The board meeting is back on track.

Chang Shengshi was called to the chairman’s office by Oti after the training.
"Someone criticized your handling of Super Sports at the board meeting today. I want to hear your explanation."
Changsheng smiled. "Is it Sohler?"
"Er … that’s not important." Oti waved his hand at Sohler and himself. It was personal. He didn’t want Changsheng to get in. That would be even more chaotic.
"Do you know this thing? What else is there to say? They exposed the privacy of the team privately. I think we need to teach them a lesson, but they haven’t explained and apologized for it yet, so I decided to change the lesson into punishment. "
Oti does know that he also thinks that Super Sports has gone too far. It seems that they have been working with the club for many years and have not paid attention to their new chairman …
But in Oti’s view, the key point is not to clean up Super Sports, but to solve the problem that the team lacks public opinion tools at present.
"I know that, but now we need the media to deliver the sound for me. If we don’t solve this problem, I’m afraid we will have Super Sports. After all, they have been with us for many years …"
Changsheng laughed. "I’m looking for it and I believe it’s almost done. We don’t need Super Sports anymore."
Oti was stunned. I didn’t expect the winning hand to be so fast.
"May I know which one it is?" he asked
"provincial newspaper"
Otie’s face showed a relaxed expression after hearing this.
If we just talk about its influence, Super Sports is actually not as good as Provincial Newspaper. After all, Super Sports knows from its name that it is a professional newspaper, while Provincial Newspaper is a comprehensive daily newspaper. Provincial Newspaper has a stronger market share, sales volume and influence. However, because they are comprehensive newspapers, Super Sports has never competed for it, making Super Sports, a junior who was established in 1993, the official media of Valencia Club.
Later, as Valencia’s grades improved, the provincial newspaper also regretted that they had lost an excellent opportunity.
Now, if the Valencia club takes the initiative to throw hydrangeas at the provincial newspaper, the provincial newspaper should not refuse. They have long wanted to crack down on their competitors …
To become the official media of Valencia Club, they can not only deal a heavy blow to Super Sports, but also pose a threat to another comprehensive newspaper, The levante Journal.
Winning this choice is very clever.
This statement should not cause any controversy if it is taken to the board meeting.
In particular, Sohler, who dare not directly stand for Super Sports, can naturally beat around the bush and worry about the team’s public opinion environment.
Now that the club has found a new media, he naturally has nothing to say
In this way, his blow to Oti’s faction will be dissipated.
Oti is very satisfied with the practice and choice of Changsheng, and naturally there is nothing to say. A team praised the team’s performance and reiterated the club’s support for Changsheng, which made Changsheng leave.
Now the club and Changsheng are in the honeymoon period, because Changsheng has really brought earth-shaking changes to the team and made rapid progress, which has never been achieved in the Cooper era or Ranieri era.
Oti naturally won’t go and win.
He will support Chang Sheng in whatever he does. Of course, the first thing is that he should be able to lead the team to the top of the ranking and finally win the championship …
Javi Rodriguez is also making rapid progress there. A day later, Changsheng met with the representative sent by the provincial newspaper in his office.
A white-haired reporter surprised Changsheng.
"You look like a ghost, young man. You won’t. I’m too old to walk, will you?" The white-haired reporter couldn’t help but vomit a way
"Uh, sorry," Chang Sheng put away his surprised eyes. "How old are you?"
"What happened to sixty-four?"
"Spain’s legal retirement age …"
"They won’t kick me out if I don’t want to go, so I’ll stay. It’s that simple. Do you have any questions?" When the old reporter said this, there was some pride in it.
"Are you a frontline reporter?" Since the other party proudly said, "Do you have any questions?", it’s natural for the winner to continue asking questions. It’s not natural to control the image of Valencia Club by public opinion carelessly, so it’s necessary to break the sand and ask questions to the end.
"Of course!"
"With all due respect, this frontline reporter is very energy-consuming …"
"Young man, do you look down on me as an old man?" The old reporter looked at Changsheng with a smile worth pondering.
Hearing this sentence always wins a smile.
When he applied for Hertha, he was surprised by his age when he faced the club president, Mr. Flores, and he answered the same question.
Later, when Mediano interviewed himself, he told him about it and was reported by the media.
Now the old reporter’s answer to his question with the same words is not tit for tat, but-I know you very well and I am very interested in you.
This is better than "Lao Gen disdains to know you", right?
Next to Javi Rodriguez, the two of them quarreled and hurriedly made up their minds. "Well, Mr. Juan Paimon Torra is the top reporter of the provincial newspaper and has rich experience in football reporting. He reported football 40 years ago and enjoys a good reputation in Valencia. Now he reports football and sports reporters in Valencia, and many of them are brought out by him."
This means that this old gentleman is excellent in ability and expectation, so don’t doubt it.
Rodriguez can bully the representative of Super Sports, but when it comes to the old gentleman in front of him, his tone is humble and respectful.
Just when the two of them were at loggerheads, Chang Sheng suddenly laughed and offered his hand "I hope our two families will be happy together, Mr. Torra"
"I also hope to observe you and your team Mr. Chang more closely."
Then the two men held hands together in Javi Rodriguez’s dumbfounded eyes.
What’s going on here?
There seems to be a quarrel ahead. Why have you become an old friend for many years now?
But it’s always good to be able to hold hands happily.
The sales volume of "Provincial Newspaper" has been bigger than that of "Super Sports", and the public opinion environment in Valencia is bound to be better than before.
If some local media in Valencia want to make trouble with Valencia teams, I am afraid they must first consider the status and influence of Master Torra and dare not make a move.
Torra’s hope and position in Valencia are equivalent to inviting a patron saint of public opinion.
This is really a good deal …
Sohler didn’t say anything when he heard that Changsheng had found Juan Pemon Torra, a provincial newspaper, as a team reporter and made the provincial newspaper replace Super Sports as the new official media of Valencia Club.
A native of Valencia, he grew up watching Torra report, and he knew Torra’s position and influence very well.
If Changsheng finds him, no matter what he says, everyone will think it is a better choice than Super Sports.