There have also been criticisms in the Valencia media about the ever-victorious transfer policy.

Especially "Super Sports", which had been enemies with him, was even more merciless in criticism.
They seem to be quite proud of being the opponents who always win, and frequently use this identity to flaunt their independent thinking. It seems that those who say good things about winning are slaves who lick winning chrysanthemums. Only they are outstanding, think independently and don’t follow others.
But at this time, Tolla, a respected old reporter of Provincial Newspaper, wrote a commentary in support of Constant Victory.
"… a season ago, when Ibrahimovic was introduced with eight million dollars, how many people scolded him for spending money indiscriminately? There are even people who accuse him of taking kickbacks. But it turns out that his vision is excellent. In his first season in Valencia, every player he introduced performed well. Guardiola became the center of the team’s midfield, with Ibrahimovic as the top scorer and Villa as the second scorer. Reyes, although young, performed well. Carvalho and paulo ferreira were questioned about their abilities before they joined the team. What happened? They are an important contributor to the team’s less goals conceded last season. "
"Going back to the period when he often coached in getafe, the players he was responsible for introducing performed well in getafe, which was an important contributor to getafe’s promotion to the first division and winning the league title and the King’s Cup that season."
"Up to now, there has not been an example of failure among the players that Chang Suo urged to introduce, and the success rate is as high as 100%! Can’t such an accurate eye for people prove his ability in transfer? I don’t see why there is any doubt about introducing Deco. As for selling aimar, although aimar’s performance is good, on the one hand, his salary is too high. On the other hand, everyone saw that Valencia’s performance was not affected by aimar’s absence. It is better to win or win, so in fact, aimar’s role in the team is not as important as some people think … Choosing Deco instead of aimar, I think it always has its own reasons. What we have to do is not to question, but to believe and watch quietly.
When Chang Sheng saw this article supporting him, he almost spit out a mouthful of water.
Because in the end, Torra’s words and tone are really like brain powder …
"No matter what the purpose is when making this decision, in short, as long as he does it, it is right and we all support it!"
Since the respected Torra has come forward to help him speak, Changsheng decided to spare the media for the time being.
Anyway, soon, those media will realize their mistakes.
If there are people who are dead and dumb, Changsheng doesn’t mind going into battle to slap his big face twice.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one New formation
After selling aimar and bringing in Deco, another player also chose to leave.
Anglo Ma, once the team’s meritorious right-back, has made up his mind. Last season, he didn’t get any chance to play under Chang Sheng.
In the position of right-back, the main force is paulo ferreira, the rotation substitute is Curro Torres, and anglo Ma is the substitute of the substitute.
There are few opportunities to play.
Moreover, he can see that Changsheng doesn’t like these old guys on the defense line. Last season, Kukiqi was sold as soon as he arrived at the team, and pellegrino became a substitute. Maybe it will be pellegrino’s turn to be sold next season.
If you continue to stay, you may not get many chances to play.
So he decided to leave last season. Otherwise, why did he say hello to Chang Sheng in advance?
He thanked Chang Sheng for leading Valencia to win the league title, and he could still win such honor in the twilight of his career. But feelings for the team can’t be confused with personal relationships.
From the perspective of personal interests, Changsheng is really not a head coach who can cooperate well.
So anglo Ma chose to leave.
Different from mendieta and aimar, Chang Sheng showed his tender side in anglo Ma. He didn’t make things difficult for the 37-year-old veteran on the transfer fee, even though he actually had a one-year contract with the club.
He told anglo Ma that he was free to transfer and leave, and he didn’t need to pay a penny for his transfer fee, so that he could attract enough teams (.com e-books), and at the same time, because it was a free transfer, he could get a high-paying contract.
But unfortunately, even so, the 37-year-old old defender failed to find his next team.
After no team showed interest in him, anglo Ma chose to retire.
Without professional farewell matches, flowers and applause, the hero who won the European Champions Cup in Marseille in 1993 ended his career quietly and disappeared into the mainstream of European football.
After some signings and selling people, Changsheng began to examine his current lineup.
In terms of goalkeepers, the team has not changed. It is still canizares and palop, and David Landel.
The defenders are Ayala, Carvalho, pellegrino, Navarro, marchena, Aurelio, Caboni, Xavi Parac, paulo ferreira, Curro Torres and Arbeloa.
The midfielders are albelda, Ba Laha, Guardiola, Deco, Cambiaso, Vicente and Reyes.
On the front line are Ibrahimovic, Villa, Mista and angulo.
Twenty-five people in all.
In this lineup, there are not many players in the middle and front court, some of them are weak, but no one is a water dispenser keeper who can sit through the bench.
Unlike last season, there was a Selban, who hardly got any chance to play, and his mood was low, which easily affected the stable and United atmosphere in the locker room.
It’s good now. Every player has a chance to play and can compete in a healthy way. The first team doesn’t need too many people, and Mourinho’s point of view is shared by Changsheng. Too many people, on the one hand, pay a lot, on the other hand, will produce a lot of redundant players, which is not conducive to the atmosphere within the team.
However, there are enough people on the back line in this first-team lineup, with ten people.
Considering the state and strength, there are several players who won’t get many chances to play.
Anglo Ma has retired, and Caboni hasn’t retired yet, which makes Chang Sheng a little surprised, but he can’t say it directly, so he can only stay on the bench.
Harvey Parac didn’t get many chances to play last season, because Aurelio was in too good shape to be injured or sick. However, this season, Changsheng intends to give him a chance to play properly.
After all, I have to fight on multiple lines now, and it is unrealistic to rely on only one Aurelio.
After watching this lineup again, Chang Sheng found that there is no front waist in this lineup, but there are quite a few back waists.
But this is normal, he is signing according to this standard, because Valencia will play 433 in the new season.