The same is true of skills and tactics.

You can get it back soon.
However, if you don’t practice, your physical fitness will decline immediately, and it will decline quickly, but it will take much longer to pick it up again.
Lazio’s first game in the new year is home to Inter Milan.
Although the opponent’s strength is not weak, Changsheng still insists on physical training.
After only one day of technical and tactical training before the game, I left for the stadium.
Inter Milan ranked fourth this season, and this ranking can’t be too bad. After all, the sudden emergence of Naples this season is just a position in the top four.
If there were no Naples, they would be the third.
In the past ten years, the performance of Inter Milan has also fluctuated. The best result, they finally won the league championship. After winning the league title, Moratti announced his resignation, and now Inter Milan is in the hands of an Indonesian businessman.
At low tide, Inter Milan finally ranked 10th in the season, and even the UEFA Cup was not eligible.
Today, Inter Milan is slowly recovering, but their city rival AC Milan is in a trough.
Now the head coach of Inter Milan is javier zanetti, who played for Inter Milan until he was 43.
The eternal flag and legend of Inter Milan, after retiring from Inter Milan, directly entered the management of Inter Milan.
However, after several years of management work, Sanetti felt that it was boring, and he still preferred to be a first-line coach.
So I voluntarily gave up my high-paying management job and became a coach from scratch. Start with the most basic coaches.
Eventually became the head coach of Inter Milan.
This season is his first season of coaching the first team of Inter Milan.
Under his leadership, Inter Milan has regained its feeling and can always rank in the top four this season.
Many people are optimistic that Zanetti will lead Inter Milan to complete the revival.
Zanetti, on the other hand, is very modest. He thinks that the present achievements are not yet time to celebrate. As a coach, this man is as low-key as a player.
Before the game against Lazio, he didn’t make any provocative remarks.
Once, Lazio played Inter Milan, which was sure to win.
Later, with the decline of Lazio’s dominance, this record was also ended.
The two sides began to win and lose each other, even earlier than with Juventus.
In fact, after Mourinho left Inter Milan, the hatred between the two teams gradually faded. Originally, Changsheng and Inter Milan had no deep hatred, and he didn’t want to have a personal vendetta against AC Milan, but against Berlusconi, the owner of AC Milan Club, so he fought so hard against AC Milan.
He has no grievances with Inter Milan, and some of them are confined to the football field.
You beat me once, and I naturally want to win it back. This is normal, and there is nothing worth making a fuss about.
The media really can’t find any gimmicks to hype.
Lazio’s home game against Inter Milan started in this normal atmosphere.
Sanetti kept a low profile and didn’t take the initiative to provoke Lazio, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to win the game.
Against Lazio, Inter Milan went in and out, and worked hard.
It can be seen that Zanetti has made great efforts to win this game.
Inter Milan players who should have been in a bad state are very active, and there is no sign of being in a downturn.
Lazio, on the other hand, entered the game a little slower.
So Lazio gave Inter a goal ahead.
Lazio was awakened by Inter Milan’s goal.
Later, they regained the possession of the ball and the initiative of the game through a series of forced grabs in the middle and front court.
Inter Milan, on the other hand, began to shrink their defense and played a defensive counterattack-after all, they had already led by one goal, and it was the right thing to choose a defensive counterattack. If we continue to play against Lazio, it will be difficult for Zanetti to ensure that his team does not concede a goal in the face of the angered Lazio.
Inter Milan, which contracted its defense, succeeded in the 70 th minute, and then the city gate was declared lost.
Lazio took advantage of a direct free kick and Ji Ming took the penalty. The football bypassed the human wall and went straight into the corner of the goal!
"Organized attack, dribbling breakthrough, speed, and now free kick ability! The future of the season is bright and fascinating! "
The commentator gave Ji Ming a high evaluation.
Because there is Ji Ming’s performance at such a young age, and there are really few all-round players, and there are phoenix feathers and water chestnuts.
Ji Ming is so outstanding at a young age, so will he get it in the future?
Changsheng really found the treasure! -This is the idea of the head coaches of many other teams.
Ji Ming’s success even caused scouts from all over Europe to flock to China. During this decade, many players came out of China to play in Europe. Although many people have finally returned to China, more and more people have gained a foothold in Europe.
Their performance is a living advertisement, telling Europeans that the quality of China players is also very good, and cheap!
The appearance of Ji Ming has made European giants full of confidence in the fact that China may also have a football genius.
More attention from European football, in turn, stimulated the development of China football, because it can go to a broader stage and space, which many China players hope.
In order to win those attention, they must constantly improve their level.
The experience of so many players studying abroad for so many years has clearly told them that it is not difficult to land in Europe. Star Plan Brokerage Company is really a very powerful company, but it is not easy to gain a foothold in Europe.
If you have no electricity, even if you land in Europe, you can’t stay, and you will have to return to China soon.
If it had been ten years ago, even so, it would have been a beautiful thing. Some players even did this-they went to Europe for a trip and plated gold, so they could come back to China to get a big contract.
Not now, more people go out, broaden their horizons, and know more about European football at home. It’s not a great thing to play football in Europe. When I first went abroad, the scenery was infinite, and when I finally came back, I was ashamed. After so many examples, everyone didn’t regard going to Europe as a great achievement. At first, people not only hoped that China’s players could go out, but also hoped that only used players could stay.
Being able to gain a foothold in European football is the most important thing.
So in order to stay, China players have to improve their own strength.
This will also stimulate the football environment in China.
There are also some clubs in China that have the idea of European market to train their own players and then transport them to Europe to survive. After all, the clubs in Europe are much more generous than those in China, and the whole market is bigger than that in China.
In order to provide players who meet the requirements of Europe, it is natural to connect with Europe from the hardware level to the software level. There will even be football clubs in China that invite excellent coaches and management teams from Europe to help the clubs in China operate.
This has greatly raised the management level of China club, and China football has finally truly integrated with the international community and started to be professional.
This is a bit like the development of labor-intensive industries in China in the early days of reform and opening up.
In order to connect with the international market and meet the needs of the international market, you must improve your level. After more contact with the international market, my vision and pattern will naturally be greatly improved, which in turn will make me pursue higher.