Konko’s ability is not as good as navas’s, but a qualified full-back must have ability!

If the full-back can’t, then he has no means to insert the attack!
Konko still has an arc, and this time it is surprisingly accurate!
Big burly Canut leaned against Godin’s body in the restricted area and waited for the ball to come.
Godin although the body is not bad, but still be Canut firmly behind.
Canut barb!
"Barb hit the door? Very stretched! " The sudden acceleration of the poet He’s explanation shows how J Ο ng the ball is. "Lopez has caught it!"
Canut’s J: ng lottery door Lopez also made J: ng lottery saves!
But Lopez’s jump ball still failed to completely destroy it!
It was luis fabiano that flashed through a black shadow!
"There will be! Make up for her! It’s a goal! Luis fabiano scored the ball! The score is tied again! " The poet He excitedly said, "It’s really a J Ο ng lottery. I think the fans who stay up all night watching the game will definitely think it’s worth it!"
Pisjuan Stadium is boiling ~!
Indeed, fabiano is excited to celebrate. In fact, he also has a place to vent. This time Dunga coached the Brazilian national team. He was able to force Pato and others to become the number one sharp knife in Brazil, and he was also under great pressure!
He is known as the grassroots No.9 in the history of the Brazilian national team!
People often compare him with his former. Indeed, there is a big gap between him and Ronaldo!
But Ronaldo is called the strongest number in history by many people.
Dunga Brazil’s national team did not choose to return to China to play Ronaldo, but chose luis fabiano, which not only put pressure on Dunga, but also put pressure on fabiano!
A special number like Brazil’s national team No.9 is not so easy to wear.
It is also very passionate to celebrate the goal in fabiano. His name is shouted all over Pisjuan Stadium. Maybe he is not the best in Brazil, but he can enjoy such treatment at Pisjuan Stadium!
Enjoy being treated like a hero when he scores goals!
After celebrating, fabiano excitedly took the ball out of the net and ran to the line.
Seville’s goal is very obvious. It is still early before the end of the game. They hope to take the lead again and leave three points at Pisjuan Stadium!
Villarreal players really look depressed. They just took the lead and were equalized by their opponents in a few minutes!
Their equaliser was too fast for Villarreal players to accept!
Sun Yaonai pinched her waist and shook her head.
I had an exchange with my teammates.
"Sun, it seems that we are going to attack again!" Santiago cazorla looks like a bear!
"Attack! I don’t like to hold a draw! " Sun Yao also laughed. "According to our performance and state, it is not hopeless for us to win!"
Barr Vaild looked thoughtfully on the sidelines and finally adjusted his tactics
"Well attack! It is impossible for a team like Seville to rely on defense! You must deal with each other by attacking! " Barr Vaild also made a judgment that it is the law to win the game by attacking instead of defending, and at present, Barr Vaild’s position is dangerous, even if it is an away draw, it is likely to make him at the forefront. What he needs is to win and win to ensure his position draw. Even if the club’s top management accepts it, I am afraid the fans are not willing to accept it!
"Attack! Santiago! Organize well! " Barr Vaild sent his message to Santiago cazorla.
Cazorla nodded at Sun Yao smiled "come on! Let’s have a big offensive war with them! "
Sun Yao also smiled. "Just what I want!"
However, they have just decided that they have to be unified before they are completely unified.
Because Seville scored again!
After Villarreal circled the ball, Carney made a mistake, which was broken by Seville and handed to fabiano!
Fabiano broke into the penalty area with the ball, and the ball made Diego Lopez do nothing!
"fabiano again! It’s amazing! Just helped the team equalize the score, and now it’s only one minute before he leads the team to overtake the score again! Now Seville leads Villarreal 3-2! And it’s crazy for the two teams to score three goals in these five minutes! "
Football is so fantastic. Sometimes it is rare to see a goal in the whole game, but sometimes you can score three goals in just five minutes!