But for Chang Sheng, there are still nearly twenty minutes before the game is real.

Twenty minutes can do a lot of things … such as winning!
This idea is really crazy, and it will make people feel that it is always better than in daydreaming.
But Changsheng is really working towards this goal and has not given up a chance.
He’s going to make a last-ditch attempt.
Carlos Campo has never played in the first team, but he has always been the main player in the youth team. The most important thing is that he is a trustworthy player who always wins, that is, he can put his life on Campo. He is convinced that Campo will not let himself down.
If there is anyone who can trust in this kind of life and death, he brought himself from team C to the first team and relied on him as a child.
Carlos Campo soon warmed up and returned to the front of Changsheng.
Changsheng pulled him and asked him a question, "What do you think of Carlos in the current situation?"
Carlos Campo shrugged. "Not so good, boss. Can we still win?"
Changsheng smiled. "Do you believe if I say I can still win?"
Carlos Campo hesitated for a moment and then nodded "I believe"
Changsheng was satisfied with Campo’s answer, although he hesitated
"That’s what I want you to go to, Carlos. You’re a key. I need you. I’ll open the door."
"Good boss, no problem!" Carlos Campo nodded and said
"Remember when you worked for Team C?"
"Remember the boss"
"Good. Just go like that and intercept the ball in midfield and wait for an opportunity to break it. Once the ball breaks, you will immediately give the football to the front striker and you will not care!"
Campo nodded repeatedly.
After explaining the tactical requirements, Changsheng decided to encourage the young man again. After all, this is his first time playing professional league for Hertha, and no one can be nervous.
He said, "From a rookie to a real professional player, you have 15 minutes to adapt to this change, Carlos."
Carlos Campo’s eyes lit up when he heard Chang Sheng say this. "Can I play a game, boss?"
Winning a slap on his back "maybe still starting! Ok, now give me a game. Don’t think too much. If you behave badly, I will kick you back to Team C! "
Dead ball in two minutes
Carlos Campo ran into the stadium.
"ah! Hertha has changed! The mysterious coach China has finally made a move! He changed a … Young waist! Carlos alberto Campo bastos from Team C on the 25th! Ha! " When the commentator Crespo saw Hertha’s substitution, he couldn’t help laughing.
"can he change a young midfielder who is not yet ten years old to make his team win the game? It seems that this rookie coach has completely lost his cool … A rookie coach with no first-team experience has changed to a rookie midfielder who has no first-team experience like him … It’s a perfect match! "
Don’t say it’s him. Rudy Gonzalez won’t win in vain. What’s going on?
Is it really broken?
In Rudy Gonzalez’s view, winning is similar to winning in a game!
It was all random substitutions that caused the team to lose the game.
If he lost the qualification of continuing to be a temporary manager because of losing the game, then he thinks that winning the game should follow in his footsteps, otherwise he will definitely talk to the club manager Vicente Moscow, the miser!
Even if Chang Sheng is really the son of President Flores, he won’t accept it.
Reporters in the media gallery laughed when they saw this behind the scenes.
Chang Sheng seems to think that he is still dying fast enough to send ammunition to them. Their evidence is more abundant. Hertha chose such an idiot as a coach, which is simply digging her own grave! It’s time to announce Hertha’s demotion!
The presidents of both clubs in Spain will watch the game on the spot. Before the game, the president of the home team will also invite the president of the visiting team to have a meal to show friendship.
This is unification.