"What’s the matter? Are you stupid? Are all your nba players good men and women? There are not many good people here. Most people are not good people after they step on the court. You should remember that the more villains in the nba, the more successful they will be. "Miller said in a didactic tone." Now you attack and I will defend. You just have to understand it carefully. "

Li Cheng spent the whole afternoon fighting Miller one-on-one, but most of his attacks were unsuccessful.
Until today, Li Chengcai has realized what it means to be extreme.
Miller pulled his underpants and pulled his vest when defending him, which are considered as childish monkey stealing peaches and fishing for the moon on the sea, which are only common moves in China martial arts. Li Cheng once maliciously thought that if everyone in the nba was like Miller, wouldn’t most people be paralyzed?
Li Cheng always suffered a loss when Miller was fighting one-on-one. Later, he learned to be clever. In the attack, he often harassed Miller in different ways, and it became more and more difficult to either pinch or catch Miller there.
Miller’s strength is not as good as Li Cheng’s, and the only thing he can rely on is that after two hours of experience, Miller’s defense against Li Cheng has been very difficult
"Mom stinks and doesn’t know how to respect the elderly." Miller sat down on the ground
Li Cheng undressed and looked at Qing Wu’s chest, which was pinched out by Miller. "Why don’t you know how to care for the young, old guy?"
Miller got up and patted his ass and said, "I should teach you everything, and the rest is up to you."
Li Cheng and Miller changed into dry clothes after taking a shower and came to a coffee shop.
Miller took the cup and took a sip of coffee. "I’m going to New Orleans one day. Do you want to go with me?" It’s good to see. "
Li Cheng shook his head and said, "I’ve seen the star, too. I won’t go this time. What’s the point of being an audience? I must participate in the star race as a player next year."
Miller nodded appreciatively and stopped demanding, "You can train quickly, so you don’t have to embarrass me on the court. Remember that now that you are my student, it’s no longer a shame to embarrass you, you know?"
Li Cheng nodded slowly, and there was a warm current in his heart. This warm current was called touching him. Miller was a stranger, and the latter took time out of his busy schedule to teach him. Although there was Larry Bird in it, it was only if Miller wanted to. Li Cheng had taken Miller as his teacher in his heart.
Miller went to New Orleans and Granger took his girlfriend to New Orleans, but Li Cheng was sweating in the training hall.
Li Cheng is ambitious. He knows that the Pacers will rebuild this summer. He may not be able to rebuild the core of the team before he wants to, but now … he must.
Li Cheng still remembers Miller’s saying that "those who can reach the peak of their personal abilities are the favorite of the emperor, but they can’t lack the acquired training." Now Li Cheng is also the favorite of the emperor. He has no reason not to train hard to become a member of the peak crowd and surpass them.
He trained harder and sweated more than before, but Li Cheng gritted his teeth and persisted. However, it is strange that no matter how tired he is after training, he will be able to recover after a sleep.
After discovering this secret, Li Cheng chose to train crazily. Before that, he was worried about overtraining, but now he has finished this worry.
On February 17th, that is, two days before the Star Race, Li Xiang trained in the training hall. He didn’t pay attention to the status of the Star Race. He knew that Howard, the "Warcraft" dunk contest yesterday, turned into Superman and won the championship. Capono won the championship with a record score of 25 points in the three-point competition; Skill Challenge Deron Williams beat Paul to win the championship in one fell swoop. He didn’t know anything and didn’t care. However, Larry Bird rushed to disturb Li Cheng’s training rhythm.
There’s another chapter in ps night ~ ~
Chapter 20 Trouble
When Li Cheng saw Larry Bird in a hurry, he immediately stopped training and went to Bird with a puzzled face.
"Lee, if you are dissatisfied with the current situation, you can talk to O ‘Brien, or you can talk to me, and your contract will expire after the end of the season. Do you want to talk about renewing it now? If you want, wouldn’t it be bet for you to come to me with your agent? What should the world know about this? This will affect the unity of the team, "Bird said with a serious face.
Li cheng a face of doubt, "no! I want to play well now and have no other ideas! "
Bird frowned and took out a newspaper and gave it to Li Chengdao. "Look for yourself! O ‘Brien called me, too. He was very unhappy, but I think I should talk to you first. "
"This is definitely not my idea. I think I should play well first. If I do well, my salary will naturally go up."
