One second back before the shadow sewing cross-country eyes locked in front of the vase surface, followed by his foot shadow into a ray of streamer blink into the vase shadow in front, followed by the vase violently broken into his eyes.
"On the opposite side of the attack, it is to directly penetrate the shadow into the enemy and cause damage."
"Well, the power is much better than the shadow neck-binding technique. Finally, it has not been practiced in vain!"
Cross-country may not be disappointed in mastering the "quantity" of skills, but it is still quite happy in mastering the "quality" of skills.
In particular, after mastering the shadow-neck-binding technique, the shadow-sewing technique, the two Nara clan secrets, the cross-country self-recognition even if chakra’s method is comparable to endurance, but in terms of real combat ability, the practice of climbing trees and treading water has been completed, and the three Nara clan secrets have been mastered. The cross-country self-recognition is not a problem to solve ordinary endurance.
Having completed two Nara clans’ secret skills to practice cross-country, I was ready to open another scroll to practice the so-called "plug-in" shadow dissection. However, before practicing shadow dissection, an idea suddenly appeared in cross-country, that is, to integrate shadow suturing into shuriken Zhongli, so that shuriken could confuse the enemy and secretly explode the power of shadow suturing to achieve a surprise effect.
Who would have thought that just when the idea of off-road just came out, the APP suddenly showed a sign and let off-road stand there directly!
"Please wait a moment in the binding of player R&D function …"
Chapter 8: Innovating the Secret Technique
"R&D function?"
"In addition to accelerating cultivation, APP can also create Ninjutsu? Mystery? "
Suddenly echoed in my mind to show off-road can not help but leng leng.
Then come to my senses, cross-country literally means a little analysis of a "R&D function", but my eyes can’t help but show some expectation.
"The player’s R&D function is successfully bound and the conditions are met. Can you make the R&D function create skills independently?"
"Sure enough, as I thought, the research and development function is to create the secret of Ninjutsu!"
"make! APP hurry up! "
APP once again showed off-road and quickly brought up the R&D function interface after joy.
Moreover, when the cross-country research and development function appeared in the interface, I recalled all kinds of wonderful cross-country of APP and couldn’t help but think, "Didn’t I play mobile games from the first perspective?" In that plug-in, it is said that in addition to modifying the character level and skill level, the plug-in also has the function of combining skills to modify the basic information of characters! "
"If I say that the accelerated upgrade APP is from that plug-in, then accelerating cultivation is equivalent to modifying the skill level combination skill, which is the eye research and development function!"
"If I can reach the trigger condition, can I change the basic information of the characters or simply devour the blood effect? Wasn’t it equal to having the chance to awaken sharingan by devouring the blood of Uchibo clan? Is it possible for me to have all the bones and veins of the family? "
"This plug-in is really worth it!"
Cross-country from the R&D function can not help but have some guesses and expectations for its own binding APP.
That expectation doesn’t say that nature devours a lot of blood in Huo Ying, and then the boundary becomes the reincarnation of the left eye and the metempsychosis of the right eye.
However, cross-country is white. He can’t expect too much from the APP, and he can’t expect the effect of the APP. In a certain sense, the APP is an assistant. Just like Uchibo’s sharingan, whether the tool can play its beauty depends on the level of the messenger.
It seems that he is a cross-country person who has quickly mastered the secrets of Nara clan by accelerating the cultivation of Li APP, but what can he say?
Not mastering superb ninja is tantamount to having relative strength.
Naruto Uzumaki mastered the spiral pill when he was patient, and he was better than the four generations of Huo Ying?
Erzhu mastered Thousand Birds early. At that time, could he say that he was better than Kakashi?
The mature mind has long had a definite position for APP. Even after accelerating the cultivation of APP, it is necessary to exercise itself beyond one goal after another and step on the peak of the world.
Then I brought up the R&D function interface, studied a cross-country and found a very interesting thing.
There are two white options in the R&D function interface.
