Suddenly Jinyang suddenly opened his eyes, and a golden light and a lotus flower flashed from his eyes, but no Buddha light and blood could collide again and ring "pa" and "pa"

Full of blood, the right hand can gently point to the blood jade bottle and immediately fly out of nineteen bloody little people quietly suspended near his right hand with glassy eyes.
After a night’s practice, the souls of David and others have been refined into blood slaves. Seeing the success, the blood slaves Jinyang immediately grinned. Only these highly trained military souls can have such a great anger, and the too much sex City Councillor even failed to qualify as blood slaves to make up for it.
Jinyang also doesn’t know what it is that he can collect dead souls, refine blood slaves and absorb them into his body since he accidentally came back to life ten years ago. It won’t do any harm to know how these blood slaves are in the body.
Fierce mouth nineteen blood slaves were immediately sucked into the mouth, and the body slowly fell from high to low. Two magic weapons were habitually put into the body, and all kinds of light disappeared quietly.
I got up slowly and felt satisfied, and the meditation method made great progress again. I smiled and looked at the cold pole at the top of the chamber of secrets. Xuan Bing had changed from bright green to light green, thinking that it would take half a month to gather enough aura again.
Go back to your room quickly by ladder Jinyang
The Secret Chamber Square is a huge villa. Although it is not particularly luxurious, it is unique in the whole slum.
At the moment, the crescent moon is not over yet, and the sky is slightly bright. Li, the bald head of a luxury restaurant, is sitting at the table, eating a piece of pure Mexican cow beef and cooking a medium-rare steak and a glass of French red wine with at least 70 years of history. A chef looks at him obsequiously beside him?
Bald Li’s face is pale, and the chef behind him is also pale and half eaten. Bald Li said with satisfaction, "Sir, your skills are getting better and better. I think the boss will give you an assessment opportunity soon, and you will become one of us."
When the words come out, the chef smiles more brightly, but his face is full of blood, which is a bit like twitching zombies.
After a while, Jinyang changed his image into a valuable ornament, but he still paid great attention to slowly coming from the building.
When Li Yi, a bald man, saw Jinyang, he immediately looked at his diamond-encrusted Swiss limited platinum watch and said in surprise, "Oh, my God! Chief, you got up before six o’clock. Is today a special day? No, in my memory of more than 300 years, there is no anniversary today. Is there a holiday I don’t know about? "
Jinyang ignored this spectre, who has been dead for more than 300 years, and gently said to the chef, "Mr. Silad, give me a steak and a glass of red wine. I haven’t eaten for a long time. Although it’s important not to eat, I’m still used to stuffing something into my stomach. Life has lost a lot of fun without eating."
Szilard bowed respectfully to Jinyang and said, "Good morning, boss. I haven’t seen you so early for a long time. How would you like your steak?"
Jinyang habitually gave the middle-aged chef, who had been embraced by Hades for the first time, a sunny smile and said, "I still like to eat something cooked well. Although it doesn’t do me any harm, if blood is found in my food, it will affect my mood all day. A famous doctor said that breakfast will affect the whole day. I still have many things to do after work."
From time to time, szilard brought a glass of red wine and smiled. "As you wish, respect the boss. This is 70 years of Hilpo red wine. Please wait a moment less to make you a delicious steak! Of course, you can also take a look at this first. Last night at midnight, I received that you didn’t bother you at the training center. "
Jinyang took a document and looked at the cover and immediately smiled. "Oh? Have an order? It seems that we haven’t received an order for several months. If we go this way, we will soon turn to an ordinary killer. Okay, you go to work first and I’ll have a look. "
Jinyang took the red wine and took a sip of it as a gentleman’s demeanor. At a slight glance, he almost sprayed out the wine he drank. "Oh, my God! Thirty million dollars, but the risk is too high to steal a map from the command center of the Coalition forces in Iraq. "
Chapter 9 Mysterious Order Repair
With a slight frown, Jinyang asked, "How credible is it?"
