"You wait a moment …"

Ke Keran said that people suddenly left the background.
Chapter 68 Chapter 68
When Yan Re woke up, he opened his eyes and saw the ceiling grille lamp.
The big white light of the LED directly made her feel a little dazzling, and she just opened her eyes and closed them for another second.
Then Yan Ruo’s ear came, "Are you awake?"
This sound …
Yanre turned her head to the sound source. She slowly opened her eyes this time and saw ChuYao in a white suit.
Although she fainted, her brain was not damaged. The first thing she blurted out was "PD? How did you come? "
She seems to be held by ChuYao before her eyes are black.
Really? ChuYao won’t really hug her in front of so many people?
"Why didn’t you say you had a fever?"
"Have a fever?"
If Yan feels a little weak and doesn’t have a fever, she will put her hand on her forehead as if it were really hot after listening to ChuYao’s words.
"You fainted because of a high fever. Keep it first these days. Keep it well before you go back."
ChuYao this just say that finish, the door heard footsteps running towards their room.
Seeing that the ward door was open, I rushed to the hospital as soon as I received the news, A Liang.
When A Liang saw Yan Re wake up, he was very excited and rushed forward to hold Yan Re’s hand. "Elder sister, are you okay?"
Yanre felt some pain in her throat, and she was a little weak. "It’s okay. It won’t die."
"Pei Pei elder sister you don’t blather"
A Liang turned and immediately smiled at ChuYao way "teacher lu, thank you very much this time. If you hadn’t sent my sister, I really don’t know what to do."
Su Shi has no relatives in this city, and it is also difficult to contact emergency contacts.
If you contact Sister Qing or A Liang directly, Yan Re won’t know how long they have been dizzy when they come.
Thanks to Chu Yao this time.
After listening to A Liang’s words, Yan Ruocai realized her situation. She smiled at Chu Yao and said "thank you".
ChuYao also politely gave her a "you’re welcome".
Then he turned to look at A Liang and asked, "Can you … let go of my hand?"
His hand? Isn’t it his sister’s hand that he grabs?
A Liang suddenly one leng bowed their heads and saw his hands holding is ChuYao hand, but his direction is right YanRe hand is also in this direction.
In what wrong … That’s because now ChuYao is holding YanRe hand.
A Liang blinked, looked at ChuYao hand and looked at his hand, and finally reacted by releasing his hands and then ran away and disappeared.
"Elder sister, I went to see if the hospital needed your information. I brought everything. I didn’t come back so soon. You go on …"
Listen to A Liang YanRe immediately have a headache.
Who would shout so loudly in the hospital! And there is nothing between her and Chu Yao. Now she feels really sorry for A Liang if she doesn’t do anything!
"It’s really noisy …"
Looking at Yan Re’s face in distress situation, Chu Yao couldn’t help laughing. "He still doesn’t care about you?"
"You are also uncomfortable to say it later, you know?" Words ChuYao poured YanRe a glass of water.
Although the water was handed in the direction of Yan Re, it didn’t seem to let go at all.
Yanre put his hand on the glass and looked at ChuYao and nodded "I know" seriously.
Although my voice is hoarse, I can still hear that it is with a coquetry tone.
See YanRe that clever appearance ChuYao also smiled and let YanRe can drink water.
Finally got a cup. Yan Re took a few sips of water and felt that her voice was not so dry. Only then did she think of an important thing.
"By the way, how did you just send me to the hospital?"
Although she looked at ChuYao, her heart was silently praying, not holding her out.
Guo Chuyao didn’t disappoint her "holding you to leave the venue and take a taxi"
Chapter 69 Chapter 69
By the time A Liang came back, it was already early the next morning, but it was still not bright.
When he returned to the ward, Yan Re was already asleep. He looked like he was still sleeping soundly, and he was missing a little bit. It should have been hung up.
No sooner had he put his things away than his cell phone rang.