Feel uncomfortable

My eyes hurt, and I grabbed his clothes tightly and begged, "Give it to me, Brother Yan, please …"
Yan Shaoqing has never been so sad.
She was already a test of self-control in her arms.
She begged for it so much.
Two hands in the quilt were in a silent contest.
Yan Shaoqing pressed her five fingers one by one and curled them into his hand. His big palm wrapped her little hand in a fist.
Jiang Jiang looked at him in silence and tears fell as soon as he flattened his mouth.
Yan Shaoqing bowed her head and kissed away all her tears. "Silly girl, don’t think about it. I’m sure I’ll come back safely."
"You said," Jiang Jiang wronged, "then you must do it."
"Well," Yan Shaoqing looked at her and let go of her hand and turned to buckle the back of her head to hold her in her arms.
Jiang Jiang also hugged him tightly with both hands as if to break his arm.
Two people embrace each other and sleep.
I woke up several times in the middle of the night.
Every time I wake up, I will consciously kiss together and fall asleep slowly.
Be infatuated with
Jiang Jiang woke up early the next day.
Listen, when the water came from the bathroom and took a look at the phone,
fifteen to seven/a quarter to seven
Thinking about the chaotic night just past, she sat up and breathed a long sigh of relief, still feeling uncomfortable.
She is really reluctant to give up Yan Shaoqing.
Yan Shaoqing came out after washing and saw her sitting in bed staring blankly.
Judo "Why don’t you sleep a little longer?"
"I want to go to the hospital with you." When Jiang Jiang got up and ran out of bed to wash his hands and roots, he refused without hesitation.
Yan Shaoqing bowed his head and said to her, "Choose a thick coat and the temperature will be low early."
Jiang Jiang vaguely should be a.
Yan Shaoqing took his coat and went to the restaurant for dinner first.
Liu Bo has told the other two people the news of his business trip. Aunt Li got up early and made breakfast. Seeing him come out, he hurriedly set out to eat and decorate while saying, "It’s definitely colder in Qin Ning this year. Take two more warm clothes."
"Well, I know." Yan Shaoqing nodded.
Liu Bo glanced at him and looked up at the bedroom. "Is that girl still asleep?"
"I’m getting up and washing." Yan Shaoqing briefly replied, looking up at Liu Bo and then at Auntie Li and Xiao Deng, with a solemn face, "I’ll trouble you to take care of her when I’m not here."
Section 224
"It’s strange to say these things," said Aunt Li, glancing at him lightly chastising. "You can rest assured that Aunt Li is responsible for bringing her back fat for you to test."