But the reason why they can support hard is their inner belief that they must win this game!

But being able to get the support of the fans has also added something to their persistence.
The cheers of these fans came at a very timely time.
Also let the players see that it is not long before the end of the game, and victory is just around the corner!
The second half went smoothly, so the injury stoppage time was three minutes, no more, no less, which was quite a regular stoppage time.
But Victor Fernandez had something to say. He opened his arms and complained to the fourth official: "There is too little injury time! Their celebration will last for two minutes! "
The fourth official ignored him. He knows what Victor Fernandez is feeling now, and the coach who is behind the team must wish that the stoppage time is infinite, when they score to reverse the game and when.
But if you really do this, there will be no order in the football match.
Victor Fernandez also knew that it was useless for him to go to the fourth official, and the other side was quite correct in stoppage time and could not find anything wrong.
He turned his attention to the field again.
Counting injury stoppage time, there are less than five minutes left …
During this time, at least one more goal is needed!
As long as we can equalize the score, we can drag the game into overtime.
According to his observation, the players in getafe are under great pressure, both mentally and physically. Their physical strength is almost exhausted, and it is absolutely impossible to support such a defense for another 30 minutes. Moreover, their desperate goal is to win. They think that if the game is over in 90 minutes, they can win, and all their minds are on it. If they finally find that they have to play extra time for another 30 minutes, they are afraid to collapse directly.
So as long as Certa can drag the game into overtime, he can basically win the game.
He stared at the stadium, looking forward to the chaos, someone can make meritorious service for Certa.
Certa’s players also know this very well. As long as the game goes into overtime, they will win, so their offensive becomes more and more fierce.
At first, under their fierce offensive, getafe’s defense line still stood firm.
No matter how embarrassed they are, they won’t let Certa score.
It’s almost the finish line. If you fall before the finish line, it’s really embarrassing!
Getafe’s players are more tired and stressed than before, but their defense is stronger than before.
The 90th minute came, and the score was still 2: 1.
In the first minute of injury time, even Certa goalkeeper Pinto almost rushed to the middle circle.
After getafe scored two goals in three minutes in the second half, they gave up the attack completely. So Pinto was actually nervous for three minutes in the second half, and did nothing for the rest of the time.
But he never yawned in front of the camera again.
Now he is frown, staring at the crowded restricted area in getafe.
Changsheng started his annoying performance.
When he first entered injury time, he pushed jose carlos Rodrí guez Valero to the sidelines like a watch.
He is going to change people.
Soon there was a dead ball opportunity, and getafe finally completed the substitution.
Jose carlos Rodrí guez Valero replaced luis garcia in the midfield.
Just before his front foot came on the court, Chang Sheng pushed another person to the sidelines.
This time, it’s the team’s central defender Ivan outlaw. Before Jose Passareira, he was the first substitute in the team’s central defender position.
Of course, he is still the first substitute now, but he hasn’t been able to occupy the main position since segura left.
Before injury time in this game, Changsheng didn’t make a substitution, no matter how hard his team supported it.
He left three substitution places in his hand until now to do this!
Stall the game!
But also aboveboard!
Sure enough, when I saw that Chang Sheng had just changed a person, I pushed the second person to the sidelines. Victor Fernandez next to me gritted his teeth with anger-can’t you fucking change it in one breath? !
Changsheng really can’t change it in one breath.
Every time there is a substitution, the substituted player dawdles down, which takes half a minute.
After three minutes of injury time, let him do this, and half the time passed.
What will the next time be enough to do?
And Certa’s offensive will be interrupted by this substitution.
This is the most deadly.