"How could he … leave this to you?" MuBolun puzzled frowned.
Ru Xiaodong looked up at him in surprise. "What are you trying to say?"
"I didn’t mean anything else. I think it’s rare for a girl to see this kind of thing. I admire you very much."
RuXiaoNan smile "thank you"
"But I really like these two. Why don’t you be my girlfriend so that I won’t feel sorry even if I give them back to you? Besides, I can borrow them from you when I want to see them."
"girlfriend?" RuXiaoNan one leng she didn’t expect the other party to say such a thing.
Suddenly she seems to have lost something.
"So that spell is for me."
Mu Bolun’s face changed at this, but he soon calmed down. "What are you talking about?"
RuXiaoNan pointed to the table flower ball and stretched out his hand and drew a flower from it.
The mind-taking spell came to an abrupt end, and a fine brilliance disappeared.
Mubolun was frightened to disgrace.
"Can you, can you see the spell?"
Not all people who know Yin and Yang can have Yin and Yang eyes. Some people have excellent talents, but they can transcend certain boundaries because they don’t have Yin and Yang eyes
Ordinary people can’t see the incantation, which emits special light. The incantation is so magical. It can be used to harm people or save people.
RuXiaoNan conveniently tore the flowers into pieces and threw them on the table.
"I was wrong," she said seriously. "I take it back. I was wrong. You didn’t expect Mubolun to be that kind of person."
Mubolun is going to regret it now.
It’s like slapping yourself in the face to cast a spell in front of a person who knows both yin and yang.
"Grandfather once said that he must not fall into the hands of vicious people. Mubolun, give it back to me!"
RuXiaoNan up timidly held out his hand to him.
"Do you want to rob me if I don’t pay you back?" MuBolun soon recovered from his shock just now.
Just a moment ago, RuXiaoNan was amazing.
He even gives birth to an illusion that the other person holds the foot in his hand and controls his life and death.
It’s funny. She’s just a mediocre person with yin and yang eyes. She’s really out of her mind. She fooled me just now.
Mu Bolun waved to the people around him, and someone respectfully sent a brown paper bag.
He took two out of the paper bag and laid them on the table.
"RuXiaoNan, if you promise to be my girlfriend, how about I give it back to you?"
"What am I?" RuXiaoNan seems to have some doubts.
Mubolun did Sarah laugh in his heart. It was a bumpkin who had never seen the world. If he wanted to be patient, there was still a chance to confuse her.
Thought of this, Mu Bolun’s deep blue eyes stared at her as if to seduce each other, and he fell into ecstasy together. "Because you are special, I admire you."
Relative to his affectionate RuXiaoNan is blinked "such a thing is impossible"
Refuse flatly, without even the slightest hesitation
Mubolun suffered 10,000 damage.
And broke a confession failure for the first time in his life.
Even if it’s fake, he’s never lost his hand before. If he wants to hook up with a woman, no one can run away.
"What is impossible to ask you to order a head? I will give it back to you!" MuBolun tightly staring at RuXiaoNan face expression.
There is no shyness in the other person’s face, and there is no surprise after hearing that he is going to be his girlfriend.
She’s so quiet. It’s like watching a stall.
That’s right. At this moment, Mubolun has a sense of being treated as a ground stall.
"Because I already have a boyfriend, if I take another one, he will be angry." Ru Xiaodong was outspoken.
Mubolun almost vomited blood.
What do you mean, take another one!
Does he want to serve a woman with other men? He’s not a gigolo!
"Yes, she dare not accept another one, or I will be angry." A man suddenly sounded behind RuXiaoNan.
Chapter 469 No is no.
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Coming from the stairs, a man was wearing a black button-down shirt with a golden red Youlong embroidered on his left arm.
MuBolun one leng.
You can’t come to the second floor with someone else guarding the stairs except the students.
"Green ink face!" Ru Xiaonan looked surprised. "Why are you here?"
Green ink Yan went to their table and took RuXiaoNan waist directly into his arms.
"You’ve been gone for several days without saying a word, and you’re worried that you’ll come over."
RuXiaoNan looked at him blankly? There’s nothing to say over there in the ancient house
Qing Mo Yan sighed lightly, "I knew you hadn’t noticed that my number was already on your mobile phone."