"… oh!" Ye Yu reluctantly lay down and closed her eyes, but her ears were still upright!

Shen Yue asked, "Tiger, how is Xuan Ye’s injury? !”
Nine heavy frowned slightly, saying: "After Ye Yu’s painstaking efforts to help him heal these days, his injury is fine, just …!"
"Just what? !” Ye Yu asked again in bed.
Nine heavy stared his one eye, Ye Yu flew back into bed!
Shen Yue asked, "Just what? !”
"It’s just … this boy is depressed, and his belief in winning is not strong, and he has closed his spiritual self! He’s running away from something … He just doesn’t want to wake up! "
"Spiritual self-isolation, that he can’t hear others now? !”
"In a state of spiritual self-isolation, he naturally can’t hear normal speech! But …! " Jiuzhong suddenly showed an evil smile and said, "Hey, hey … if I speak, he should be able to hear me!"
Shen Yue said, "Even if he could hear what you said, you said it. He didn’t want to wake up on purpose. Even if he heard it, would it be useful? !”
"That depends on how to say it ~!" Said the nine heavy bow to xuan night’s ear, gather strength inside, gather sound into a line, like a spike into xuan night’s ear, "xuan night, I tell you, your woman Wan’er is not dead, has been Lao tze saved! If you wake up quickly and continue to play dead here, I will send your woman to meet guests on earth! !”
Hear nine heavy this passage, xuan night suddenly had a reaction, the body suddenly Yishan, and after a while, I saw his eyes eyeball began to turn, then slowly opened his eyes, eye movement, looked at nine heavy, "nine heavy … you are too hard! !”
Jiuzhong smiled. "Haha, you forced me. Who told your boy to play autistic with Lao Tzu when he was full?"
"Ha ha, big brother!" Hearing the sound of the night, Ye Yu, who was lying in bed pretending to sleep, jumped down from the bed with a quilt and grabbed the night bed. He said excitedly, "Eldest brother, you finally woke up, that’s great ~! I tell you, Sister Wan’er is fine, and she has been rescued by Brother Jiuzhong ~! !”
Xuanye moved her mouth and smiled slightly. "I know, Jiuzhong told me everything just now!" "
See nine heavy just said a word, xuan night obediently woke up, Shen Yue can’t help but feel very curious about what nine heavy just said, can’t help but ask: "tiger, what did you just say to xuan night? !”
Jiuzhong looked at the dark night on the bed and said with a smile, "Hehe … it’s not suitable for children. You’d better not know!"
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Vegetable
"Wan’er them? !” Xuan night asked Jiuzhong weakly.
Jiuzhong said, "I just got out of bed today, and I haven’t had time to see it. All I know now is that their lives have been saved, but they are all in a deep coma!"
"I … I’m going to see Wan’er!" Xuan night struggled to sit up.
Jiuzhong held Xuanye down and said, "Come on, you don’t have a good time yourself. You still have the leisure to see others. Let’s talk about it when you can go to the fields!"
Xuanye heard a dim look in his eyes and said, "… I’m a cripple, and I can’t stand up again!"
"bang!" Jiuzhong raised his hand and played a skull crash in Xuanye, saying, "What do you think of your boy? Do you think it’s still ancient, even if you don’t have a heart, you can change it to an artificial one to keep you jumping, not to mention a weak hand and foot? !”
Xuan night smell speech leng leng, way: "is it? Now the medical technology has been so developed? !”
“……!” Nine heavy speechless, heart way this guy is really stay in the mountains all the year round have been out of touch with the times, "is not already, is already so developed! And even without the current medical technology, I can connect your hamstrings, so you can’t stay in bed for me. I didn’t go to such a big trouble to get you here for nothing! "
Hearing Jiuzhong’s words, Xuanye smiled and said, "Jiuzhong, as long as I can get up … my life will be yours in the future!"
