Blood shadow teaching headquarters was captured by those extinct insects, which means that on Sunday, at least there was no chance to make it. No matter how many collections there were before those extinct insects devoured it, it should have become extinct insects. If it weren’t for blood shadow teaching, the collection contained high energy. It is estimated that focusing on those extinct insects, the division speed will not be as fast as it is now.

Those extinct insects are equivalent to swallowing the original, and now it has become a collection of many blood shadows on Sunday, but even so; On Sunday, there is not even an angry one, no matter what; Even if it is a big loss, it is only after that that I will think about things. Now I have to consider it on Sunday. How can we stop those exterminating insects? Now those exterminating insects have destroyed the blood shadow teaching station, but even so; They didn’t stop expanding, such as accidents; Let those extinct insects act again, don’t say it’s the blood shadow teaching station. If the fix-up world is not destroyed by it, it is estimated that these extinct insects will not be able to do this in front of them unless something can be swallowed up.
Don’t say that there are many people who care about Sunday in the fix true world, just say that even if it’s just for the sake of his own life, it is absolutely impossible for him to be so reckless by those extinct insects. If those extinct insects are allowed to go like this, I don’t know if the fix true world can be preserved in the end. If the fix true world is destroyed, don’t say that Sunday cares about those people, just say that Sunday is in a destroyed world, even if it is immortal. I don’t know how long I can live there without falling apart
What I hate most on Sunday now is how I don’t have several regional means of attack. If he knows magic as forbidden, his eyes will be removed with the defense of those extinct insects on Sunday. That’s not much easier than it is now.
With the ability of melee, those extinct insects fight even if they turn themselves into the largest form on Sunday; Rolling around in those extinct insects is at best to ensure your own safety and kill the insects in this way; It is estimated that the reproductive speed of those extinct insects will be suppressed, and that possibility is almost gone.
I was anxious to stop those extinct insects, and I found that there was no way to stop them after Sunday, but it was surprisingly calm at that time.
Sunday is very clear; Eye at this time; No matter how anxious I am, I haven’t faced those extinct insects. If I calm down and think of some ways, I may still have some. But if I behave like before, the result is estimated to be the same as before. In the face of those extinct insects’ reproductive ability, it is impossible to stop them from expanding.
On Sunday, after calm down, although the way to really stop those extinct insects was not thought of on Sunday, at least on Sunday, the measures to be taken also played some role, not to say that eliminating those extinct insects could prevent the expansion of those extinct insects was achieved on Sunday.
Sunday didn’t do anything else, that is, he did one thing, that is, he summoned the willow demon, that is, the demon servant force of the willow demon helped Sunday to suppress all the extinct insects.
The ability to destroy the world insects can be said to be clear on Sunday. I was so anxious that I didn’t consider so many reasons before Sunday. This will play hardball with those extinct insects. When you calm down, you have to deal with those extinct insects. On Sunday, it is natural to know that the most suitable force for your hands is the willow demon.
The innate ability of the willow demon restrained those extinct insects, that is, because the former extinct insect body had a scattered fairy soul, which finally made the willow demon unable to take it. At this time of Sunday, instead of trying to deal with those extinct insects, the eye said that those extinct insects appeared, and it was already controlled by Sunday’s hand power.
Although said; The ability of the willow demon has nothing to do with the extinct insect body, but now the problem is; Sunday is now to kill the extinct insect body, depending on the ability of those extinct insects to divide insects. Now naturally, there is no ability to fight against the talent of the willow demon. Is there any more suitable power to deal with those extinct insects?
On Sunday, after thinking about those things; Immediately, I acted according to my own thoughts, and the facts also proved that Sunday’s thoughts were feasible. When Sunday released the willow demon with the heart of Hu, those extinct insects that were closest to Sunday were directly controlled by the willow demon with the heart of Hu, and then those extinct insects were controlled by the willow demon with the heart of Hu, but the rest of them were bitten by uncontrolled extinct insects.
