Secondly, the quantity is unknown, which is the biggest problem method to judge the degree of barrier beating

Finally, the area where the chaotic legion appeared was too wide, covering almost all areas in the central and northern parts of the continent. It is certain that they landed through multiple locations.
The sponsor of this conference, the Temple of Life, sent a high-standard mission this time. The leader of the mission is obviously Sean, the head of the Disciplinary Order of the Temple of Life, who claims to be close to the strong Asian God.
The exact age is unknown. He looks like a kind old man with white hair and beard.
"I believe everyone has already understood what kind of enemy we are going to face this time. Another ten thousand years are coming. We should make preparations as early as possible. Just like our ancestors, we can unite together to defeat the chaotic army. This is also the main purpose of the temple to call this meeting."
Old Henry first came out and said, "The Vatican has always been committed to making our Lord shine on the mainland. Unity and friendship are the consistent purposes of our teaching. We love life and of course we will not let the invaders wreak havoc on the mainland. If the chaotic army invades the Vatican again, we will go all out." Although it is nonsense, the attitude is still correct
Simba’s speech was much simpler. He got up and gave Sean a standard Bi Meng military salute. "It is an honor for all Bi Meng to fight side by side with the Temple again."
Sean also got up and saluted back and forth.
Elves, dwarves and barbarians, like Bi Meng, expressed their willingness to obey the arrangement of the temple.
A circle of the base is divided into two parts. One is that the representatives of the Holy See expressed their willingness to unite, but they kept their mouths shut and stressed that they would unite if the chaotic army invaded. The other part, such as Bi Meng, dwarves and barbarians, expressed their willingness to obey the arrangement of the Temple from the beginning.
San Francisco in the human empire did express his willingness to obey the leadership of the temple.
It is not difficult to find that the two factions mainly show that the inheritors, the dwarves, live far longer than human beings, and the barbarians have never broken their inheritance, while San Francisco is a magical empire wizard with a detached position, and always has a way to inherit his knowledge.
On the other hand, compared with them, the other school is a new generation, and their understanding of jihad is still in the middle, while the Vatican Mountain has been trying to replace the mainland status of the temple of life for thousands of years. The so-called opportunity crisis is now their best opportunity, and of course it will not be willing to become a temple even in name.
Where there are people, there will be contradictions. Sean has long been prepared for the situation. Sean is glad to see that those races who fought side by side in the jihad are still willing to join the temple
"The Chaos Corps has invaded many times. This time, they must have sent so many teams for a purpose, and Howard, the former finance minister of our country, believes that everyone knows it. I have reason to believe that the Chaos Corps should not only have spies in our country."
"You mean our country also has spies of the Chaos Corps?" It’s Bill speaking.
"It’s easy for demons to have a long life and want to mix into our country. I think we should focus on screening families around years old." If Hao Ren is here, he will be very confused about what Judd will appear here and he is the leader of Ariet’s mission.
Old Henry disagreed. "I’m afraid a large-scale investigation of these nobles will cause panic at this time."
Judd didn’t refute, saying that this is enough. Every country will have its own ideas whether to investigate or not.
"One more thing, I believe that the Chaos Corps must have sent so many people for a purpose. In my humble opinion, they are the ones who are testing."
"Oh test what? Didn’t you just say that there are infernos and spy countries? What else do they need to test? "
"Test the real fighting capacity of mainland countries, test the response of mainland countries. Have you noticed their appearance? Countries and regions are mainland military powers and the races that gave them the strongest resistance in the sub-jihad?"
Judd’s sentence is very obscure, and the pony fart is very popular with all countries.
"We don’t know anything about the chaotic legion. We have lost our intelligence. We should encirclement and suppression, and we’d better catch the alive."
I don’t know if it’s his point of view or that very high-level flattery just now made all parties in the meeting agree with his point of view.
"I think we should form a joint force according to the composition of different arms to ensure that we try our best to capture the most experienced life temple in this field before our own security."
Judd took control of the focus of the conversation and successfully led everyone to agree with him in a few words when he spoke at the highest meeting of continental specifications.
Sean Henry had a tacit understanding and looked at each other and read each other’s opinions.
"This person is not simple!"
Chapter DiYiJiu The high priest