It’s Yuding’s real mana is very limited, but his mind is a real one. All kinds of knowledge and theories in the Sutra Pavilion are memorized like a stream, and there are countless techniques. It’s because of his poor spirit that he can’t practice profound mana and can’t even drive a cloud. That’s why he wants to find a disciple who is loyal, rational and trustworthy. His brain full of theoretical techniques can be used to turn him into a useful person or to give him Yuquan Mountain a window dressing.

Yang Jian recognized that Nezha had a point, no matter how bad it was, but now the situation was thoughtful and he agreed.
Ao Bing saw that Yang Jian was sympathetic to his brother and sister’s experience, which explained to Nezha that it also added some confidence to him. "Yang brother Nezha studied under the Buddha Gate at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and the real person Taiyi knows more about the jade gate than you and I do. You must be right to listen to him."
In order to test Yang Jian’s belief in filial piety for Yuding, Nezha said, "Brother Yang, you need to walk thousands of miles to Yuquan Mountain, but you can’t ride a horse or drive a cloud."
Yang Jian is "good"
Ao Bing quietly pulled Nezha’s sleeve and pulled Nezha aside and said sadly, "He has demigod blood and won’t make his sister a real mortal. Even if there is a pursuer after walking thousands of miles, he will not live in Yuquan Mountain."
It’s so careful. I forgot about it!
Nezha said sincerely, "Thank you for waking up!"
Aobing touched his nose and felt a little embarrassed. Nezha turned back and said to Yang Jian, "Brother Yang, you are a demigod. You get twice the result with half the effort. I will teach you a little simple magic. Be alert and escape should be enough."
Nezha wanted to think that if the invisibility spell is too long, it will definitely hurt the fairy family. The divination hiding technique should be coordinated with the posture and the spell is too long and fast, but the time limit is too short. She finally thought of the simplest one-
Five elements escape method
Nezha asked, "Do you know the five elements?"
Yang Jian replied, "Three-year-old children know the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth."
Nezha put up his hands in front of Yang Jian and asked, "These hands include congenital divination, acquired divination, ten days’ work and twelve branches of Jin Mu fire, water and soil. Do you know where the fire, water and soil in Jin Mu are?"
Yang Jian looked at his hand and recalled a little "the big finger belongs to the soil, the middle finger belongs to the wood, the middle finger belongs to the fire, and the little finger belongs to the water". At that moment, Yang Jian added, "Mother hasn’t come to teach me any more details."
"Now you said that these correspond to the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. Let my uncle teach you about your life in the future, and I will teach you a five-element escape technique." Nezha broke his knuckles in front of Yang Jian and carefully decomposed, "Golden tactic pinched his right hand name to refer to the third quarter; Wooden strategics pinch the second end of the left index finger; The water tactic pinches the first end of the middle finger of the left hand; The fire tactic pinches the left middle finger in the third quarter; The fourth finger of the left hand refers to the third quarter. "
Seeing Yang Jian nodding, Nezha withdrew his hand and moved to the door. The right hand was more vain than the sword finger. It seemed that he was manipulating something. His left hand was pinched in the second port of the index finger and he read "The golden fire, the water, the earth and the hidden water are urgent!"
Instantly Nezha hidden body Yang Jian looked around and went out to look at it or disappeared.
Yang Chan looked for it for a long time and exclaimed, "It’s amazing."
Aobing patted the door frame and laughed. "Here it is."
"If you want to move when performing this operation, you need to cooperate with footwork." Nezha loosened his hand and showed his figure. Yang Jian said, "Just now, that set of footwork was called Jiugong Guabu formula, and he wore nine shoes, one left, three right, seven two four shoulders, six feet and five lives in the center."
Yang Jian nodded and did as Nezha did. However, a strange scene was presented. There was half a person by the door panel, which looked very seeping.
"It’s good to cooperate with you at the same time. You are not familiar with it. Try adding two sentences to the formula." Nezha coughed a dozen supplementary ways to perfunctory her habitual work-cutting. After all, she was gifted and didn’t read spells. Just move with her heart. "It’s too urgent for the old gentleman to be as urgent as the law!"