When some extinct insects were controlled, half the members of those extinct insects stopped dividing immediately. Not only that; In the process of biting, the number of casualties of those extinct insects has also expanded, and I don’t know how many times. In such a situation, although the willow demon of Hu Xin has no comparability in terms of strength, it is relying on its natural ability that the willow demon of Hu Xin has no ability to stop those extinct insects from living on Sunday, and it has not given them a chance to cross the border in the range of the blood shadow teaching headquarters.
Of course; The eye is just to block those extinct insects. If you really want to eliminate those extinct insects, it will be dropped. On Sunday, the willow demon doesn’t have that strength, but on Sunday, it was no accident that it could easily block those extinct insects, so those extinct insects wouldn’t be worthy to stop them. It would be so easy to destroy the creatures if the saints made moves. If those extinct insects hadn’t developed into unmanageable scale, it is estimated that they would have run away with all the people they know, but they wouldn’t stay here to do such things.
It is already psychologically prepared, and it is very easy to accept the eye on Sunday. In this case, the extermination of those extinct insects will be eliminated by the method of eliminating them. The evil eye of the willow tree can control the reproduction of those extinct insects; This result is already very satisfactory on Sunday. After all, it is not unconditional for those extinct insects to split until they have eaten the east and west of this area clean. On Sunday, I don’t believe that those extinct insects will not be reduced by then, and now the breeding speed will be at that time; According to the talent ability of the willow demon, there will be no more problems if you want to clean up those extinct insects.
Yes; Things are always so surprising, although on Sunday, I wanted to quietly and secretly clean those extinct insects with a willow demon, but I didn’t expect it on Sunday. Although he is such an idea, what happened in the blood shadow teaching compound is the root, so he can’t hide it from people. Although it was only a short time ago, when the extinct insects were controlled on Sunday, other monks arrived at his position at that time.
It is not a trivial matter for the blood shadow to teach the rain family to fight; Unless it’s a real magic war, two forces like them will fight each other, that is, the highest scale of war. No one is not curious about the situation of the blood shadow teaching station, whether it’s a martial brother or a scattered fairy. Although the former blood shadow teaching rain family joined hands to seal the information here, even so; At that time, there was also a lot of information leaked out, but it was impossible to seal the information and pretend not to know the reason; Blood shadow teach rain home has not been too j and strong reaction to this kind of thing.
Before the news was blocked, it was the same. There will be news going out constantly. Now, in the case that the blood shadow teaches the rain family to die one after another, when no one blocks the news again, those monks who are curious about the war; That’s why we’re heading here.
At the beginning; Because the war has changed too fast, and the blood shadow Sect won’t easily let other monks get close. Anyway, in all these cases, the end result will make most people come to this place without curiosity, except some people who are not afraid of death and are very curious, even if they know that the war here is over.
But; Friar’s speed is fast, but it’s sudden, but it’s Sunday to deal with the extinct insect’s blood shadow, but there is no less huā, which is in such a situation; Even those monks didn’t expect such a change in advance, but when the extinction crisis broke out, they still let many monks know about it.
Very direct to say; Just when the extermination bug suddenly broke out, the blood shadow teaching station was even more courageous at that time; Ready to get benefits in the blood shadow teaching compound scattered fairy in but because they didn’t expect to meet the extinct insects, such a powerful creature, the root didn’t even know anything, so they died when those extinct insects appeared.
Maybe it’s impossible for all people who heard the news to believe these things at the first time when they learned about the extermination of insects. However, due to the blood shadow teaching, they have always been on guard against the magic church like the blood shadow teaching. It’s impossible for the right sect not to take precautions, even if it doesn’t respond at the first time when it hears the news, but it will definitely make some means to see the location of the blood shadow teaching compound.
Doubt; If it is the former; Those people want to see the situation of the blood shadow teaching station. Because of the blood shadow teaching, few people really have the strength to do that, but the blood shadow teaching has been destroyed on Sunday and they didn’t want to do that kind of thing. Those monks who want to see the blood shadow teaching station naturally get their wish one by one, and they all see the situation of the extinct insects ravaging the blood shadow teaching station.