Bald Li buried himself in his steak mouth and buzzed back, "I’m not sure, but I heard a little gossip and many colleagues also received the same order."
"oh? Li, you look good. Your ghost looks about to materialize. It seems that you are making rapid progress in The Hunger’s Dead Sutra! " Jinyang said while drinking red wine.
Bald Li stuffed the last piece of beef into his mouth, slowly picked up a blood-red imported wool napkin and gently wiped it on his pale lips.
Then I slowly said, "Yes, Chief, the third-level method has been practiced by me, but it is still not very stable. Please tell me the fourth-level method after killing those dirty vampires in a few days. I believe it won’t be long before I can completely materialize."
Jinyang immediately satisfied with a smile and said, "Good. Go further. When your body The Hunger’s corpse gas is stable, it will naturally give you this. Don’t worry."
At this moment, a shrill voice said, "Dear boss, I have finished practicing the first layer, and I need to learn more. You see, it’s so interesting that my skin has withered long ago and I can feel that the magic of my body has become more pure."
After the black smoke was entangled, a skinny young man appeared at the table. Just after the disgusting sound came out of his mouth and stabilized himself, the young man immediately picked up a bottle of red wine and gently poured it in.
"Mr. Kilo, you are finally willing to walk out of that dirty laboratory. Don’t worry, after you have developed those weapons, you will soon get them, but if you don’t get results, you won’t be able to get them."
Jinyang smiled and said that Jinyang was quite generous to this hero who might help him through this difficult time. He gave him his trademark smile and also said his doubts in his heart.
"Don’t worry, dear boss. Oh, damn it, boss, are you doubting my magic level? You make me so sad. You can insult me, Kilo, but you must never insult my undead magic career. You are insulting my personality, you know? You are naked to a noble necromancer, which is more insulting than noble personality. I want to fight you! " Kilo yelled at Jinyang with a face of anger.
Just before Jinyang’s face was blank and didn’t react, Kilo once again changed his facial expression and grinned extremely obscene. "Of course, noble necromancer, I won’t do stupid things like barbarians to make up for the trauma suffered by my young mind. The boss will give me another million! Sure, I want dollars! Don’t fool me with those monkeys making Japanese yen like that again. Damn Dong Winners can’t do anything but women. "
Suddenly, a lotus flower flashed in Jinyang’s eyes, and a cold breath was shot in the past. Jinyang tried to attack The Hunger’s corpse in the past.
"Bang!" Kilo’s mouth exploded into pieces. Just as the pieces attacked Kilo, a cloud of black smoke came out of Kilo’s mouth to wrap the pieces.
"Boss wave is shameful! Hey hey "Kilo satisfiedly smiled after the black fog disappeared, but suddenly the smile stopped and turned into a painful struggle.
A huge black hand of Mao Rongrong picked him up from the back of his neck and said loudly, "Boss, is this skeleton making you angry again? If so, I don’t mind taking him as my morning exercise object."
A ghostly white figure flashed without sitting in one of the positions and said slowly, "To tell the truth, I don’t really mind China Kung Fu beating an undead mage."
A straight doctor’s robe with diamond-rimmed eyes Hades casually said to szilard, a chef not far away, "Don’t let go of a glass of fresh virgin blood at night. Is it the freshest and whitest?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
The chef respectfully gave Hades a family gift. Although szilard was not much younger than Hades, Hades gave him the first stab. He was still a child in front of Hades.
Szilard was puzzled and asked Jinyang, "The boss doesn’t know if the beautiful Miss freya will get up so early to keep fresh. She wants the African golden mouse not to be slaughtered. If she gets up early, I’ll be remiss if I’m not ready!"
"Don’t worry! It’s already late winter, and it’s too cold. Even if the Vatican or the blood clan appears, it’s impossible for her to wake up from sleep. You can rest assured to do it, "Jinyang said slowly while tasting fresh steak.
