The Barry tragedy has been repeatedly mentioned up to now.

Tell everyone-don’t be angry and always win, don’t look down on Lazio’s seemingly weak lineup, their fighting capacity may be better than the strongest lineup!
Mazari moved Barry out, and everyone lost their temper.
I honestly accepted the arrangement of the head coach.
At the beginning of the second half, the players in Naples realized how far-sighted their head coach was …
Because in the second half, Lazio’s attack was not weakened at all because they had already led by two goals.
On the contrary, it is even crazier!
Judging from their posture, it seems that they really won’t stop until they score ten goals in Naples.
If they continue their muddled state in the first half, or try to equalize the score, then they will only lose more goals in the second half!
Once they are completely collapsed, it is not impossible to score thirteen goals …
At the thought of this, the players in Naples broke out in a cold sweat behind them.
So when they defended in the second half, they worked harder.
In addition, they have a new understanding of the ruthless nature of Changsheng, and many people are quite vocal and condescending.
In fact, the players in Naples are always wronged.
This is really not a winning arrangement.
Or at least Chang Sheng didn’t directly tell his players to do so in the second half.
He commented on the first half at halftime, but he didn’t say "I’m happy" or "I’m satisfied".
So Lazio players saw a dangerous signal from his somewhat indifferent attitude-they didn’t know if the boss was really satisfied with their performance.
Or does he think they can do better?
But if the boss doesn’t say anything, they can only guess for themselves.
I guess, but I can’t guess.
In that case, the safest thing to do is to continue to attack and score goals. When there are more goals, the boss should not find any reason to punish them.
They also thought of Barry.
So they took Barry’s game as a reference and launched a fierce attack on the goal of Naples.
It’s just that Naples’s strength is still much stronger than Barry’s.
Moreover, during the intermission, Mazzari quickly made adjustments to let the players in Naples know what they should do.
Another important reason is that Napoli conceded only two goals in the first half.
This has not completely defeated the fighting spirit of Naples players.
Barry conceded five goals in the first half … completely knocked Barry out.
It is acceptable for Napoli to concede only two goals, and the players’ mood is still stable.
So in the second half, despite Lazio’s desperate attack, it didn’t really score more than a dozen goals in Naples.
Of course, Lazio didn’t get nothing.
They still scored a goal in the second half.
In addition, two shots hit the doorframe.
Another time I slipped out the door.
With any luck, Lazio can win the game by six goals.
Now, it can only be 3: 00 …
Look, Lazio won three goals, which can only be said as "talent", and it seems that it is not satisfactory.
But in fact, this result is very good for most teams.
Even the giants such as Barcelona and Real Madrid can beat their opponents 3-0, which is worth celebrating.
But look at the players in Lazio. When the game is over, they look dull, dull and depressed.
Many people watching are even more depressed than them-damn it, you have won three goals from your opponents. This is called a complete victory. Are you still not satisfied? What are you dissatisfied with?
I’m not satisfied because I didn’t score more goals.
They are afraid that their boss will not be satisfied.
Many people secretly glanced at the boss and saw him smiling at them.
A boulder in that heart … It just fell to the ground!
At the press conference after the game, Chang Sheng talked about the team’s performance: "Although they haven’t played a formal game for a month, I’m glad their state has not been affected."
Mazzari’s team has become a foil for the players who always win lessons, but Mazzari still can’t say it.
Who makes himself less skilled than others?
People are not the strongest team, and they lost a 0-3. How can they say anything else?
He can only say, "We are unlucky …"