The game entered the stoppage time.
The fact that we are still one goal behind may still equalize the score. Atletico Madrid’s morale seems to have been completely defeated by Malaga’s second goal. If Linsen’s first knife was an accident and it was a stinging feeling, then the second knife was bloody because it was cut at Atletico Madrid’s most proud time.
No one expected that there would be a third knife …
Lin Sen won the last substitution place, isco.
When young isco appeared, the whole Calderon was silent again, because the scene in front of him was familiar. Atletico Madrid also played this scene in the season, and now the director and actors are opposite.
The third knife is Kirk.
The former Atletico teenager took the ball to the front of the restricted area on the left and then gave it to the back row to insert Alba Alba. After reaching the baseline, he returned the ball to Cork in an inverted triangle.
Kirk didn’t think about it. He just shot it.
He knew he should shoot at this time, but he didn’t expect the ball to really score.
The ball made a beautiful arc and turned into a dead corner again.
Watching tennis, Kirk is still at a loss, just like he scored an own goal here a few months ago.
Once he was alone here, this time the whole Calderon was at a loss with him
Cork didn’t intend to celebrate, but he was quickly dragged to the ground and then severely crushed to the ground, first Alba, then isco and then Royce …
Jimmy in the stands shook his head bitterly and looked at the slouches. It seems that Barr hasn’t come out of the defeat of the game yet. It seems that he has a lot to say.
Rod was not the only one who saw Tomlinson’s gesture. Jimmy saw it, but unlike Rod, he didn’t think Tomlinson’s gesture caused Atletico Madrid to lose the ball. There is a thing in this world called coincidence, so it is necessary to take it too seriously. However, he is also sorry because from this game, the so-called "one of our own" Reisino is far more patient than Lin, which is obviously a complete defeat but the season has just begun. Reisino deserves more letters.
What makes Jimmy really bitter is to sprinkle salt on Atletico Madrid’s wound and go out from home, son
Cerezo sat quietly in his seat, which was not the case for others. He didn’t get up from his seat until the referee blew the whistle. Little Hill had disappeared next to him. After great disappointment, his face took him to play a role. He should still look at the scene with a smile.
Watching Tomlinson clap your hands with Malaga players one by one, watching aguero greet him before taking the initiative, and watching Tomlinson shoot Camacho’s shoulder and shoot Degea … cerezo’s smile suddenly became a little stiff because his mind seemed to flash across Tomlinson’s back when he left his office. The scene seems to have just happened.
For the media, it is always different to have a stunt game. The biggest stunt in La Liga every season is the national derby, but it is obviously not enough to only have a national derby.
A simple interview in the mixed zone Linsen congratulated the team in the locker room and then went straight to the press conference site. At this time, Reisino had arrived. When he appeared, the venue was a flash. Linsen was slightly stunned. It seemed that he didn’t expect so many reporters, but he soon recovered. He walked over and shook hands with Reisino, who looked pale, and sat down.
Later, Kalpin announced the start of the press conference. Lin Sen and Reisino made an evaluation of the game one after another, and then the reporter shouted and raised his hand long ago.
The first question to be asked was that Reisino, the home team, looked at the reporters and asked them sharp questions, making things difficult for poor Reisino Linsen. There was not much feeling of death in his heart. Obviously, it took Reisino a long time to digest this defeat, because these people would wake him up again and again, just like he did for himself in the season.
It’s hard to wait for Linsen’s turn to answer. Reisino was livid and took the lead in leaving the press conference. Kalpin didn’t stop Linsen from solo. Linsen looked calm, so it was better for him. Reisino was miserable enough. Next, it was difficult for him to say anything, and it was a wise choice to leave before sputtering accidentally injuring him.
Actually, Linsen doesn’t need to fall into a hole again, and of course, he doesn’t have sympathy. Reisino makes some defense. Isn’t it embarrassing for Reisino at this time? Who defended himself at that time?
