God knows if they are pigs.

I stayed up for three classes and the fourth class (something is going to happen)
Escape finally have the courage to pass the ling a piece of paper.
Does ling have a boyfriend?’ leisurely
Well, nothing. Why?’ plume
I just want you to be my girlfriend, okay?’ leisurely
What?’ Ling (Shinohara Ling Shiling is very excited in her heart, but she seems to blame Ling for rolling)
Because I like you, this may be love at first sight.
Hehe, I like you, too.’
"Sister Snow Gone" Hyun
"Ha ha no, I’ll send her." Yi took Ling’s hand.
"Shrimp? You are developing too fast. "Snow will be curious.
"Hehe" Ling giggled.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." Ya’s left hand was covering her belly, and her right hand was pointing to Yi Ze’s face and she was sweating. At this moment, she escaped with Yi.
"It’s not funny to cut it. You ran away without saying anything. Let’s go." Ya cut one.
"Ha ha, wife, can I take you there?" pool
"Ha ha ok, let’s go." Ya said and left.
"We have to run another pair. Let’s go, Snow." Qi was dragged away by the morning before she finished.
"What are you doing? My hand hurts." Morning touched her hand and said.
"Ha ha, let’s not bother to show off what they have given me," Chen said with a smile.
"All right, let’s go." Qi also went with Chen in this way.
"Snow" dazzles
"hmm? What’s wrong? " Xuewen
"Well, let’s go, too." Hyun (Shinohara Ling blushes? Hyun, Shinohara Ling blushes? Shine)
"Well," Snow actually blushed.
"Let’s go" Hyun pulled the snow away.
In this way, Yi and Ling, Ya and Ze, Qi and Chen, and Xuan and Xue went out one by one (sad or those flowers and plants are stupid)
School playground
Anthomaniac "555 ~ Our king is with the princesses, and we are hopeless"
Grass idiot a "our princess and king are a perfect match. I’ve decided to bless them."
Many grass idiots "yeah, we are also vegetarian"
What? live together
"Wow, the kings are finally here. I miss you so much." A nymphomaniac screamed, showing that the handsome guys are charming.
"Well, yes, the princesses are here." Cao Chi A braved red hearts and said, "What is that red drop? It’s disgusting. It’s a nosebleed. Alas, the beauty is very attractive."
"Well, it’s disgusting. We’re leaving soon." Ya just heard the loudspeaker broadcast.
"Please, Leng Xiaoxue, Nangong Xuan, Leng Xiaoqi, Ouyang Chen, Leng Xiaoya and Guan Yuze have something important to announce at the principal’s office." Jiao Jiao said that the amount is the principal’s little secret (Xiao Yuling wow, your name is good and your personality is still Jiao Jiao. Are you going to be a coquette? Jiao Jiao cut people’s names, didn’t you write them all? Xiao Yuling, er, don’t play coquetry with me. I can’t stand to see goose bumps.)
Touching the door was kicked by poor drops,