In the east of the town, Li Zhuang and three Qinbing were stationed in Zhoujia Village. Li She thought it was time to find a water army talent, otherwise the water thief would never be solved.

Huang Zhong will take care of the safety of the town. If nothing important happens, Niu Ba will come forward.
"I’m sorry to trouble you these days." Li really feels that there are too many things to thank Bian Bing.
"Alas, I don’t think it’s mainly because my sister is presiding over the overall situation." Bian Bing remembered Bian Shi’s hard work and some regrets.
"Bian Niang?"
"Yes, brother-in-law, you didn’t know that the sudden surge of refugees in the town the other day almost caused riots," said Bian Shi, still concerned.
Li She knew what Bian Bing meant. It should be that when the reality was destroyed, players entered the game and had a peak period. Chaos occurred in many places, such as Qin Long Soul Town, which almost fell back to the village stage.
This has no effect on Ding Tao. Ding Tao agreed to Jia Xu’s plan to take iron and blood suppression, and it really worked. There were no players who dared to make trouble again
These are all obtained when Li She talked with Qin Dingtao in Luoyang.
"I didn’t know it was so good when my sister came forward and quietly gave those stubborn jobs except doing all kinds of work." Bian Bing was a little sad. "Sometimes my sister was tired."
"How come I haven’t seen Bian Niang since I came back?" Li she remembered that she had never seen Bian Shi.
"What? Brother-in-law, you haven’t seen my sister since you came back so long. Didn’t you sleep together last night? " Bian Bing said angrily
"Do you know where Bian Niang is?" Li She suddenly wanted to see Bian Shi and let her tell some pain in her arms.
"Maybe it’s where the old people are. Every day at this time, my sister has to accompany them to talk back and make them lonely," Bian Bing said.
"Well, I’ll go first!" Li She ran off to her parents. It turned out that she had not seen Bian Shi, and even her parents had not gone there.
Li She slowly stepped into the house and looked at the busy figure in front of her. Li She couldn’t help but cry and hoarse, "Mom!"
"ah!" Li’s mother raised her wrinkled face and looked at Li with joy. "Here comes the son! Come on! Sit down! "
Li’s mother hurriedly took Li’s seat and shouted, "Old man! The child is coming! "
"The son is coming! Let him stay and eat dumplings! " Li’s father shouted in the back room as if something was wrong.
"Dad in the bread dumplings? How troublesome it is not to find someone to help cook and cook for yourself! " Li She said
"Ha ha you this child really want to talk to your parents to death! You also know that my parents have been working for a generation, and suddenly they are always uncomfortable when they don’t do anything. Besides, when others cook, where can they make their own incense? "said Li’s mother.
"I don’t want you to enjoy your old age?" Li She said
"Come on, if you really want us to live in peace, let’s have a grandson quickly!" Li Mu said
Li she patted her chest and promised that "a fat doll will be born soon if she is more stable tomorrow."
"I don’t know if you’re young enough to be alone?" Mother Li muttered.
"It’s no good for an old man to be so clever. By the way, isn’t Bian Niang here?" Li She found that Bian Shi was not here.
"Oh, eldest daughter-in-law, that girl is ill, and eldest daughter-in-law has gone to take care of her," said Li’s mother. "Why? Just stay with us for a while and want to be a wife. "
"It’s not that I haven’t seen it for a long time …"
"Play these tricks in front of your mother!" Li mother laughed
"Good!" Li she smashed it in Li’s face and ran away happily.
Mother Li shouted at the back, "Remember to come and eat dumplings with your daughter-in-law!"
Chapter 150 Husband and wife meet each other
Li can’t help thinking more about Bian Shi or feeling guilty.
When I was young, I happened to meet Bian Shi, who was budding in love. In an instant, they had a spark and they cheated Bian Shi back.
After their marriage, they almost never had a happy day. Every time Li was involved in something to go out, an accident happened, just like this time it was almost half a year.
What does Li She hate about herself? It’s only now that I think of Bian Shi that I think of the woman who silently pays for herself.
Heart deeply touched stay in front of the door is not pushed the door and went in.
"Mother, you lie down and I’ll get you dinner." Bian Shi suddenly said in the room.
"Well," the bride looks a lot better than last night.
Li She heard Bian Shi’s footsteps approaching the door and immediately flashed to the side. After Bian Shi came out, she gently called "Bian Niang"
Bian Shi is the door hand stopped consternation looked at the li involved as motionless as the anchor technique.
"Bian Niang, I’m back!" Li She held Bian Shi in her arms.
In his man’s arms, Bian Shi’s strong appearance collapsed instantly and he cried in an instant. He took a bite at Li’s shoulder.
Bite hard, Li She hurts, but she doesn’t say a word.
"Does it hurt?" Bian Shi asked lovingly after the bite.
"There is one side!" Li she looked at the pear flower with rain and said with deep affection
Bian Shi also refused to cry and cried, "I killed you and told you not to go home!"
Li was more than I could bear. She took Bian Shi Qiao’s face and kissed it madly for a long time. She didn’t divide it until Bian Shi smothered her chest. Li was divided into tender feelings. "I miss you so much! I miss you day and night! "
"liar! I don’t know who was in bed with Sister Ning yesterday! " Bian Shi said with some complaints.
"I … I’m sorry!" Li She really wants to say that I took Zhang Ning as you, and at the end, I simply said sorry.
"Fool, why did you say sorry to me? Why should you say sorry to that girl?" I didn’t expect Bian Shi to smile instead of being angry at all.
"Mother?" Li has some doubts.
"Yes, it’s all because of you that the mother became the third wife." Bian Shi laughed and saw that Li was playing the fool and fully distracted, but found that Li was not proud of her waist, so she couldn’t hold her clothes and said, "I hate it when you guys are dressed up and covet others, but you don’t admit it. Besides, the mother has a dragon spirit. Can you let her go?"
Bian Shi guessed the person involved in Li, and Li’s mind was clearly seen. Li was embarrassed to hold Bian Shi Qiong’s nose and said, "You goblin are really a worm in my stomach!"
"Hate the somebody else how to become a demon" Bian Shi some shy way.
"Don’t admit that" xianggong "I went out to do business, and there was always your figure in my mind. How could it be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the demon?" Li said.
"Since I am a demon, then Li Lang is a Taoist." Bian Shi suddenly said to Li She with eyes full of affection.
"How do you say?" Li She saw Bian Shi seriously thinking about what affectionate words Bian Shi would say.
"Because Li Lang can drop me!" Bian Shi took the initiative to kiss Li She.
For Bian Shi’s sweet lips, Li She will refuse to open her mouth and inhale Bian Shi uvula into her mouth for an instant.
Lying in the house, the mother always felt that there was some movement outside, but she was too weak to get up and check the uncertainty. She asked, "Is Sister Bian outside?"
Bian Shi was surprised and flustered, and Li Shefen blushed with shame.
Li was reluctant to let Bian Shi go and asked, "I heard that the mother was ill?"
Bian Shi nodded and shouted to the room, "The outhouse is a little messy. I’ll tidy up."
"Oh, Sister Bian, don’t be too tired to cough." Fang Yunniang coughed uncontrollably.