This arm has a horizontal line, which is exactly what it is. It’s a little strange to gouge out that piece.

Chapter 1 Doctors travel thousands of miles.
Even Jia Jian felt that she should have fainted because of excessive blood loss. This medicine was gentle enough, but she still felt that her consciousness was getting more and more blurred, and her eyes were so black that she didn’t know who it was.
You Yan Qimu looked at and caught this water. If this water seems to be so close to a woman, give her back to you quickly. You Yan Qimu called this Qing "letter to Danrentang to ask if this medical fairy can repair the wound. I will send her to rest first."
You Yan Qimu looked at the bronze dagger and picked up the armor and sent her back to her room, waiting for the doctor to give her medicine. You Yan Qimu didn’t notice the tattoo. I don’t know how many people saw it. Even the armor is still a secret.
You Yan Qimu looked at the bed motionless and even said, "You said that you can tolerate such pain … What are the reasons and excuses now?"
You touched the clavicle with your fingers. Because of blood loss, even your skin was suffused with a trace of sadness and white breathing. Your hands stopped. "It’s really not Feng Wang to take advantage of the danger."
You Yan Qi Mu left this Qinghe Grain Rain to protect outside the hospital, and he went to find this Ruoshui. This Liu Yiyi has been hypnotized, but what if it was replaced?
If the water is actually very strange, she was really hypnotized that day. Liu Yiyi didn’t behave like she wasn’t hypnotized, but today she suddenly became a killer at this special key, but it was just an instant and suddenly changed her face.
"If the water what do you mean here?"
"You were next to me when I performed the operation that day. You heard what I said. You can say that Liu Yiyi was replaced long before this hypnosis."
You Yan Qimu gave him a suspicious look, but if the water was a face of koo stand stand hand and then said, "Go to the hospital to see those people in Liu’s house."
This Liu family has been put away for the time being. In the face of this sudden thing, many officials are also wary. Naturally, they all know that even the profile and Ruyan Qimu are not innocent people. Such things may not be peaceful once this New Year.
There was a killer in the Liu family, and Guo Zhou immediately asked people to search the place where the Liu family lived. The Liu family didn’t like it very much and didn’t want to eat at the same table with them. The Liu family was still in hospital, just like this small door and yard, but the result meant that it was very messy here.
Ruyan Qimu and Ruoshui have also arrived here. The Guo family has searched Ruoshui and smelled it. He always feels that he can smell a faint rancid smell. He is still very familiar with it. Unlike the Guo family, this Ruoshui search hospital finally noticed a water tank in this hospital. Seven water tanks were placed side by side here.
"What are so many water tanks?"
When the housekeeper heard this, Qi Mu asked, "This hospital is remote, but this hospital is feng shui. It can be a well. If it is remote, there are many water tanks in the hospital."
If the water is finished, it will be far away from these water tanks. "Most of this real Liuyiyi is in this well."
"If the water man doesn’t scare the old slave," the housekeeper hit the water tanks one by one. As a result, a swollen body was seen in one of the tanks, and the whole face of the body was peeled off, which was terrible.
This Guo Zhou is a businessman. Today, he has been scared by this assassination. When he comes here again, he feels his heart beating violently and almost fainted.
"It seems that this Guo Fu can’t stay ….." You Yan Qimu mused.
Even Jia Jian was badly hurt this time. This sleep was two days and two nights. Qi Mu thought that Jia Jian was hungry because he saw it sitting at the table drinking Leng Cha as soon as he entered the door. It seems that Shelley didn’t come. Where did she chew the bacon in her bag?
"This is the courtyard I bought. It’s too dangerous in Chikage. I didn’t expect that the Guo family would have turned against you and me before the party."
"intelligent selection"
"Where’s Shelley?" Ruyan Qimu looked around.
Even eating and saying that it looks really hungry, "I asked her to prepare some food."
"I’ve received a prayer from Sue, a doctor in Beijing. I heard that you were injured and would like to come here. After you treat your wound, you will inevitably leave depressions and scars. Then let him see what methods can be used to repair it."
"Is it just you and me in this hospital now?"
"If Shui and Yue Wang are here, even Iraqis and Guo Jinghan stay in Guo’s house. Anyway, everyone here is actually his goal."
"Yue Wang is so good that someone will want to kill him?"
"Oh, who knows and no one will nip in the bud"
Even Jia Jian picked his eyebrows and rubbed his belly. This half of his arm is very painful and dare not move. Fortunately, this injury is the left arm. If it hurts this right arm, it will have a little impact.
