Hai Kui associated Wan Ku Gong with it. It was just that they threw a stone in this calm village, which caused ripples and made the village feel sad again.

Haikui urged the horse to stop and turn around to ask Yu Lin if he wanted to stay in this village, but when he saw the horse’s ass in Yu Lin, Lao Huang was surprised and annoyed.
Lao Huang’s eyes are flat and looking at the front. His eyes are just at the height of Yu Lin’s horse, which means that Lao Huang’s eyes are now on Yu Lin’s ass
But this cargo’s eyes are even more sanctimonious than Haikui’s, and there is no obscenity at all, as if seeing not people and horses but anger.
But Haikui can’t stand it. Although he doesn’t have the determination to occupy Yu Lin, he always misses it so much. How can he stand the blasphemy of others, especially an old guy who looks bigger than his father!
Haikui turned over the horse and slapped Yu Lin’s horse to one side. Yu Lin came from behind and stared at Haikui with a pair of big eyes.
Haikui came to Lao Huang, and Lao Huang has already decided.
"What were you looking at just now?" Haikui asked maliciously
"Look at the road!" Lao Huang didn’t want to answer. Seeing Haikui’s bad eyes, he spit it out lightly. He didn’t feel ill about the young man in front of him.
"Believe it or not, I beat you?" Haikui bared his teeth and said that he had forgotten that Lao Huang was so skilled that he walked like a god.
Lao Huang didn’t bother to put the baggage aside gently. "Come and fight!"
The two of them have a strong smell of gunpowder
Yu Lin is a little puzzling. How do you say that two people’s eyes collide at the spark?
Haikui doesn’t want to hit the old man. After all, hitting the old man doesn’t suit his taste as a three-good young man, but this guy is too shameless and the word "to fight" is what do you want Haikui to do? If you don’t fight, you’ll be afraid.
Anyway, if you want to fight Haikui, you have no idea of respecting the old and loving the young. "Look at it!" Light drink at the same time, punch him from beginning to end. I’m afraid old bones can’t carry it at present!
But the old man didn’t flash or hide, but his head tilted, and his head dodged Haikui’s fist, and his shoulders resisted Haikui’s fist, and his feet didn’t move as easily as Mount Tai.
Haikui felt that he had hit a hard stone, which made Haikui slightly stunned. The old man’s physical strength was terrible!
The old man looked at Haikui and was not annoyed or angry. He picked up the baggage from behind with one hand and smashed it towards Haikui.
Haikui wanted to fight hard, but his right eye jumped for no reason. He quickly jumped to one side and jumped to Haikui’s left eye for money. Although he was not superstitious, he still had intuition.
There was a loud bang, and there was a big pit more than a foot deep where Haikui stood.
Haikui is concerned. It’s cruel to look at this old Huang! This is to punish him to the death. Fortunately, Haikui doesn’t recognize himself as an ordinary person either.
"Old man, are you kidding me?" Haikui kicked the old man as soon as his eyebrows were raised.
But Lao Huang stepped on the thigh side of Haikui faster, a few centimeters away from Haikui’s penis, and Haikui’s body suddenly flew in the air for five or six meters before stopping.
It’s not ugly to fall to the ground with a bang. It’s not that dogs eat shit, but that they fall to the ground on their side. The body skeleton is painful. It’s like a shock. It hurts even more when the thigh is kicked by Lao Huang.
Haikui gritted his teeth and didn’t moan, lying on the ground and staring at Lao Huang.
Yu Lin panicked and trotted to Haikui with a nervous face and asked, "Is Brother Sheng okay?" Sound panic, daughter’s state is full
Lao Huang looked at Lin Yu with a strange expression. "Girl?"
Haikui gritted his teeth and stared at Lao Huang. "You just see that she is a woman now?"
Lao Huang ordered a head and put a huge burden on his back and stopped talking.
Yu Lin gently squatted on the ground and asked softly, "Brother Sheng, let me help you up!"
Haikui felt that he had just gone a little too far. After all, Lao Huang was not staring at Yu Lin’s ass. It seems that he was a little lingering and wanted to shed others.