Sunday in nature is attracted the attention of the monks; Because of how much devouring power the extinct insects have, no one else knows except Zhou Tianwai. When those monks know that the extinct insects have the ability, they also practice Xuangong on Sunday. And practiced Xuangong to the realm of two turns, even three turns and four turns; Unless it is Sunday, they will show their talent and ability. Otherwise, they are afraid that even if they see Sunday’s strength, no matter how strong it is, they will not want to believe that Sunday can be upgraded to that level.
That’s it; Sunday attracted the attention of some monks, but they didn’t see how powerful Sunday was. When Sunday was a decent monk, their attention was quickly attracted by those extinct insects at that time.
Even if I don’t know that the devouring ability of the extinct insects can turn Xuangong to the third turn, the ability displayed by the body can devour those extinct insects is enough to surprise many monks. After all, those extinct insects have ruined the blood shadow teaching station, although they don’t know their devouring ability, they can watch the other aspects of the extinct insects, and those monks of all factions already know it. If the extinct insect grows up; It is estimated that the whole fix true world will be in danger then.
After the threat of the white exterminator; Naturally, it is impossible for those monks to let the extinct insect continue to go, just like the nuclear threat guarantees world peace, but no one wants to destroy nuclear weapons all the time. Generally, if you know that your life is threatened by something or biology and feel that your life is out of your control, no matter how good or bad the situation is, no one will want something that can control your life and death to continue to go.
Knowing that the extinct bug can pose a threat to the fix-true world, then no matter what the origin of the extinct bug is; Regardless of the ability of the extinct insects, if all the monks knew about the ability of the extinct insects, they would think of some way to get rid of the extinct insects at the first time. Otherwise, if the number of the extinct insects developed more, they would not end up with a good result if the fix-true boundary was destroyed.
It is for such a reason; In the end, many monks in the fix-the-true world were deadlocked on Sunday, and they arrived at the scene to see the monks arrive. On Sunday, it is not frowned, and there is a trace of unhappiness.
If these monks come here before, it is estimated that they will be very welcome on Sunday. After all, it is quite difficult to deal with the extinct insects before Sunday. If it is not for the calmness to summon the willow demon in Hu’s heart and suppress the reproduction speed of those extinct insects, it is estimated that those extinct insects will be out of control at that time.
Now, although those monks came to help Sunday technically; Those monks can also be regarded as reinforcements on Sunday, but when they need reinforcements on Sunday, they don’t come. On Sunday, the eye combined with the willow demon to suppress the extinct insects, but those people jumped out at this time and encountered such a thing; Zhou Tianxin is naturally difficult to have some uncomfortable thoughts. When I saw those monks on Sunday, it was impossible to see where Se’s face went.
If it weren’t for the fact that the extinct insects didn’t want to rock the boat except Sunday, I’m afraid that even if these monks came without malice, they would definitely suffer on Sunday, but now they are too lazy to pay attention to those people. Anyway, they can’t help themselves too much. They don’t have time to pay attention to them on Sunday.
Fortunately; Knowing that the extermination bug is harmful to the monks of all factions, it is natural that those brothers who are not strong in their own sects will not be allowed to come and experience for this reason; Without those friars who are generally youthful and easy to cause conflicts, most of those friars who come over know that Sunday is not easy to mess with, while looking at those extinct insects and thinking about how to deal with them. No one would want to treat Zhou Tianru.
Three conveniences are so peaceful. After a relatively quiet period, the monks may finally be sure that they can get rid of those extinct insects. After a small discussion; It is self-care to move up.
Yes; Although the monks said that they didn’t act until they observed the extinct insects, and there was nothing wrong with the method, because they didn’t discuss the reason on Sunday, the monks’ actions eventually got into trouble carelessly.
The monks’ methods are very simple; Direct spell smashing, no matter whether those extinct insects are creatures of origin, they can’t even eat spells if they can eat them. Direct spell smashing in the past; Those monks don’t believe it. They can’t even clean up those bugs.
There is naturally nothing wrong with this method of attacking the extinct insects by elements. The weakness of the extinct insects is that the elements make spells attack those extinct insects, no matter from which side; There seems to be nothing wrong with it.
