel that he is lying at night, so people are very disdainful of lying.
But he lied anyway.
Liu Xixi doesn’t discover it at night. If he doesn’t go, he will stun her and take her with him. It’s embarrassing to know him so well, but she doesn’t want to.
So Liu Xixi pretended that he didn’t know anything, nodded, turned around and took out his medicine cabinet from the small box at the head of the bed. "Let’s go and see."
The white face gave me a look of regret. Liu Xixi embarrassed you more at night. You are sorry that you can’t knock me out and take me away, right?
White glanced at Liu Sunseeker discontentedly, not to say that he was very clever, but he couldn’t see that he was making up lies.
It’s still convenient to knock out and carry it away
So Bai decided that if Liu Xixi dared to ask a few more questions at night, he would still stun her.
But he was very sorry that Liu Xi didn’t say a word all the way, just like a gourd.
She knows too well that this guy’s lying has reached a critical point. If he is asked again, he will definitely be exposed and become angry, and then he will definitely stun her to save trouble.
She doesn’t like uncertain things at all. It’s better to know clearly what happened.
This time, Bai took her to a clause in Difeng Night.
When Liu Xixi saw Mo last night, he was a little relieved and could speak.
So she sighed, "The emperor is really rich and his property is everywhere."
For the Chinese people, real estate is a symbol of wealth and status.
Ink smile, pointing to the two handmaids behind him, "They will wait on you to bathe and change clothes."
Shi Qin
Liu Xixi can only think of one possibility, even if she calms down again, she is a little uncomfortable at this time. No one can force her if she doesn’t agree.
"This is a kind of meaning." Liu Xixi turned cold at night and then woke up. "I’m still young."
Mo Mang explained, "No, you know that my emperor is in a higher position, so I hope you can give him a good impression first."
Liu Xiyue’s inexplicable "good impression"
Isn’t it the first time we meet that we need something? They are old acquaintances, right? Why do you suddenly pay attention to these things?
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
94 Chapter 94 This girl is vengeful.
However, when she asked Bai again, she stared at her impatiently, and Mo smiled and played Tai Chi with her: efefd.
Liu Xixi, who is full of anger, thinks that she can be rude when she meets the emperor at night, especially if the emperor is good-looking and can do whatever she wants
If she is really a pervert, she can still scream.
When she was stripped naked by two maids, she had some words to think, if it’s really no good, just lie down and enjoy it. Anyway, being so handsome is just a trick.
But when the maids wanted to get in touch with her body further, Liu Xixi yelled, "Stop it. I don’t need you to wait on me. Go."
After so long in ancient times, she still can’t adapt to being touched by a maid. It’s already the limit, okay?
The two maids smiled and said, "Hey, my little sister is shy. Don’t be afraid. We are used to massage. Try it if you don’t believe me."
Massage, massage, laugh.
Liu Sunseeker was touched by someone last night, and she felt all over her hair. She was also welcome. She leaned out of her fingernails with her backhand and brushed with a golden needle.
Listen to ouch, a few maids are lying on the ground, and their eyes are shocked. They are not ordinary maids. They are all stunted. Although they just underestimated Liu Sunseeker’s night.
But it’s not possible to be put down with one move.
They looked at each other in surprise, and one of them smiled and said, "I often hear that Miss Liu is really worthy of her name."
Liu Sunseeker lightly swept two beautiful women lying on the ground at night, remembering that they said that their massage skills were suddenly a little uncomfortable and wanted to know who their massage skills were.