"LiuYiYi body found this Chikage is a human skin mask from the body …"
Lian Jian put bacon in her hand and looked at him like this. She still kind of mind hearing this topic while eating.
"I’ll tell you after you eat first. By the way, I live next to you. There is a bell at your bedside. Don’t forget this bell if anything happens."
Even Jia Jian nodded quietly, with a soft momentum. It’s more like being lazy and just waking up than being injured, just like a cat enjoying its lunch quietly. It’s quite cute.
"If you want to take a bath, you’d better not wipe it with warm water in a wooden bucket casually, otherwise the wound will get worse, and don’t say that no one will wake you up."
Even the sturdy clever nodded unexpectedly, and you reached out and rubbed your hand. The two men looked at each other for a while, but were interrupted by Shelley pushing the door. You coughed for two times and turned around and went out.
Su Qiyan rode a horse, even though it was evening, and he was still on his way. In his eyes, he saw that he had to treat patients. He could travel thousands of miles day and night just like the immortal, but if this is a person who is not worth treating, he will not be very worried even if he goes out and turns left.
"rob money? I don’t know how much I need now? " Su Qiyan walked in front of the rivers and lakes all the year round and always fought against gangsters. Later, I also knew that the outlaw was a little embarrassed and I got used to it.
"The medical fairy is going to Bacheng to save people?"
"Are you human?"
Chapter 1 secrets
Lian Jian looked at Su Qi, who was dressing himself. "You look much worse than me."
"You are very wise. The murder weapon I saw was bronze. If you can’t clean it up completely, people will die."
"Do you know this? In fact, many doctors don’t pay much attention to this. "
"Although I don’t know the reason, I have had such a problem before. I have bandaged the wound of that person and given him medicine. Soon there will be vomiting and diarrhea accompanied by a high fever and he will die."
Lian Jianji nodded. "I have seen a record in the doctor, but unfortunately there seems to be no good way to treat this disease here, just like human blood has become poison."
Sue prayed that her face was black and blue with a splint on her arm. He was in a mess. He checked the callus wound. He could come faster, but he was seriously injured. Even the callus wound has grown new meat.
"You recover quickly. I have some repairable drugs here. Wipe them once every morning and evening, and you can’t break your mouth until you recover."
"Seeing that you don’t care so much about your wound, you know there must be."
Su Qiyan smiled. "But I have a question. Is this attacker a person?"
"Gee, even the young lady is not an ordinary person, which is not simple to provoke people, but it is obvious to attack even the young lady is not Chikage."
Lian Jian picked his eyebrows and looked at him. "What does this mean?"
"Chikage can’t kill people in this way, and I have saved Chikage’s life. She won’t attack me halfway."
Even Jia Jian didn’t respond to him, but he felt a little pimple in his heart. If this person is not Chikage, then who is it? If water and Ruyan Qimu intelligence network can’t find anyone, although it doesn’t look as good as this Chikage, it is absolutely terrible.
"It may be Chikage’s apprentice and Chikage is a woman. She once said that if she doesn’t kill the first one, she won’t kill the woman."
Lian Jian is somewhat defensive. "Are you familiar with her?"
"Sort of. She once said that those who want her to assassinate women are all an idea to recognize this female beauty and forget that if it weren’t for the men and women’s skins?"
"If you don’t kill the royal family, if you don’t kill the officials, if you don’t touch them, then there is another one?"
Su Qiyan is a frank person who says anything. "Poor people who say that she doesn’t kill the royal family and officials? The reason why Chikage is notorious is that she takes the rich people’s money to kill the rich, but she never accepts it. Taking the rich people’s money to kill the poor is harmful to the rich."
Lian Jia slightly tilted his head and glanced at his arm. "Is she a good person in the eyes of the medical fairy?" What kind of good man can teach such a vicious apprentice?
"No, but it’s really not a person who will shoot Miss Lian. Her apprentice must have borrowed her name. Miss Lian and Wang Ye are predestined friends. I’ll try to find her and tell her about Miss Lian’s situation."
Lian Jianjia won’t let go of those who try to calculate their own lives. "No need. Do you think if her apprentice dies, will she do it herself?"
"Even the young lady looked at me like this, but she wanted me to say" forgive and forgive "? I don’t think so. Chikage’s notoriety comes from her apprentice, but she doesn’t care. As a bystander, I don’t think her apprentice needs to be there. "
"I hope that Chikage is as the medical fairy said, otherwise it must be a larger foe."
"I’m not interested in other people’s grievances. I’ll stay here until Miss Lian leaves or recovers."