Lin Sen didn’t take his resentment against Atletico Madrid out on Reisino. He saw this clearly. In the final analysis, Atletico Madrid chose Reisino, and frankly, he wasn’t sure how long Reisino could survive the second leg of the season against Reisino. Ji Linsen is a perfect example.
Suolinsen focused on his own problems, and the reporter was most interested in whether this was revenge against Atletico Madrid. His answer was also calm and even ridiculed the Aspen newspaper.
"Although I’d like to say that this is revenge, it’s a pity that I have no enmity with Atletico Madrid. If it’s hatred if I don’t renew my contract, there is too much hatred in the world, but I admit that this is indeed a special game for me, just like the season. I’m very happy to win in Calderon! At the same time, I am also very happy that the team has not disappointed all the fans in Malaga, especially the Aspen newspaper, and thanked them for encouraging the players to play very well. If they can keep this state for a season, maybe we can avoid relegation by 100%. "
Glad to win in Calderon? Say so much, this is really a revenge rhythm.
The reporters here are all slick, and they quickly took out the key sentences from Lin Sen’s words, and suddenly gloated in their hearts. Congratulations to Atletico Madrid, you have another opponent in La Liga, but can you blame others? Look at what you’ve done this season. Now that you’ve kicked down the bridge, who can blame for falling into the river this time?
At the same time, don’t say that Aspen often plays against Taiwan. Even the Catalan media, even with Marca, the mouthpiece of Real Madrid, also satirized Lin Sen’s satire against Aspen. The saying that peers are enemies is not fabricated. It is estimated that the reporters of Aspen will gnash their teeth at the whole press conference site.
"Excuse me, Mr. Lin, I noticed a small detail. You made a gesture on the sidelines after the match drew even near Atletico Madrid, and then Malaga quickly overtook the score. May I take the liberty to ask what you mean by this gesture?" When asked near a voice asked.
No, Rodrod himself just remembered it, but he didn’t expect someone to ask this question instead of him, so he shrank back.
"You mean this?" Lin Sen smiled and compared his right hand with a gesture. He saw that his right hand stretched out his index finger and middle finger, and the other three fingers were bent and closed, and his thumb was buckled at the knuckles, which looked a bit like a pistol gesture when a child was playing.
"Yes" The reporter nodded his head.
"If I tell you that my gesture represents the tactics when we scored the second goal, do you believe it?"
"I believe you don’t have to lie."
"Ha ha" Lin Sen shook his head and smiled. "You’re right. I don’t need to lie. If it’s a set ball, my gesture may really represent a tactic. Unfortunately, the second goal is a sports goal. My gesture is boring. Have you noticed my thumb? I was tickling my knuckles-I’m sorry you misunderstood. "
As soon as Lin Sen’s voice fell, Rod was glad to ask if he had one’s fingers itch. Go ahead and lie to the ghost, but you can hear it from this answer. Anyway, Linsen will never admit what his gesture really means, because it is only logical that a gesture can make a goal. Who believes it? This is Calderon, not Malaga training ground.
Rod was still thinking about this problem until press officer Kalpin announced the press conference, and at the moment he just walked out of the press conference, his mind suddenly flashed.
Lin Sen has just said that if it is a set-piece, then his gesture really represents a certain tactic. Isn’t the kick-off in the middle circle a set-piece at a distance in a sense?
Chapter 31 Winning streak
Tomlinson found it hard to make headlines. Malaga beat Atletico Madrid 3-1 away. What a stunt, but he soon found that the headlines were still not him, and this time even he had to admit that the headlines were better than himself.
Marca newspaper headline: 1! No longer super La Coruna defeated the champion Real Madrid.
The headline of the daily sports newspaper is unpopular! New Barcelona lost 1-1 away to newly promoted Manumancia.
Independent giants disaster day! The top four in the first round of the league season won a victory.
It’s like making an appointment for a big start. Not only did Real Madrid and Barcelona start the season third and fourth, Villarreal and Seville didn’t win, but their preferential treatment was a little smaller than Real Madrid and Barcelona’s. If they didn’t lose, they would be better friends if they had fun alone than everyone else. Soon, these teams found comfort from each other.