Xiao Yishen naturally came to the conclusion that secretly XianJian bay to eyes flashing with mysterious luster "so that my shark flag sword is not good, but even if it doesn’t work, I can also blow you up! Thousand Sword Map and silver moon Sword will be me! "

After that, he took the lead in storming regardless of the strong demeanor of his face.
He stepped on Kuidou’s body like the wind and instantly crossed the distance of 100 feet and came to Chen Shaobai’s front. A pair of big hands slammed their heads and came face to face, and their fingers trembled. Before the imaginary point, they waved finely the secret trajectory, like hūn silkworms spinning, and hūn rain at night, they could enchant people to cling to it, whether it was cut or killed.
"The big silk winding! The seven secret methods of the Qing Xuanmen-the so-called soft magic power to break the extreme, sharp and sharp, banned thousands of secret methods to wrap all over the sky, although this statement may be exaggerated, it is still possible for Xiao Yishen to wrap a magic weapon-level flying sword. "
Blink of an eye Chen Shaobai saw Xiao Yishen tips route.
"silver moon’s sword stays and kills. Give him a try first!"
Qing Xiao’s 15 black smoke flies out from the chest and condenses into a handle. The ferocious little dragon flying sword is just right against Xiao Yishen.
"It’s a spirit! Or a complete set of Long Xing magic weapon plus congenital Rowen combined as much weaker than silver moon sword! Look at my style, I’d rather sacrifice a card than change it to a flaw. It’s a good idea and a good means! If I don’t have a magic weapon to protect me, I will be hurt in a mess, but it’s a pity … "
Xiao Yi’s face sank, Se was calm, and the hand kept brewing momentum. In the face of the sudden five-handle black dragon flying sword, it suddenly burst into a drink.
"Seal the fairy clothes!"
A colorful treasure coat suddenly appeared, and its colorful and dazzling face was engraved with sixty-four miniature arrays of magical powers. After a flushing and pouring, it was immediately combined and crocheted into a purple flame cover shape, and Xiao Yishen was firmly set in it.
Bang bang bang bang bang!
Five ringing rings in a row have aroused five flying swords, and the blade is still wrapped with filar silk, bone and purple inflammation. I’m afraid it will be melted in a few attacks if it weren’t for the extraordinary material of the nine dragons’ breath. Although the purple flame cover of the Indian fairy clothes shook and trembled slightly, it recovered calm and was not traumatized in a moment.
Although the spirit is the same, it is only natural that the control, coercion and locking of most of the powers of Jiuyou Dragon Breath are not suitable for Chen Shaobai’s hard-hitting and hard-hitting fighting style.
"Killing the past with silver moon Sword and Jiuyou Dragon’s Breath at the same time may break the defense, but I have to find a chance to be killed!"
Feel the five flying swords with sharp breath purple inflammation Chen Shaobai distracted five āo longitudinal five flying swords sāo interference while calmly analyzing.
Xiao Yi sank ten fingers and tore his breath like a silver Getie claw. He drew a series of concise lines and wrapped his magic around him like a steel cable.
Magic-ridden Chen Shaobai immediately realized that something was wrong.
Before I met the strong, even if their mana was monstrous and their strength was outstanding, their mana was illusory and ethereal, but this Xiao Yishen mana was more solid than being wrapped around themselves like strips of alloy steel cables.
"It is no wonder that it is said that refining one’s initial mana is a false mana, and a breakthrough has been made in quenching the secret realm to condense the sword species, so it is so far from the original mana quality!"
Two talons-like sharp and hard fingers thrust at Chen Shaobai’s eyes in a double dragon’s pearl grabbing trend.
If he doesn’t handle it properly, a pair of eyes will be pulled out alive in an instant.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Absolute repression!
"Imperial fencing controls the power of the sword!"
Chen Shaobai refers to the sword as a slight hook Xiao Yishen and immediately feels his mana wandering away, and the instantaneous speed is also slow for a moment
Such changes are extremely short-lived and fleeting
Taking this opportunity, instead of retreating, Chen Shaobai stepped out of his spine and pushed his right fist back hard. He closed his fingers slowly and quickly, squeezed out bursts of sonic booms and punched them out with one punch.
