Chapter 3 Don’t love women, love men, robber king

The camp outside the Nine Stars Bandit Group is different from the camp.
Most of the outer camps are inhabited by small minions, and training and manufacturing are also carried out in the outer camps, that is to say, the outer camps are places where people who are not in the Nine Stars bandit group live.
On the other hand, if there are less than five stars on the chest, there is no qualification to enter! There are things that are almost fatal to the bandit group, such as the bandit king and various treasures in the armory.
Therefore, it is also difficult to enter the camp
Nie Shuang, after deceiving a large number of two-star and three-star bandit leaders, assassinated many bandit leaders one after another. Finally, he wore a standard equipment with five stars on his chest.
Of course, Nie Shuang did a good job in wearing clothes with a little obscene dialogue and blushing. Because of the suspicion caused by the early red-violet and the painting floor, Nie Shuang was also thrilling because of his superb acting skills. She avoided the past and the two women were the same as Nie Shuang. This time, their status was also higher, and they directly took a big step forward and reached the head of the Samsung robber.
But it’s still a five-star robber. You can’t see it.
Although the camp and the outer camp are not built with high and huge stones, they also have huge trees erected side by side to form a fence, which divides the whole nine-star robber’s nest into a circle and an outer circle.
There are two doors into it.
In front of the giant wooden gate, there are four Samsung bandits, who are in charge of checking everyone entering and leaving this door to prevent the conspirators from entering, but …
Nie Shuang, three people waited a little, and when they entered, there were no fewer than ten players.
Led two minions, Nie Shuang, with a big smile, and left for four small robbers …
Two of the four approached Nie Shuang and stopped him with a signal. Then he smiled and bowed and sent Nie Shuang into the door to look like he was satisfied. Nie Shuang looked back and said, "By the way, where is your boss?" As he spoke, he pulled out four gold coins from his arms and handed them to four little robbers.
At the sight of Huang Cancan gold coins, the little robbers immediately beamed. "Hey, hey, the boss is in a meeting now to discuss how to make a fortune. He has to go to the financial report room for routine work … Hey, hey."
This is a clue, that is to say, to enter the treasure room, Nie Shuang and the three men must get out before the robber wang qian enters it and finishes it.
Time is tight!
Nie Shuang, who took the early red-violet and the painting floor, quickly approached the treasure room according to the map-the treasure room is located behind the robber king’s residence, and there is a huge cave. It should be artificially dug, or Nie Shuang is looking for treasure.
There are several guards outside the treasure house. Of course, ordinary people can’t go in. Even if Nie Shuang is a five-star robber, if he wants to go in, he must wait for these guards to leave. These guards are not good goods. Every once in a while, they can toss out something. Either they want to pee, one wants to sprinkle, and the other will follow. Either you want to drink water and say you won’t bring it to others, and others will follow; Or if you want to sleep, just lean against the wall and sleep. Several other people have followed …
Anyway, full of loopholes is to let players go inside.
After waiting for a few minutes, one of the guards really wanted to take a shit, and the rest of them immediately felt a slight twitch of their buttocks, and one by one called to take a shit and leave a person in place.
This is set in the game, no matter what, there will always be one person to watch.
Nie Shuang picked up the stone at the foot of the foot and hit the stone of cutting in a certain direction, and fell out in a grass not far from the guard with a light sound.
As expected, when the guard was suddenly serious, he held the big sword and followed suit, and just as he touched it over there, Nie Shuang quickly entered the cave …
[You have stepped into the Nine Stars Robber Group-Treasure Room]
The treasure room is shaped like a round bottle. In the bottle, it is not water, but the treasure department is actually a big cave with a round top. There are some dim lights on the walls. Around the walls, large and small boxes and bags are piled up, and some gold coins and jewels are scattered.
In the middle of the cave is the guardian of the treasure room-the location of the robber Keelung, where a battle is taking place at this time …
Nie Shuang’s three people obviously came late. When they arrived, there was already a small team of three people. The magic was raging everywhere in Keelung, the big sword was slashed everywhere, and the holy light was constantly fluctuating … They obviously came to seize the treasure that was robbed by the Nine Stars Bandits.
Nie Shuang, three people temporarily escaped to the side box and watched carefully.
"We’re late. A team went to war first," Nie Shuang said through the crack in the box.
"Do you want to rob them?" At the beginning, red-violet sank, and at the same time, her hand made a "cut" movement, which was to kill them.
"Look again" Nie Shuangdao
The three men waited in meditation. Although the three-person team came before Nie Shuang and Keelung had been fighting for a long time, the equipment was obviously insufficient to compete with Keelung. Although Keelung’s blood volume dropped slowly, they became increasingly anxious …
"Come on, come on! The robber Wang Ma is coming, and if we don’t get it done, we will all die! " Is at the forefront with keelung attack a guard soldier shouted.
"What a fart! It’s fast! It’s so hard to fight like a stupid fork!" A mage in the back row also roared in a bad mood and replied.
"Noisy fart!" On one side, the holy priest shouted to temporarily calm down their anger. "Go on!"
The three-person team continued to fight while passing by …
However, they obviously didn’t have the speed to kill Keelung and then escape from Nie Shuang. The three people naturally won’t help-the material has a team weight. At this time, there is no doubt that there is a move outside the treasure room hole, which can make players hear the noise. It must be the robber king!
Even if there is a world war in the treasure room, it is estimated that it can’t be heard outside. Therefore, although the three people are fighting each other, the pace outside is calm and not urgent.
"Oh, ha ha, you three idiots. Here comes the boss! They will surely tear you apart and eat you! " Listening to the footsteps outside supporting the battle, Keelung burst out laughing.
Although it has reached this point, the three-person squad is still unwilling to give up and fight hard.
Suddenly a fairly strong figure came in outside-the robber Wang Weili! Willy is not tall, about 1.7 meters tall, and his weight is not heavy. He is estimated to be about 130, with dark skin and a scar on his face. He is wearing some luxurious clothes and a big sword around his waist.
As soon as Willy entered the treasure room, he saw that Keelung was beaten by three players. He immediately roared with anger, "Keelung, hold on, I’ll save you!" " With a stretch of his right hand, he rushed to the front of the three players with a big waist sword and waved it up, splitting the three players and screaming.
Poor three guys can’t even win Keelung. What’s worse, the robber Wang Weili, who has stronger attributes, screamed sadly for a few times, and then turned white light and debris into pieces and went back to Ska Kingdom …
"Gee, it’s pitiful to be beaten by two bss." Nie Shuang shook his head and felt sorry for himself.
"Don’t worry about them. When we have to kill them, we don’t know if we can pass." At the beginning of the novel, Red-violet suddenly looked at Nie Shuang. "You said, I’ll see you this time."
"Yes, yes, look at you!" Painting the floor is also properly brushed in the sense.