Yang Jian listened to the five-element tactic and tried it several times to make sure that it didn’t go wrong. After the shipment, he left with Nezha and they took some food and medicine for their brother and sister to prepare for the road.
Bleak sunlight, gray and white, two backs supporting each other, depressed but determined to walk forward, leaving a few lines of footprints in the white snow.
Nezha leaned against the doorframe and muttered, "I’ve found a treasure this time."
Ao Bing said, "He has a love for his mother and a responsibility for his sister." Here, Ao Bing looked up and forgot to look up to heaven. "It is also a driving force and pressure to hate these pressures on a child."
"Let’s divert and I’ll take you to meet my uncle." Nezha picked up the wine from the table and handed it to Aobing for a cup. They touched the glasses and put it away. Sumeru House jumped on the cloud.
I have something to say.
Ps: Wear nine shoes, one left, three right, seven two four shoulders, six feet and five lives in the center.
-Easy number
You see, Nezha is fine and fierce. Isn’t that a good temper
Chapter, chapter
The two of them followed Yang Jian Yang Chan’s brothers and sisters easily, but they were really unlucky. In addition to the mountain soldiers who will chase them, some demons also stared at them.
Strictly speaking, the demons are staring at Yang Jian’s neck, which is delicate and small like an eye.
Nezha generally ignored these wannabe, but thought it was a lesson for Yang Jian. Until the first wave of celestial pursuers appeared, Ao Bing suddenly remembered one thing, but considering that Nezha had always been conceited, he casually asked, "Where is Nezha’s five-element flag?"
Who has nothing to do with that thing?
Nezha slightly recalled a quick laugh and was slightly embarrassed. "It seems that I forgot to tell them that there is no five-element flag in the five-element dun method, and each casting can maintain half a wick of incense."
So when Yang Jian’s brother and sister fled through the escape technique, Nezha mixed the sky with silk to tie up the preparation from Yuntou Zongao and Bing, forbidding him to show up in front of the mountain soldiers and raise my hand to throw the red tassel gun in front of many mountain soldiers, blocking the road and falling in red from the sky, tapping his toes on the grips to win for them.
Looking at Nezha, the leader of the mountain soldiers who met him a month ago, he asked impatiently, "Didn’t I tell you that their lives are mine?"
After a disorderly gun beat this wave of sky back, Nezha jumped back to Yuntou Aobing and turned over with a face of bitterness, leaving Nezha with a more resentful figure.
Nezha untied Ao Bing and helped him to get up. He said earnestly, "This is how I am. The dragon is only 200 years old to be a real adult brother. You are only 17 years old. You are still a baby in your dragon. Don’t always think about taking risks, okay?"
Aobing eyebrows a wrinkly ""baby?
Nezha steadied the cloud and patiently reasoned, "Brother, I will be able to marry and have children in two years. Can’t you?"
Ao Bing is barely visible, and the corners of his mouth are not good-looking. ""Do you still want to marry?
Nezha stared at Fang with Aobing’s shoulder, and the pace became more and more rapid. Two figures said carelessly, "Just don’t take risks."
Ao Bing and Nezha couldn’t get angry and said, "I’ll be grateful if you are less impulsive."
From the twelfth month of winter to the melting of snow and ice, and then to the grass buried deep underground, it attracted the first thunder in spring.
Aobing watched Nezha beat back, followed by waves of mountain soldiers behind Yang Jian, and put three or five teams of monsters in reckless pursuit of Yang Jian, which made him fumble for a doorway in the third eye by mistake.
When Yang Jian Yang Chan enters the town, it will be safer than in the wild. At this time, Nezha will pull Ao Bing to avoid the brother and sister and let Ao Bing give full play to his small purse and buy it in buy buy.
Perhaps it is the skill of clear ink that makes Nezha eat bamboo shoots out of the psychological shadow, because she is not good, and other things are particularly concerned about all kinds of eating.