Haikui helped up in Yu Lin. "I didn’t expect Lao Huang to be so powerful that Ye Mouren gave up. I’ll invite you to drink and eat meat in a big bowl!"
Old Huang grinned.
Haikui led the horse slowly forward. Old Huang seemed to have heavy hands, but it didn’t hurt him at all. It just made Haikui tighten his skin slightly.
Looking at the village ahead, Haikui said, "I don’t think this village looks like a place with a big bowl of meat and wine. Let’s move on and get drunk in a bigger town?"
Lao Huang looked at the village and thought, "Good!"
Yu Lin said, "Brother Sheng still finds a place to have a good rest …"
Haikui waved his hand and "hindered" the pace of walking forward gently, afraid of hurting his muscles. "At this time, I can only be happy if I eat meat and drink alcohol!"
Yu Lin sighed slightly and said nothing.
Haikui slowed down for a while and got better. He turned his head to Lao Huang behind him and said, "If your feet are fast, we will ride a horse!"
Lao Huang didn’t say anything, but agreed by default.
Haikui dawdled to the horse’s back with a long sigh of relief and walked side by side with Lao Huang, followed by Yu Lin.
The three men bypassed the village and walked to the central position, vaguely hearing the sadness and crying inside. Haikui and Yu Lin looked at each other
When Haikui and Lin Yugang arrived at the tea shed, it was just near noon, but it was the hottest time at noon. Haikui sat on horseback and was all hot and sweaty. Looking at that old Huang walking with a huge burden without breaking a sweat, he was really a master!
Bypassing Taoyuan-like village and walking forward, Haikui vaguely saw a huge village when the sun was not in the middle for miles.
The continuous grey tile house in black brick should be a town at least.
"Is it a village or a town in front of Lao Huang?" Haikui side head asked Lao Huang.
Lao Huang looked up and cast a glance at the "town"
What a treasure of words! If you don’t talk, don’t say it. If you have to say it, you can answer one or two words neatly, just like his skill.
Haikui doesn’t think there are any masters? Most of them are deep, like when he was a master himself, he was also awesome and deep. You just don’t understand my loneliness!
Yu Lin looked at the house with fresh features and said, "It seems to be a famous Wumei town!"
"Wumei Town?" Haikui showed another expression that he didn’t know anything. He felt very white because he really didn’t know anything.
Seeing Haikui’s expression, Yu Lin knew that he probably didn’t know this place, so he explained, "Wumei Town is a magical place. It is famous not only for its continuous buildings, but also for other weather and a sour food here. It was reddish like plum blossoms in the morning, but dark at noon, and then returned to normal at noon. Because of the special environment, there is a kind of fruit here that tastes sour and delicious!"
Yu Lin patiently Haikui explained one
Chapter 425th Wumei Town
Haikui licked his chapped lips slightly. "I’m a little thirsty now after hearing that I can quench my thirst by looking at plum blossoms!"
"Looking at plums to quench your thirst?" Yu Lin is thoughtful.
Lao Huang looked up at the big sun. Can you not be thirsty?
Haikui is a little anxious to go to Wumei Town to see if there is such a sour fruit, but it still hurts after being kicked by Lao Huang. I dare not ride too fast and bump my flesh, especially on my thigh.
Three people slowly like wumei town near.
Haikui’s mind has appeared black and purple, and Mume’s mouth is full of saliva.
Lao Huang’s expression is still more desire, maybe it’s more time here, but it’s very calm anyway
Yu Lin is a little yearning expression, and a face of expectation is much better than Haikui’s eager expression.
In their underdeveloped society, people usually don’t go out much, but they are busy with production, so businessmen are very popular and turn goods from south to north for a sum of money.
In the developed society of transportation and logistics, the price of everything has a standard in the industry, and the price can reach a certain level relatively. If your home is too expensive, you will wait for the bench, and no customers will buy your things.
And like Yu bian, their traffic is not too far. Most poor people rely on their own production except for the need to continue. Some businessmen are very rich.
In fact, the people’s cream can also be scraped off like this