"Uh-huh, this sentence finally depends on some music ~!" Jiuzhong stood up and said, "All right, you should rest quickly. I have to go and see those girls!" " Then twist a head Chou Chou Ye Yu, "I said your boy, your eldest brother woke up, should you give me honest back to bed? !”
"Oh, good ~!" Ye Yu picked up the quilt that fell to the ground and went back to his bed to lie down!
Let’s go!’ Nine heavy and Shen Yue out of the room, and came to the room where the sixty-seven girls! From Shen Yue’s mouth, Jiuzhong has got the specific number of those girls detained by Ouyang Tianque!
Sixty-seven people, not a small number, naturally can’t all be in one ward, let alone all intensive care units! They are all arranged in the secondary intensive care unit, with five people in each intensive care unit!
Nine heavy came to Wan’er’s intensive care unit, a total of five beds in the ward, each bed lay a girl, all in a deep coma, completely unable to eat, relying on nutrient solution to maintain the required nutrition!
Come to Wan’er’s bed, and look at Wan’er with her eyes closed and deep coma, and then explore her pulse door, and penetrate like silk inside to explore Wan’er’s body!
After a long time, Shen Yue asked, "How’s it going? !”
Jiuzhong withdrew his hand and frowned and said, "It’s not optimistic … their essence is really exhausted. Although I pulled them back from the gate of hell and saved their lives, with the current medical means, it will take at least several decades to make up their essence and make them wake up!"
"That they did not become a vegetable? !”
Jiuzhong shook his head and said, "This is different from a vegetative state. A vegetative state is formed by severe damage to the cerebral cortex, which makes people lose their conscious activities; But their conscious activities exist, just because their current physical condition makes them temporarily unable to wake up! "
"That … is there any other way to make them wake up as soon as possible? !”
"Yes …!" Jiuzhong mused: "That is to use my green dragon prajnaparamita spirit to speed up the recovery of the lost essence in their bodies!"
Shen Yue not without worry: "… it won’t do you any harm? !”
Jiuzhong smiled and said, "Oh, as long as you don’t go too far as I did this time, it’s not harmful, but beneficial!" There is an idiom that is well said. I will make great progress in the process of healing them by using my inner strength! "
"Isn’t that the best of both worlds?" When Shen Yue heard this, he said, "Then use your inner strength to heal them!"
"Now ~? !”
"Well … no!" Shen Yue said, "You have just recovered. Take a rest for one night and start tomorrow!"
"I think so too ~!" Jiuzhong stood up and grabbed Shen Yue’s waist, hugged Shen Yue in his arms, and said with a bad smile, "Hey, hey … I haven’t eaten for a few days, but now I’m covered in firepower, so we should be warm tonight ~!"
Shen Yue’s face was covered with flying clouds when he heard this, and he said shyly, "Oh, no, you just recovered and are not suitable for strenuous exercise, not to mention, this is still a hospital!"
"Hey … just because it’s a hospital, my interest will be so high. You can’t run away tonight. Let’s go ~! !” Nine heavy no longer let Shen Yue push to take off, directly picked up the Shen Yue goes to his ward!
There is nothing to say all night!
The next day, Jiuzhong yawned a lot, sat up from the bed, stretched himself, and glanced at his side. No one was there. Shen Yue had already got up, and looked up at the clock on the opposite wall. It was already half past eight. "Shit, it’s late. I made an appointment with Xiangxiang to go online at eight o’clock!" Then pick up the game helmet from the bedside table and put it on to enter the game!
At this moment, Shen Yue came in from the outside. When he saw Nine Important wearing a game helmet, his waist was inserted and he said, "Don’t go in to play, brush your teeth, wash your face, and talk about it after breakfast! !”
"Er … OK!"
After washing up, I had breakfast again. Nine important players entered the game and were stopped by Shen Yue. "Did you forget what you said yesterday? !”
Nine heavy a face of vacant way: "what did you say? !”