He was too lazy to respond at that time.

I didn’t respond to this kind of thing.
Trust people or not. You say it a thousand times, and people don’t believe it.
Anyway, as long as the media speculation doesn’t affect the team department, other winners can’t care.
Does Ronaldinho really have a problem with himself? Although he can’t see people’s hearts, he can learn about it through other channels.
He came to scan Ronaldinho with the golden pupil and found that the opponent’s gaze had been rising slowly but steadily.
This means that Ronaldinho’s affection for himself is increasing.
Where is the contradiction?
Valencia beat Sevilla Ronaldinho 2 at home in the first round of the league, and scored the first record in the game.
This is his first goal after scoring against Barcelona.
Ten rounds of league scoring drought
If you count the King’s Cup and the Champions League, that’s 16 games.
It’s really stressful to play striker Ronaldinho without scoring in 16 games.
Of course, this is also related to the tactical requirements of Changsheng for him.
Changsheng has been limiting Ronaldinho’s shooting to make him a ball player.
After a few games of polishing, Ronaldinho’s impatience disappeared.
After this, Changsheng told him that he was furious.
After two games of adaptation, Ronaldinho finally ended his goal drought before Christmas.
After the goal, Ronaldinho went to the coach’s seat and hugged the head coach.
Such a celebration is a rumor to the outside world-Chang Sheng and I are very good. Don’t beep blindly if you have nothing to do!
Another good news is that Vicente finally came back after a long recovery after being injured just after the season.
However, in less than half a season, Valencia has been suffering from injuries. Although there are no major injuries, various minor injuries have emerged one after another, which also gives Changsheng a headache. It seems that his team has never had 23 people training together.
Today, Carvalho was injured in training and needed to rest for seven days. The day after tomorrow, Reyes had a cold and fever and needed to rest for three days. After three days, Reyes and Carvalho returned to the team. Villa felt muscle discomfort again and was so frightened that he was ordered to stop training and do physical therapy massage …
Changsheng said that this estimate is the power of that achievement model.
But at present, it’s all minor injuries. Is this the so-called injury mode?
That doesn’t seem so horrible as Lin Mo said …
Although they are all minor injuries, they will feel a little annoyed, but they will never affect the overall strength of the team. He has not been able to cope with them to the point of hurting his bones.
At this time, it shows the advantages of uniform strength between the team’s substitutes and the main array. In every position, there is a player in case of emergency.
I didn’t expect this season
Everyone in the first team got a chance to play except the third goalkeeper David Landel, and many times.
Valencia’s performance surprised many people.
Because Valencia experienced a lot of troubles during the season, injuries and high-level turmoil in the club may cause the team’s performance to slip.
However, apart from the fact that everyone won in the first round of the league, Valencia ranked tenth in the season, and the ranking was not lower than the top three at other times.
This performance has proved that Valencia has always won, and now it is a team with guaranteed results. Although they are not giants yet, they have the attitude of giants, that is, they can remain calm no matter what happens.
Of course, this has something to do with winning privately.
Even if such a team can’t win the league title, many people think that Valencia will be the favorite to win the championship before each season.
Sohler is bent on turning Valencia into a Spanish football roof of the world, but now it seems that the winning team has already taken shape in roof of the world.
Sohler’s ultimate goal has been initially achieved by Changsheng.
I don’t know how Sohler feels at this time …
Sohler is that one who feel surprised.
He didn’t expect the club’s turmoil to always win, and the team would not be affected …
It turned out that the team would lead the ups and downs of performance in the constant victory.
At that time, it will be more reasonable for you not to renew your contract with Changsheng-do you expect to renew your contract with such poor results? Dream on!
Who would have thought that the winning team had won seven consecutive victories in the league!
Thirty-nine points with Real Madrid
This made Sohler feel a little worried
There seems to be a vague feeling in his heart, which makes him uneasy at last.
He is ambivalent about watching Valencia now.
He is a staunch supporter of Valencia, and no one can doubt his feelings for Valencia.
So he wants Valencia to win.
But … Valencia’s winning all the time also embarrassed him.
He doesn’t like winning. He never hides it.
He doesn’t even think that winning is the only coach who can bring success to Valencia. There are so many coaches in the world. Can there be winning with winning?
Sohler is not worried that Valencia will fall into the abyss if he drives away the winning streak and finds a coach who can also win the championship.
But now Valencia has always won, and many media have called it a constant victory.
This name made him feel uncomfortable.
What is "winning Valencia"? Can a coach represent a team? This is Spain, not England!