"What lulu is not people come out? Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get along with the right boss for the past two years. "

Then a few people exchanged pleasantries for a while and the children’s food table started.
"By the way, I heard that senior high school students are going to have a reunion in the town. Are you going?" Hymie eating vegetables suddenly remind of qq group notice asked.
Tianyu frowned and thoughts drifted into the distance …
Chapter 585 Go
"Let’s do this one and three more!"
Class reunion rich second generation monitor raised his glass and everyone shouted loudly
Only one table doesn’t like to sit quietly and drink with everyone on weekdays.
There are men, women and women at the next tables, naturally talking about TV dramas, makeup, some news hexagrams or their emotional disputes. Men start talking about female stars first, then female friends, and finally talk about games in various sports competitions.
From then on, it was the hottest F and da, and then dnf.
Tianyu’s ears pricked up when several people at the next table were discussing dnf. At this time, he was a junior, but he couldn’t play with the boys in the class because he didn’t know how to kiss up and despised the monitor’s way of making friends with money.
That’s why I’m sitting here at this time, piecing together a table
In fact, Tianyu already had his own views on dnf at this moment, but there was no chance for him to talk at those tables.
This was the reunion before Tianyu was born again. Although everyone was a high school classmate, not everyone went to college, and more than half of them gave up college and started working.
This is not a big city, and many children in high schools can’t even finish the junior college line. The phenomenon of not attending high schools is still very common in rural areas.
And these people who have entered the society for two years mostly work for others, and they can be their own bosses, probably relying on their own family business.
In high school, the monitor was such a big shot.
Tianyu scoffed at their society’s practice of "making friends"
However, Tianyu was really too young at that time and was crushed by these social fritters after the experience.
They are also very well-advised to see that the people at that table are all stupid and have not taken the initiative to be nice to this side, so they have ignored their table.
So Tianyu is thinking.
What is the significance of the reunion? Is it in the name of the reunion to show off wealth and fight for ostentation and extravagance?
Just like when the monitor came over in that BMW, the’ girls’ in high school were almost red-eyed, and some of them screamed.
Is it necessary to come if all the classmates will do this?
Tianyu sat alone in the corner drinking drinks. Xia Peng and Hai Mi also went to each table to propose a toast after talking to him. It’s a social etiquette.
The loneliest thing for a person is to watch a group of people revel.
Thinking back to Tianyu, I ate the food in my mouth and looked at Xia Peng and Hymie again. "I don’t want to go because Ashue doesn’t have any acquaintances here. I have to accompany her."
"This is a bit unreasonable. You have already missed a reunion. If you don’t estimate that everyone will forget about Ben and people like you this year," Xia Peng said and took a sip of draft beer and continued. "In addition, Jun Gao, the squad leader, said that he has family members, even though he arranged the reunion at his home anyway, and you know the business, and he is the noodle maker. We have to give them some noodles anyway."
"Do you think I have a sense of presence in the high school class?" Tianyu asks with a smile
Xia Peng suddenly thought that in high school, there was nothing particularly good except himself and Haimi. The popularity of the classmate’ female’ was even worse, but there was no advantage except a high point.
But then again, to find Mu Xue with such fine features in the south is beyond Xia Peng and Hymie’s surprise. Although it is not particularly good-looking, it is absolutely worthy of Tianyu’s’ color’. It is even more beyond Xia Peng and Hymie’s surprise that Tianyu actually found an object in his early twenties. When did he counterattack Bai Fumei?
"Tianyu, it’s not very harmonious. Anyway, it’s Jun Gao. He wants to show off his wealth. 13 We cooperate with the point and don’t suffer losses. Moreover, he also made a special statistic in the group. When you said that you haven’t seen him for two years, you miss him very much …" Hymie went on to say Tianyu words.
"Poof ~" Tianyu didn’t hold back a mouthful of draft beers in his mouth and laughed. "He misses me? Estimation is miss how the whole me … "
"…" Xia Peng and Hymie were silent at the same time.
"I thought that when Jun Gao saw that I was one meter tall, his height of 1.6 meters had a lot of problems with me, but I didn’t lose my monitor status."
Everyone is Gao Fushuai? It’s good that the three can satisfy the second one, while Gao Jun is "rich and handsome", saying that the guy is taller than even the northern girl, which is his only pain.
"It seems that Jun Gao nationality is transferred from the south, otherwise it is estimated that it will not do business." Xia Peng wiped a pair of forehead sweat and listened to Tianyu’s words, which didn’t have the spirit to connect along Tianyu’s words.
"I didn’t expect to be a genetically modified species …" Tianyu shook his head and quipped.
Everyone is silent.
"If you don’t go, I’ll push it," said Hymie Nye.
"Go ahead. Anyway, it’s always good to have more friends, even wine and meat friends."
O snow before saying nothing also roughly understand what it is like to think of time at home’ door’ before Tianyu tactful so said.
That’s true. It’s better to have more friends than more enemies. If you deliberately push it off this time, you may get an impression in the eyes of the class. Although Tianyu doesn’t care much, it’s easy to seriously hurt your family in this rural area.
"You see, even your daughter-in-law’ fu’ said that you should not push it again." Xia Peng said seriously
Tianyu looked at Mu Xue and sighed. He didn’t want to go to such a reunion in his heart. He hasn’t participated in a reunion since he went to junior high school. He didn’t go to junior high school.
Think about it at that time, if I really went after graduation, I’m afraid I’ll be laughed off by everyone. A college student survived in a small restaurant for more than a year, but he still had no savings at all … Li Tianyu, you fucking deserved the untimely death of the * * silk generation!
"Then go" Tianyu nodded his head.
Yes, that’s right. It’s a fate to die young. There’s still a chance to live, and Tianyu is no longer the "monk" who is so weak in his life that he suddenly became a junior.
Do you want to steal others’ thunder in the past? Tianyu shook his head. In reality, it’s best not to forcibly reverse it, otherwise this behavior will cause a butterfly effect. Maybe the terrifying will even deduct a shit basin for himself when he knows it.
"That’s settled! Then the four of us will go to the town together. "Xia Peng finished and drank a toast.
In the evening, everyone went home together, Tianyu paid the fare, and parted ways with Xia Peng and Hymie after saying goodbye.
"Snow, in fact, the class reunion is not as good as you think." Tianyu looked at the few stars and said with strength.
"I know, but I don’t just want you to see my picturesque eyes, but I want you to sigh with me. Do you know what I mean?" Mu Xue also looked up at the night’ Yin’ clouds can not cover the light that a few stars slightly laughed.
Chapter 586 Down and out on New Year’s Eve
Listening to the Mu Xue question, Tianyu slowed down and immediately stopped. Looking at the dislocation beside him through the street lamp in the village, Mu Xue’s back felt that Mu Xue seemed to be different.
Mu Xue felt Tianyu stop around and looked back at him with a smile and asked again, "Tianyu, do you know what I mean?"
"well! White "
"Life is the need to manage my childhood life, and I don’t want the future to be ruined." Mu Xue could feel gloomy when he said this.
"I know there will always be a generation of’ female’ children who need to bet on a man. I don’t want to lose, but I want to win," Tianyu calmly replied.
"But I have to take the last two and a half years first!" This sentence is Tianyu’s own mind.
"Li Tianyu, you have to refuel!" Mu Xue hands suddenly put on a trumpet-shaped shouted at the stars.
There was a lot of barking around.
Tianyu pulled up Mu Xue with a black line and ran home.
"Do you want to be so crazy today?" Tianyu asked as he ran.
"Because I am very happy today!" Mu Xue was Tianyu pulling two people fast replied with a smile.
"Well, I can’t handle you girls."