"Really … is there such a world?"

"Well, having great power in that world will not be feared, but will be respected."
"Really … really?"
Listening to Ye Yu, the purple-haired elf girl was very excited, but soon she calmed down again.
Even if there is such a world, what about yourself?
"Don’t be so depressed. I can take you to that world if I can?"
Ye Yu so gently said the purple hair elf eyes suddenly lit up.
"Really … really can take me to a place like that? !”
"Well … but I have to stay in this world for a while before that, and I have something to do."
Ye Yu said so, but he didn’t know what the so-called must-do situation was, and Naisha sent him here without saying anything.
However, after getting a general understanding of the world, Ye Yu feels that what he wants to do should be related to these so-called elf girls, right?
"Strange … what … don’t go critical until now?"
When Ye Yu thought like this, the purple-haired elf girl also showed some strange expressions. When it was normal for such a long time, she should have been automatically sent back to the critical point, but she didn’t feel that feeling until now.
"Well, aren’t you going back to the critical point?"
Listen to the girl so soliloquize said Ye Yu is also a curious look to purple hair elf girl gently nodded his head is very puzzled.
Under normal circumstances, I can stay in this world for a short time, but I don’t know why I can be sent back to sleep for such a long time this time.
"Wouldn’t it be better not to go back? You want to see the world, too. This colorful world."
Ye Yu said that the purple-haired elf girl was sad and shook her head.
"They don’t need me. The world doesn’t need me. As soon as I show up, people will try to kill me."
"No, it’s not. Since you were born in this world, it’s natural to live in this world. When did they become masters of this world?"
Ye Yu disdained a smile and immediately gently touched the girl’s head.
"Don’t worry, no one can hurt you with me here."
Purple hair elf girl nodded her head, and her face was never smiles appealed.
"By the way, I don’t know your name yet. Can you tell me?"
Ye Yu said that the girl’s face was not stiff and immediately bowed her head to reveal some sadness.
"I have no name."
"If you don’t have a name, how about a name called Shixiang?"
Ye Yu doesn’t know what would give a girl such a name, as if someone somehow manipulated himself to say these two words. Maybe this is fate.
Chapter 378 Five Rivers and Weaving
"Ten incense? Nice name. I like it very much."
Listening to Ye Yu’s name, ten sweet faces show a gentle smile.
"What about you? What is your name?"
"My words are Ye Yu."
"Ye Yu …"
Listening to Ye Yu’s answer, ten fragrant words repeated a little, and then looked at Ye Yu with a face of joy.
"Then my name is Ye Shixiang."
"Well …"
Ye Yu slightly leng leng, but I don’t know what to say, so I silently touched the girl’s head and felt as if I had another daughter.
"if you like, that’s it."
Listen Ye Yu said ten sweet a face of joy nodded his head.
Because it’s inconvenient to go to the town, Ye Yu stopped at a shrine with ten incense for the time being, thinking about the future plan by the way.
At the same time, when the two men hid in this shrine, the commander of the girl’s appearance, who was suspended in the town’s huge warship, Flaxenas, was looking at his hands to report.