It was quiet for a moment.

Everyone stared at the mirror and couldn’t even hear breathing.
They saw clearly in the light of their hands that the picture in the mirror was a man with his back to them.
Looking vaguely familiar with Fang Yin, I have a bad feeling that my heart is beating fast.
In the silent mirror, people slowly turn around.
As she turned around bit by bit, the picture in the mirror changed.
Fang Yin is no stranger.
Look at the environment and furnishings in the mirror and be familiar with the pattern of bed curtains. Obviously, they have just been to Wang Yi’s dormitory.
It’s this weird angle that automatically brings out the perspective of three-dimensional modeling in that room … it’s the mirror that is placed in the corner.
This mirror in their room is connected with that in Wang Yi’s dormitory.
Byakki Smoker’s face has been completely exposed.
Impressively, the ordinary girl in the dead king’s day has faded in the mirror and hand light blessing at this moment, and it looks a bit cold and strange.
She smiled
The tears appeared on his face again.
Fang Yin, however, could not see a smile from her pale to bloody face. The smile floated on the surface as if it were skin, not to mention that the soul was not happy, and even the muscles covered by the skin seemed not to move.
But Wang Yi’s body is still in their sanitary room, lying on the cold floor with a knife in his chest.
No one dares to move her, and they have no place to put her.
She can lie there alone, surrounded by fine glass fragments.
A little fire bloomed in Wang Yishou’s heart
Her lips moved a few mouthfuls, and the fire was crazy in the pupil.
Fang Yin understood it.
She said … everyone has to die.
"Grab her!" Fang Yin immediately reacted to what she was going to do. Holding the edge of the bed, she turned over from the surface and pounced on the mirror.
And Qin’s reaction is much faster than his.
He rushed over before he finished printing.
When Qin Yigui approached the mirror, the picture in the mirror suddenly disappeared and turned back to an ordinary mirror, reflecting Qin Yigui’s dignified face and Fang Yin’s anxious face. Qin Yigui had touched the mirror and started to be cold, as if mocking something.
He decisively opened the door and jumped out. The speed was faster than Mao Chengcheng’s power. When Shao Fangyin chased him out, there was no Qin Gui figure in the corridor.
Fang Yin came regardless of whether the two in the room reacted and bit their teeth to chase them.
Hurried to find him, Xu Sirui and Fang Yin bumped into each other.
"What’s the matter? What happened? Fang Yin! " Xu Sirui hasn’t had a white hair yet. Because he doesn’t live in a dormitory with them, he lacks some experiences that make him unable to understand what is going on.
The tip of the nose hit a little sour and narrowed slightly, and a sour tear flooded the fox’s eyes.
However, Fang Yingen ignored him and rudely touched Xu Sirui’s shoulder, which prevented him from approaching a flicker and bypassed his head and ran back to the stairs.
The obstacle to the second floor has been forcibly broken by Qin Xu, which is different from last night. This time, he has no spare capacity to control the strength. The most direct and rude way is to drag the two fences off.
Fang Yin, short and flexible, got in through the gap and started to run downstairs.
Chapter 47 That’s nice. It’s [2]
The building is a little noisy.
Fang Yin saw Zhao Yi and Zhao Gan in the corridor, and Fang Yin didn’t explain anything, like seeing Xu Sirui as they rushed to the room in memory.
The door has been opened.
There is smoke billowing inside, but you can’t see Qin’s return to the shadow
The fire has already started, and it is filled with combustible materials. Almost instantly, it has changed from a small flame to a raging fire and spread out without mercy.
Fang Yin and Qin Xu rushed to the building, and the noise was too big. It was just after the lights were turned off. Not long after, many people on the second floor were awake, even if they fell asleep, they just fell asleep. A little movement can wake them up.
Let alone their thud-thud-thud-thud.
The girls opened the door one after another and came out bleakly, and they didn’t wonder what belonged to the girls. A square seal would pop up on the floor.
Smoke billowed in the cramped corridor, and the fire was hot and hot. The naked eye could see that the speed rolled exponentially. Wang Na’s dormitory was the first to be swallowed up by the fire.
"Wake up! Fire! "
I don’t know who was the first to react and shouted that the fire lit up the night and broke the silence.
The crowd was as noisy and chaotic as if they were framed by fire and boiling water, crying and crying.
Soon it was found that there was no fire fighting equipment in the building, and everyone rushed out in a panic. The fire cut off the floor passage and people became desperate.
The original narrow corridor was crowded with snow and frost, and the face was rare and ugly. Looking back and forth, the smoke covered the line of sight, and what you saw was really limited.
He is not afraid of scorching flames and burning smoke.
Qin’s return is gone.
He followed him all the way and couldn’t find anyone in a blink of an eye.
Tonight is not the last night, and they have another chance. The threat of flame is not much in Fang Yin’s heart, but Qin Yang is gone.
Compared with this fact, he was more flustered.
He tried his best, but he still didn’t follow Qin Zuogui. He didn’t know how the fire started, whether Qin Zuogui had a conflict with the king in the mirror, and how he disappeared.
Although he is confident in Qin’s strength, it is obviously not a good generation to see that Byakki Smoker Dao Wang was so decisive.
Where does np come from in dreamland?
You can do such a cruel act of killing yourself yourself.
Fang Yin raised her hand and wiped the left earlobe. There was an ear hole where the front ear nail was forced out, but the face belonged to the communication ear nail of Lixing members. They couldn’t bring it in.
Fire and smoke swept across the seal, but another idea came out at an inappropriate time
If only he could choose a communication device in the checkerboard game, a communication device that can be used in fantasy.
"Fang Yin! Go! " It seems that someone is calling him Zhao Yiyin from afar.
Although they know how to escape without dialogue, they will be burned alive, but survival can drive them to leave the fire consciously
The passage ready in front of the first floor seems to have been discovered. Someone climbed over the first floor window to escape like once.
Also seems to disturb the dormitory aunt don’t know if the door on the first floor is open.