According to the calendar, she is sure that she is almost the same as when she stayed in the near future.

Am I a ghost? Obviously, you can’t see the light without seeing the shadow.
That’s wandering souls. I don’t know if I’m tired or hungry. Think about it. It’s better to appear late like a ghost and scare others.
We have to find a way to go back to Yihe’s side. She has something big to do there!
People can’t hear or see her talking. It’s obviously not feasible to ask for help.
Thinking hard about the Hong Wen Library, she thought of this place, where everything is quite uncertain, and she can find something about metaphysics. By the way, she can also send a show when she goes back to other countries.
It is gratifying that although she has lost her psychic powers, her powers and mental powers are still there, and she can actually fuck in her current situation.
Great! This is a comfort to her.
It is definitely not possible to go to the museum during the day.
She’s invisible, but she’s in shape. If someone sees a swinging table, it will automatically turn pages there and it will definitely hit a ghost!
Based on this, she chose to visit the library late.
Time flies. Bao is almost one year old, and she still has no clue. She is very upset and full of sadness.
One day after work, Xiao Yao left a noodle restaurant near them with his bag on his back, and one person ate a bowl of sour soup. When it was still dark, he went to a shopping mall to hang out until it was dark, and both of them remained calm, but seven people walked to the library.
The guard saw their work permits and let them pass without asking more questions.
After more than ten minutes, the two good sisters walked hand in hand into the ladder. It was quiet around, and the sound of the ladder running sounded in their ears.
Xiaoyao was scared, holding Xiao Cui’s hand trembling, but Xiao Cui was surprisingly calm and vaguely excited. Is the secret tunnel really a ghost?
What does the ghost who loves reading look like?
Is it a beautiful woman or a dying old man?
Well, she should be a very independent young man. But she has seen those misplaced names, including military names and medical names … It’s always a lot of clutter. If she is an old man, she shouldn’t have so much energy to look at the museum for nearly a year.
So she is sure that if there is a ghost in the museum, it must be a young man.
The light ladder wall reflects the slender figure of two people. Xiaoyao’s face is slightly white. "I’m … I’m afraid … or let’s go home …"
Little Cui Bai gave her a look, "Come back when you’re here!"
"… oh," Xiaoyao was really afraid that when she spoke during the day, she was in a moment of passion and could go back and let her take back what she said to Xiao Cui.
The staircase stops in the corridor, and the light is dim. At first glance, every room door is closed.
The more you look at the end, the darker it is. This quiet atmosphere looks really seeping.
"Where to go … where to go …" Xiao Yao asked with a slight quiver at Xiao Cui’s sleeve.
"Come with me" is to break free from her hand and Xiao Cui simply takes the front road.
People, sometimes curiosity drives courage to grow, and Xiao Cui is like this now.
XiaoCui and Xiaoyao, who were leaning against the door of a hall, went in tandem.
Quiet ear seems to be more silent.
Suddenly Xiaoyao doesn’t go to see her legs tremble, and her fingers are almost crying at the front desk. "You … you see that the brain has been checked when I left my class, but the screen is on now …" Looking in the direction of her fingers, Xiao Cui found that as Xiaoyao said, the brain screen was not far away, and it seemed to show a directory …
Looking away, she walked on and looked around, but she didn’t see anything, so she said, "Why don’t you stay at the front desk and I’ll look at the back shelf."
"No …" Xiaoyao firmly shook his head. "I want to be with you."
Xiao Cui didn’t speak, but nodded to let her follow behind her.
There are pages turning? She didn’t hear wrong. There was indeed a page turning sound. Xiao Cui saw a woman wearing camouflage military uniform, exquisite facial features and full of fashion in front of the last shelf. The woman was sitting in her direction. She was leafing through a look and was very focused, but she didn’t find anyone watching her.