Click on the first option, cross-country, and you will see the shadow imitation, shadow necking, shadow sewing, and master the secrets of Nara clan by yourself.
Click on the second option, cross-country, and you will find that it is really all-encompassing, not only the secrets of Nara clan are included, but also human organs such as bitter shuriken and other instruments, fists and feet, etc.
Then, before the cross-country combination in the APP, the idea was to select the shadow sewing operation in the first option, and then select the shuriken Sure enough to develop the interface in the second option, and a 1% indication appeared, indicating that the probability of developing a new secret technique by combining the two options is 1%.
"The original research and development function is not based on the creation of Ninjutsu or secret art, but on the basis of my mastery of Ninjutsu secret art to create new secret art!"
"Well, the chance that Shadow Suture and shuriken will create a new secret is 1%, so create it!"
The mind communication APP silently chose the "Yes" option.
Soon, a /1 progress bar will appear in the R&D interface, and the new cross-country secrets will be developed.
The first to create the hermetic cross-country faint or some expectations, but it’s a pity that the progress bar has not been advanced for a long time. Half a minute cross-country can shake its head and say:
"Sure enough, it is very difficult to develop a new secret technique. When the APP takes so long, don’t say that I independently developed it, and it is a drawback that the research and development function can study a new endurance technique or a secret technique at a time!"
"But in the eyes, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. After all, not everyone has the qualification to create new ninja and new secrets. Anyway, now the new secrets have been developed, or it is better to study the scrolls sent by Uncle Ding Zuo and master the plug-in of shadow separation as soon as possible!"
The greedy snake swallows the elephant cross-country is a greedy person, yes, but the difference between a wise man and an idiot is that a wise man knows when to be greedy and when to restrain greed.
Then I opened the scroll sent by Ding Zuo casually. I took a cursory look at the cross-country and found that it was a surprise to remember the method of practicing shadow separation. At this time, with the deepening of cross-country understanding of scroll records, he was more and more painstaking to send this scroll from Bai Ding Zuo.
In addition to the shadow separation, the scroll surface sent by Ding Zuo records the three-body technique (the separation of body double’s transformation) and the ordinary instantaneous technique, which belong to the relatively basic ninja in the endurance world.
But don’t look at the low value of the scroll body. Ding Zuo sent this scroll to the off-road body, which is simply a price!
In Muye Village, there are three families in the Qiudao Mountain in Nara. Although there is no struggle between the two families, it is impossible for so many people to get together. Everyone in the family has no selfishness, right?
The patriarch’s cross-country status is suspected to be the clan’s interests. Even though the clan has shown some talent in front of Lujiu, the clan patriarch Lujiu in Nara is also faced with a choice problem: whether to choose the majority of the clan with mediocre qualifications or to push ahead with the cross-country choice regardless of clan opposition.
Lu Jiu was still hesitating whether to test cross-country for a while when he showed a certain talent in cross-country.
However, as Ding Zuo sent out the scroll in the cross-country hand, Cong Lujiu knew that his friend had made a choice and was prepared to help cross-country at all costs, forcing Lu Jiu to fight against the stubborn forces of Nara!
What’s more, cross-country is also clear that Ding Zuo has a good relationship with him, and it is difficult to have an autumn road. The meaning of family consideration is to browse the scroll surface and remember the three-body technique, the blink technique, the shadow separation technique and the cultivation method in your mind. After cross-country, you will put the record into the APP cultivation progress bar and remember Ding Zuo’s fat face secretly.
"Uncle Ding, you can rest assured that when I become famous, I will take good care of the Qiudao clan!"
"APP, I want to modify the progress goal of shadow separation practice by 1/1!"
Chapter 9 Shadow in two places at once
"Player’s shadow separation practice progress is 1/1. Congratulations to the player for completing the shadow separation practice!"
"good! Let’s take a look at the effect of shadow separation! "
Li APP effect first completed the shadow separation practice cross-country without hesitation. According to the memory in my mind, I started to print and then drank a little.
"Shadow separation!"