No one knows that Lin Yuan studied under the sect, no one knows his age, and no one knows where he comes from!

Haoran, the demon youth, the forest edge!
This word has become a hot topic among the population.
Almost everyone who took part in the battle for the tomb of the venerable Buddha and returned from the tomb of the venerable Buddha alive will proudly explain the meaning of the word to the people around him for a long time.
Even many people who live in settlements talk about this mysterious section.
"Words that day to honour person tomb vision revealed in the sky like thunder and lightning, and then there was a sound integrity of the demon GanKun extremely kill kill kill! ….. This sentence appeared in the tomb of the venerable deity like the roar of the gods. Everyone didn’t come in vain. A juvenile-like innate fighter appeared in the central area. Finally, a sword ended up with the monster beast Golden Lion King! "
"Tut tut is amazing. This man is so powerful that even the golden lion king was killed by a sword!"
"Haoran Demons, this is no joke. I dare say that anyone who is stared at by him will surely die!"
"Hey, hey, these guys and the families who besieged him that day will be alarmed, or they will be looked for by the young forest edge. This is not the awe-inspiring demons, but the awe-inspiring people. Being stared at is tantamount to being marked by death!"
"I wonder if this master swordsman will appear again?"
"It’s hard to say that Qian and Li fighters were killed by the young forest edge, and most of them were afraid of retaliation. Then Qian and Li are arrogant and vengeful guys!"
"It is said that many people are looking for this young forest edge now!"
"It is said that he hid in the purple mansion and I am afraid that his strength will rise!"
Lin Yuan unconsciously incarnates the awe-inspiring monsters. Lin Yuan’s fame has been sent to all counties. For this mysterious man who acts like an awe-inspiring monster with super swordsmanship, everyone is full of curiosity. Everyone can’t help but guess what will happen to this mysterious man.
Some people are very worried that the young forest edge has killed Qian Li’s two families. Once Qian Li retaliates, their forest edge will reach the mixed yuan realm, and his future is worrying.
Many people are looking for this person, but the young forest edge seems to disappear, but those who are looking for the forest edge can hear its name but not see it.
Where will the young forest edge of Haoran Demons be? What will you be doing?
Five elements of dense territory
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five-quiet practice (collection)
A wisp of sword and awn swept over the ice @ fire! Chinese
The purple spider, a congenital monster beast with a height of three feet, hit the neck and throat like a collapsed sculpture, and brown blood flowed out like a flood in a half-meter long wound.
This is a congenital monster beast with a half-step mixed-yuan boundary, covered with thorns and generally black plush. Some bone spurs hang horizontally, and their defense ability is the most terrible. It is said that they can resist the initial master attack of mixed-yuan boundary and struggle with the forest edge for more than two hours before being caught by the forest edge.
"Shout shout …"
In the hands of Hao Jian, he bent over the forest edge and dressed heavily.
Warm sweat forms a misty fog in the cold air. The clothes on the edge of the forest have broken into wisps in the battle, and the rags are tightly attached to the body because of thorough soaking.
The bright red blood in the shocking scars on the arms and back flowed like a spring, which made the forest edge look very embarrassed.
Although Lin Yuan killed the monster beast of mixed yuan realm, that time Lin Yuan was also tricky. The Golden Lion King and the two Huang Jinshi had already spent too much time with many fighters on the Warring States itself and physical strength. It was also lucky for Lin Yuan to defeat it, and finally it made Lin Yuan consume too much.
This hunting object is, after all, a half-step mixed-yuan monster beast, and the strength of the monster beast is generally earth than that of human fighters, so it is not so easy to deal with.
After recovering a little bit of physical strength, the forest edge found a sheltered mountain valley to exercise pranayama to heal the body injury.
At this time, it has been two months since the distance from the tomb of the venerable Lord.
Two months ago, Lin Yuan lived in that cave for a few days, adjusted and refined the chaos of her own real yuan, and the red-violet real yuan left in her body was completely consolidated.
After calming down, the forest was very white. Honglian did this for her reasons. A woman saved herself again and again and gave her body to herself.
This is a debt of love. This is a forest edge who doesn’t know how to repay it. He can bury himself in his heart and wait for the time to return it. He has too many things to do, and his parents are still alive and dead.
The forest edge can’t be delayed by these things. He can tolerate and bury it.
After handling all this, Lin Yuan didn’t hurry back to Wu Zong.
For more than two months, he has been in the wild forest of Tianluo County. In addition to monotonous and boring training day after day, he has been constantly challenging and hunting all kinds of congenital monster beasts to hone his combat experience and skills, and he has gained a lot.
