In recent years, people think he is quite serious, because an H-color network immediately seems to have found a revolutionary comrade, and it seems to have a common language.

And what about Fan Daguan? !
I have never seen this brother’s interest in women, and it’s hard to catch him doing such a thing before the iron is hot and taunting him. After this village, there will be no such shop, and his mouth will not be disturbed by laughter.
"Ha ha ha ha ….. owl really didn’t expect ah ya is really a boring *! Secretly look at this stuff … Ha ha, two leather faces. His research is to hit a tunnel with two shells. Look at ya, this is three holes in one … "
"Fan Tie!"
Cold and fierce, gnashing her teeth, the ice is about to crack, and the cold is biting. "I’ll count to three, one, two-"
"Wait … give you your mobile phone … no kidding!"
I’ve never seen him so angry. Fan Tie didn’t dare to joke anymore. He quickly glared at several laughing monkeys next to him and handed him his mobile phone. But even if he tried to hold back his smile, he didn’t laugh. "Poof, we are all men. What’s so shameful? Who hasn’t seen these porn? What’s the hurry? "
Without saying a word, I sipped my cold lips, grabbed my mobile phone, put a black face in my pocket and strode out of the small conference hall.
There was a burst of crazy laughter behind him.
Those kids are laughing-
I’m wearing a military coat, and I’m really blown up this time in the cool wind with temperature.
His cold and frightening tone almost didn’t bounce Chen Black Dog out of the cab.
"Chen Black Dog Dijing Mountain Villa!"
Black dog with a straight back is a clever boy, and he can hold back 10 thousand questions in his heart. How dare he ask 100 thousand questions at this time?
But he also summed it up. Anyone who can make this man angry and angry is the little girl who sent it to Dijing Mountain Villa early today.
When I think about it, I can’t help but sigh a little-
This world is really rich in gold, earth, fire, water and earth, and the five elements coexist.
It’s getting a little dark in winter. Bao Qi sits cross-legged in the master bedroom, taking notes at the head of the bed and putting them in front of her. But the more she looks at the pictures, the less energetic she is. Just going back and forth like that, the children grow up to be passable, and the men don’t have a boss, especially compared with the second uncle …
No, it’s nothing
Blindly turning her around, she tilted her head from time to time to take a look at the sky slowly sinking outside the window.
It’s getting dark. Why doesn’t the smelly man come back? !
As soon as she reached out, she lit the bedside wall lamp and enveloped herself in this warm yellow and dense light. The upset mood seemed to be much better.
"Bang" a loud noise!
See hidden housing door was severely kicked from the outside!
Surprised, she quickly took the headset and looked at the door in amazement-
He’s back!
However, when the man came over, his tall body seemed to be covered with a thick layer of ice, and he pushed closer and closer with the oppressive momentum of Lunbi, which made her heart beat faster, especially his scary and handsome face.
That’s terrible! That’s terrible!
At that time, she was so stunned that she forgot to drop her brain’ criminal evidence’ that two men in the island country were still struggling to use the woman’s body, while the woman was still babbling, unable to tell whether it was painful or soothing.
But also successfully brought her back to her mind.
Darling gave a shudder. She looked at the front of her, not much more than the terrifying. The man was tearing at the corners of his mouth, just whitewashing the peace and shriveled smile.
"You, you are back!"
She-she stammered!
Section 127
The man’s gloomy face is like a hail. The day before yesterday, the line of sight fell on her face. The dark eyes were full of the word sharp, and she gnashed her teeth one by one.
The grinning little darling is going to stop working in fear. Somebody help her! Stammer, you’re killing me this time! Swallowed saliva, she pretended to be calm and dry for two hours.
Gnome male-"ok … well do you want to see … ah … ah …"
The words haven’t been said neatly yet. She screamed and her notes were dumped in front of her, and she became a savage beast. The food was severely suppressed by the tall body of the man, and she couldn’t move in front of the big bed and him!
"… ErErErShu juwan have something to say I don’t want to do anything …"
I was a little afraid that she would beg for mercy, and my eyes were as small as mine, and I handed it to her in a wronged way.
The enemy won’t take it!
At this moment, Owl’s eyes are stained with anger, and he doesn’t even eat her, but he turns a blind eye to her coquetry. His tall body presses on her petite body like Mount Tai, and his strong arms support his eyes at both sides of her body!
More sinister than wolves, more ruthless than cheetahs …
Stare at her. Stare at her without saying a word.
Well, Baoqi really panicked this time and grabbed his sleeve to admit his mistake. "… I was wrong, I was wrong!"
"What’s wrong? !”
"Shouldn’t see that … that …"
Well, who on earth thought of those pictures? She was a little embarrassed to answer, blushing and swallowing. She curled her lips and looked at him piteously.