"So you mean your agent is independent?" Byrd inquired
Li Cheng nodded and said, "Yes", and he went to the sidelines to get his mobile phone and prepare to call Jiang Xinghan to ask about it.
Words soon turned on Li Chengshen asked "hello! Mr. Jiang, is there anything you should tell me? "
"yawn!" Jiang Xinghan is obviously still sleeping. "Xiao Li! I’m going to call Mr. Larry bird after I get up and give you a raise! I didn’t expect you to be so impatient! Did you see the news report? "
"Yeah, but I’m not going to do that. I don’t think so now."
"How can you think so? I am hello! " Jiang xinghan got rid of all sleepiness and said seriously
Li cheng a face of gloomy way "you are ruining my future, you do this is really good for me? Please contact the media as soon as possible. I need you to clarify as soon as possible that I have not been dissatisfied with the status quo and have not asked the team to raise wages. "
"You this child how so regardless of somehow? I this is all hello "Jiang Xinghan a well-meaning tone.
"I don’t care what your reason is, but you should ask the media to clarify this matter."
Jiang Xinghan was forced to be nasty by Li Cheng. "Little forcing pups, what are you? Not old. Can you enter the nba now? I have already returned to China. "
Li Cheng’s last gratitude to Jiang Xinghan disappeared. He had long been disgusted with Jiang Xinghan’s greed. At this time, he calmed down and said, "Mr. Jiang, I’ll see you in court!"
Jiang Xinghan was a little flustered when he heard this. How did he think that a China student who had not seen the market since half a year would talk to him in such a tone today? When he signed the contract with Li Cheng, the liquidated damages were not high. At that time, he didn’t know if Li Cheng could be his cash cow. If Li Cheng was nothing, he didn’t want to be stuck with a piece of dog skin plaster. At that time, the contract was symbolic and he filled in a liquidated damages. He didn’t expect Li Cheng to suddenly explode. Now his intestines are repented.
Jiang Xinghan immediately said, "Don’t be so extreme! Let’s meet and talk later! We haven’t communicated well for a long time. "
"good! At six o’clock that night, I was waiting for you at Wan Li Edge. "After that, Li Chengjiu hung up.
Hang up the words Jiang Xinghan to words scold a way "little force pups drag what drag? Old sooner or later to pick up your ya "
Li Cheng looked very ugly with his mobile phone. He said apologetically, "Mr. Bird, I’m sorry."
Bird waved and said, "Nothing, but your agent does have a problem. I hope you will consider replacing him. If you need an agent, I can help you not to be reluctant to pay liquidated damages. An agent has a great influence on the team’s future."
Li cheng nodded. "Well! I know. "
"Well, you also don’t think too much, you continue to train! I’ll talk to O ‘Brien, but you have to respond as soon as possible. "
Bird left, and he was a little worried. He was very fond of Li Cheng, a hardworking China boy. He didn’t want to see such a good player destroyed by a junk agent.
Li Cheng soon threw away his trouble training, and now everything he does will make him calm down and try to do one thing well, which has to be said to be a very good habit.
As night falls, the lights are flowing at the beginning of the road, and the traffic is orderly. Li Cheng took a taxi to his appointed place by Jiang Xinghan.
"Wan Li Yuan" is the name of a Chinese restaurant. Li Cheng likes to eat here very much.
The owner of this restaurant is a middle-aged man from Jiangsu, China.
The boss saw Li Chenglai slightly chubby and greeted him with a smile. "Xiao Li! Come to dinner again? Long time no see! "
Li Chengxiao nodded "well! Manager Niu hasn’t seen you for a long time. "
"Stop laughing at me. What do you want to eat today?" Boss Niu came with a menu.
Li Cheng put the menu aside and said, "What menu do you want when you’ve memorized it?"
He ordered several dishes and ordered a pot of tea. Li Cheng looked at the vehicles outside the window and thought about Jiang Xinghan’s affairs. To tell the truth, he still didn’t want to face Jiang Xinghan in his heart.
However, when he thought that Bird had read him the newspaper today, his heart was a little angry.