"Shout …" Lin Yuan exhaled a polluted air and slowly opened his eyes.
After just half an hour of pranayama’s deep blue vitality, his shocking injury has been completely healed, leaving a series of shallow red scars, which will disappear completely when the day comes.
After practicing for the past two months, the strength of the forest edge has reached its peak in the early stage of gathering spirits. In the view of the forest edge, its own realm has increased too slowly.
But Lin Yuan doesn’t know that others can reach the peak from the initial stage of gathering spirit in two months, so thank God, and Lin Yuan is still too slow. Maybe this idea can be dared by Lin Yuan.
In fact, in the past two months, the forest edge has been suppressing the realm and concentrating the truth. Recently, the forest edge entered the country too fast, and it directly reached the innate realm in less than half a year, and the experience period has been growing, ignoring its own truth and purity.
Therefore, in two months, the forest edge only raised the cultivation to the peak of the initial stage of gathering spirits, and it was just a stable state, concentrating its true elements to a limit.
In addition, after his body passes through the mysterious dark blue gas emitted by Jasper Beads every day, he exchanges the lunar solar power with people every morning, and the recovery ability of the lunar power coming from the sun is also extremely abnormal, which will eliminate the body scar in such a short time.
"I want to find a stronger opponent once. The monster beast of mixed yuan realm has been honed." Lin Yuan hesitated and shook his head. "Maybe we should look for the monster beast of mixed yuan realm."
Lin Yuan itself has a kind of horizontal spirit that can be strengthened again.
Forest edge can always find some monster beast hiding or entrenched places, and can find the monster beast with fixed strength to hunt and gain combat experience according to their own requirements.
In the past two months, Lin Yuan has been able to accurately find those innate monsters in the vast expanse of mountains by relying on his own mental acumen, to avoid pouncing or to encounter irresistible dangers when encountering innate monsters with too terrible strength.
The edge of the forest stood up and grasped the edge of the forest with a noble sword. Through the cracks in the leaves, I looked at the sky in the distance. A thick lead cloud rolled over from a distance like a mountain collapse. A darkness was coming.
As night fell, the whole forest was silent, and occasionally the beast roared, followed by a series of months, and the forest edge had long been used to this situation.
It is because human beings are inferior to monster beasts in all kinds of visual abilities at night, so Lin Yuan did not intend to hunt monster beasts at night, but chose a place to meditate and practice compared with Ann.
At the edge of the forest, fellow practitioners in martial arts are simply spinning like a top, sleeping for an hour or two every day, and at other times, they are practicing boring. If there is a small breakthrough or a bottleneck, they will go out to kill powerful monsters to prove their accomplishments.
It’s like an ascetic life
Fortunately, the mysterious jasper beads in the abdomen have kept the spirit of Linyuan in a full state, and it will recover its energy for a while before Linyuan can support it.
In a flash, it’s another night.
Taiyin’s fall is rising day by day.
The Taiyuan Sutra, which runs instantaneously at the edge of the forest, is absorbed by the edge of the forest with a stronger lunar solar force in a blink of an eye.
There are two colors in the whole body, namely, the sun’s power in the moon is divided into two parts, one is to refine the body of the forest edge, and the other is to enter the forest edge dantian and merge into the forest edge dantian.
Although the realm of oneself is now high, it is followed by more and more solar power inhaled by the lunar sun, and naturally I can’t stand the pain suffered by the solar power irrigation body of the lunar sun.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six-the wind and cloud change
The palm of the cave forest edge holds a scroll made of an unknown animal skin, and his eyes are full of doubts, ice @ fire! Chinese
At this time, Lin Yuan didn’t immediately go to find the monster beast in the mixed yuan realm to fight, which required sufficient preparation for all kinds of Wushu body parts to practice.
At this time, the unknown scroll of Lin Yuan’s hand is the treasure that Lin Yuan and Hong Lian got in the abode of fairies and immortals. It has been put aside by Lin Yuan in the Gankun ring and never came to see it.
It seems to be a map, but the roots of the forest edge have never been seen in some places.
The whole map seems to be divided into five parts, and each part is covered with five different colors, which seems to be a certain geographical distribution map, and in each geographical distribution map there is this important mark in the map
This is also the reason why Lin Yuan kept frowning and shaking his head. After watching for a while, Lin Yuan’s hand flashed, and the ancient scrolls made of unknown skins disappeared directly. Then he received the Gankun ring and another scroll appeared in the hands of Lin Yuan.