Yes; That is to say, without considering other aspects, it is said that there is nothing wrong with what the monks did, but when they attacked the extinct insect, because they didn’t inform Sunday, the attack was inevitable, and at that time, they hurt something that should not have been hurt.
The main reason why these extinct insects can’t get out of the blood shadow teaching station depends on it is that the talent ability of the willow demon in Hu’s heart controls the situation that some extinct insects attack other extinct insects. Those monks directly attack those extinct insects without asking. Such a situation is naturally inevitable and hurts the part of extinct insects controlled by the willow demon in Hu’s heart.
Although the talent ability of the willow demon is very strong; However, in the case that the ability is still strong, it is true that the talent ability of the willow demon is not without weakness, for example; The talent ability of the willow demon also needs the support of mana and energy; It’s impossible to really limit the control strength, which is not as good as one of our own. Otherwise, the willow demon directly controls the world, and all the strength is not as good as others. Even if its strength is weak, it is enough to make him king of the world.
It really doesn’t take much consumption to control the extinct insects, but it is impossible to suppress the extinct insects if it is not because the extinct insects now act on their own and don’t take the initiative to attack those who are controlled by the extinct insects. Since those monks directly used a spell to hit the past, although they just killed some extinct insects controlled by the willow demon in the heart of Hu, the consequences were not as serious as usual
Now Sunday is a little regretful. If I had known that the monks would come like this, even if Zhou Tianxin was unhappy, they estimated that it would be impossible to ignore them. At least some things would still be told to them. If I had told the monks these things before, the monks would not be afraid to act like eyes.
Unfortunately; Now it’s too late to say anything, and Sunday is not happy with those monks; I didn’t think they would suddenly come for such a reason until I found out the monks’ actions; It is too late to stop them again; Finally, on Sunday, I could watch the willow demon control those extinct insects and kill a large area, which eventually caused the extinct insects to break through and the extinct insects rushed out of the area.
Such a result is obviously not expected by the monks. According to the monks, it is estimated that they can easily kill the extinct insects. If several large spells are thrown out, they will not destroy all the extinct insects. At least, it seems to the monks that there will be no problem if they want to reduce the number of extinct insects.
It’s not that those monks didn’t think that they would probably destroy the arrangement before Sunday without asking a question, but they couldn’t pull the face to take the initiative to find Sunday, and they didn’t think that those extinct insects would have that kind of interest and they could destroy those extinct insects by their way. That’s why they didn’t even ask a question on Sunday, so they directly used this means.
It is obvious; Although the monks were full of confidence, they finally came out, but the result was obviously a blow to them, no matter from which side; Things didn’t go as they thought.
Go by magic; Although it is said that many extinct insects have been killed, the number of exterminated insects is far lower than those originally planned by the monks when this situation was discovered; It’s too late for the monks to change their plans again; At that time, those monks didn’t pay attention to those extinct insects because they were self-sustaining and unable to repair themselves. It was as if they didn’t worry about how big the extinct insects could perform even if their plans were not realized.
However, due to the development of things and their progress, the monks’ faces changed for a while, and then they put it aside to block the extinct insects with their ability. Maybe it is just this matter that the monks think that it is very simple for them to stop the extinct insects.
And is that really the case? Obviously, Sunday is not so convinced that when his own side controls those extinct insects, he was killed by those monks. In most cases, Sunday knew it at that time. It is not an easy thing to stop the expansion of those extinct insects.
It’s not that there’s nothing Zhou Tianzhen can do, at least if he does it himself on Sunday; Then let the willow demon overdraw the ability to hopefully stop those extinct insects again; As far as the eye is concerned, it is obvious that Sunday is not going to do this.
There is nothing wrong with stopping those extinct insects on Sunday, but what happens after stopping those extinct insects? The harm of exterminating insects is that he came out well, but it didn’t do anything wrong on Sunday. At least on Sunday, he recognized it this way. If Zhou Tianzhen blocked those exterminating insects, regardless of whether it was worthwhile to do so, he said that those monks would come to luàn a few times like before before they knew the ability of exterminating insects. Even on Sunday, they blocked those exterminating insects again and estimated that they would become eyes in the end.