Four mana dragons are gathered together and wrapped in their right arms, and the body force is condensed into a virtual shadow, and the dragon slams at Xiao Yishen.
The original flying sword, which was transformed by the five handles and nine dragons’ breath, was overwhelmed. I didn’t dare to relax my mind. Xiao Yishen robbed and killed Chen Shaobai through them, and now I will be smashed as soon as I vent my energy.
Before Xiao Yi sank, although he was a little shocked that his own mana was affected, it was not surprising to think that many similar magical powers, like the magic clan, could even control people’s will. Seeing that Chen Shaobai attacked and attacked his face, the sneer became more and more obvious. "Waste is waste, and the blood punch lost its mind when it came to fighting. I printed the fairy clothes, but it was a magic weapon that even the flying sword could not break the fist hard attack?"
Chen Shaobai should take countermeasures to make him feel assured, and the greedy Se becomes more and more obvious when he thinks that it is likely to be hidden in his eyes.
Dharma, Spirit, Treasure, Tao and Immortal!
The jewel can only be brought into play when it is quenched, but that doesn’t mean that the strong one can have a jewel in his hand. Don’t mention the fact that he Xiao Yishen, even many true brothers and sects elders may not have a jewel, but they are more likely to hold a spirit to fill the window.
It is said that the picture of a thousand swords is a treasure!
Greed is the original sin as well as the motive force. When I think of the immediate available benefits, Xiao Yishen’s manual attack becomes lighter and softer, but it becomes more tough and sharp-just coincides with the sudden increase in power of the big silk winding technique J: ng.
Tens of millions of steel cable mana together will condense into a direct lock Chen Shaobai in it.
The enemy is ever-changing, and I will break it with one punch.
Chen Shaobai’s clear roar contains a giant iron fist to attack and kill the past. The fist refers to the virtual shadow of six dragon fierce beasts, which directly tears and tears the whole mana cable, breaks through the blockade of the big silk winding technique and attacks the ten fingers to the front of the streamer treasure clothes.
Buzzing …
The purple flame shield inspired by the fairy clothes printed on the body surface was rocked by Julius with one punch and oscillated endlessly. It seemed that the defense shield could be destroyed at any time. After all, it was not broken, but Xiao Yishen was smashed by Yu Wei, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood.
This is a shock, blunt force and surging force, which hurt Xiao Yishen through the purple mask.
"Six Long Li how is that possible! Such a terrible power! Don’t say that only a few people can have it even if they are tempered! "
Xiao Yi’s face sank and his sneer instantly solidified, and his brain was short-circuited when it crashed. He just exchanged a trick. It was not that he didn’t practice in place, but that Chen Shaobai’s punch strength was too strong. The wild root method resisted the pain from the heart and told him that his internal organs had been injured in this blow. If there was no buffer for the printed fairy clothes, I’m afraid he has now become a bloody paste.
Seeing such changes, Chen Shaobai is not surprised or happy. Everything is under control.
The effect brought by the thunder quenching body of Poseidon is not only to increase mana, but also to give him unparalleled physical strength and potential. After being refined by the dungeon king kong body, those hidden potentials immediately burst out and turned into visible combat effectiveness.
He is now physically strong enough to have two dragon powers! Combined with the sun’s inflammation, the magic power is enough to play the role of six dragons! Can quench a heavy strong blow up! -of course, that’s before the strong quenching gas comes to make the avatar secret method and the Lingbao.
While Xiao Yi was calming down and breathing with injury induction, Chen Shaobai’s foot-pedal virtual magic spray SHE exploded several times in a row and instantly came to his front to blow out a punch again.
Like a thunder exploding on the ground, the gas in Sendai is flowing rapidly, and the residual clouds are condensed into a paste. The white Se cumulonimbus clouds are like meteorites, and a heavy rain falls to the ground, hitting the ground and touching it, as if a drummer is beating drums.
"Good quick return air speed! In this way, some physical exercises are not practiced, and I am afraid that the brothers of the gods and demons can’t compare! "
King Kong Tekken Boxing took the lead and came rushing around according to the face. The overflowing strong breeze alone inspired the purple fire cover of Yinshou Xianyi to stimulate Xiao Yi’s face and numbness. The rain around him was directly evaporated and condensed by Ziyan before he could touch the ground.