Institute; On Sunday, after discovering that the monks had done a "good thing", they got angry and left directly. Since the monks wanted to deal with the extinct insects, let them deal with this matter. Now that the monks have discovered it, it is estimated that even the celestial world may be disturbed soon. No matter how hard the extinct insects are, there will be no chance for them to develop and grow. Before things get to the worst, they should still be able to clean up those extinct insects according to the strength of the celestial body.
Since it is not enough to recognize those extinct insects, then Sunday is not going to make a splash, and the sky is falling; For Sunday, who is willing to go to the top can’t reach the last moment; Sunday won’t make a splash.
That’s it; Sunday directly gave up the idea of resisting those extinct insects again, and chose to withdraw when things changed for the first time.
If those monks know the ability to exterminate insects, they should also react with Sunday, but that’s the case; They wouldn’t have done that before, and it was already a sign that they didn’t know the benefits of the extinct insects. In this case, they saw the withdrawal on Sunday; At that time, when Sunday was timid, it was the root, so I didn’t think that Sunday would withdraw my defense against the extinct insect, but it was the root, so I didn’t care.
Finally, some spells were issued at will; Those monks stopped the extinct insects as soon as they were able to do so, but soon; When those extinct insects adapted to their spells and did not produce antibodies; Instead, after eating those monks’ spells, those monks finally panicked at that time
Although I know that staying with the extinct insects will destroy the fix-true realm, I can think like that, but it’s only because the extinct insects have strong reproductive ability and destructive ability to the bad environment. Those monks didn’t think that the extinct insects would have other abilities and have a one-sided understanding of the extinct insects’ ability. Naturally, it is impossible for those monks not to suffer losses when they treat those extinct insects like this.
Eye movement; Although several of the leading monks are Mahayana monks, most of the members are just Yuan Ying’s returning to the virtual state. If things are as they think, then there will be no problem if this force is used to suppress the extinct insects.
But now that there is an accident, the strength of those monks is a little weak, so it’s okay to deal with the general opponents according to their strength. When the extinct insects were killed; I didn’t know each other well enough, and the extinct insect was caught off guard. No, it was a face-to-face monk, and there were many casualties as soon as it was convenient
Can fight on Sunday; No matter how fragile the extinct insect is, its combat power is already enough to pose a threat to some immortals. If you don’t understand the specific information of the extinct insect, it is that the celestial world has come to the immortals for a while, and those extinct insects may also die.
When the monks came, they didn’t expect the extinct insects to be so fierce. When the extinct insects suddenly blocked them, their reaction was slow. I didn’t know enough about the ability to destroy the insects, but I didn’t immediately withdraw when I was in a hurry. How can those monks who are not so powerful not suffer from those extinct insects?
Due to insufficient preparedness; Although the reaction was not slow, nearly 30% of the monks accidentally let the extinct insects climb their bodies when they were fighting. At that time, those monks didn’t care much about doing their own things. He prepared his true qi to shock those extinct insects to death.
Or some physical exercises; Even the roots are not going to pay attention to those extinct insects in their view; Estimate even let those extinct insects attack them and it is impossible to pose any threat to them.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Heaven merit
Chapter two hundred and fifty Heaven merit
The fact that exterminating insects are the most fearful is not their reproductive ability, but the exterminating insects’ swallowing ability, which can turn Xuangong into three turns. Last week, they were afraid of exterminating insects. Now, we no longer take those extinct insects seriously, and the main reason is that we no longer worry about the devouring ability of extinct insects because of the strong body of Sunday.
On Sunday, even if it was a three-turn Xuangong rü body, it was already far more than the strength of most immortals. Even if the general body can’t be immortal, it is impossible to have such a strong rü body. On Sunday, when facing the extinct insects, I didn’t dare to let the extinct insects get close to each other, and finally I was embarrassed by the extinct insects.