After drinking a mouthful of tea, Jinyang wondered, "Is it strange that The Hunger’s old ghosts and monsters specialize in creating these monsters and monsters? It seems that all the guys’ methods are progressing rapidly, and I haven’t even touched the first floor except The Hunger’s corpse!"
After eating the last piece of beef, it was a gentleman who wiped his lips. Jinyang slowly said, "szilard, don’t rush to answer this order, just watch the dynamics of other colleagues."
Then he said, "Let’s put the order aside and get rid of those damn vampires. Besides, Li is going to prepare a check for 100 thousand dollars. Today I need to visit a priest in themis. I have never visited our old friend who has been helping us in person for so long. It’s rude of a gentleman!"
Wanted to think Jinyang evil smile eyes flashing with cunning light.
Hades several people immediately gave Jinyang a gesture of contempt, because everyone knew that when he had this evil look, it meant that he was going to plot again.
Chapter 1 Repair of Ruisi Church
Chaoyang Wyndell Dichinson
In an ordinary slender car, Jinyang sat in the back seat, dressed in a dark purple and gold suit with a hint of maturity. The suit was covered with an ancient windbreaker embroidered with classical embroidery patterns at the corner without losing its classical elegance. Recently, it has become the most popular in the circle of successful businessmen. This kind of classical furniture decoration.
Holding an unpretentious handmade cane in one hand, it was an accident to get a thousand-year-old antique Jinyang, which unexpectedly found that it contained a trace of aura, which should be a magic weapon that was damaged.
It’s a pity that Jinyang simply takes its essence and makes it into a walking stick. Carving it into some simple gathering arrays and attack arrays can produce some low-level magical effects, which are similar to some simple magic in the West, attracting people’s eyes and ears when they have to.
On the other hand, he wears an odd bronze bracelet composed of blades connected. On the one hand, it is the most powerful magic weapon for Jinyang’s attack at present.
If you look closely, you will find that each bronze leaf is different. Bronze has made several spells for a moment. In fact, this bracelet is not big if it is used to deal with monks in China.
However, if you add huge poison to deal with foreign powers in the sneak attack situation, it will definitely have unexpected effects.
Pick up a piece just sent by szilard. The New York Times was very interested and flipped through it, so he saw the expected one.
"Yesterday at midnight, a natural gas pipeline in our city exploded, but fortunately, it didn’t damage the surrounding building walls with a little damage, so the municipal government woke up all the citizens to prevent the explosion of natural gas facilities from happening again, endangering others and their own lives …"
Jinyang slammed the whole newspaper into a ball and threw it into the garbage can not far away. It was very disdainful to grin. "What a fucking hypocritical natural gas explosion?" According to the layout of natural gas network in new york, will a real explosion blacken the nearby walls? These politicians are really fucking hypocritical. "
"But without them, the executioners of the Vatican would have been involved in the investigation, and we might be preparing to pack up and run away. Because of these lovely people, we can put sniper bullets into the heads of these old Americans again and again for a lot of dollars."
Li, the bald man who was driving a car, also smiled. "Boss, themis, the greedy guy, has given us a lot of help in building five offshore oil wells, but I send him 100 thousand dollars on time every month. What do you want to see this greedy little low-level priest in person?"
Jinyang carefully studied the bank check with Arabic numerals one and six neatly written on it. Suddenly, he heard bald Li’s words and raised his head slightly with an evil smile and gently put the check into his pocket inlaid with ancient patterns.
Jinyang slightly mocking smile way "lee move your brain themis how that guy is worth me to see him in person? But there are only a few priests in his Brooklyn chapel who still have a little position in this chapel. His position just helps us to introduce the priest Mr. Dees, who is really in charge of the chapel. "
Bald Li seems to understand something, smiled meaningfully and continued to concentrate on getting up. From time to time, the car slowly pulled over.
"Chief, turn left 500 meters ahead and you will find the Ruisi Chapel in Brooklyn. I will keep approaching, or the church body will immediately notice that I am full of bloody magic. Although my ghost body has solidified a lot, I want to get in touch with the holy light before reaching the realm of the ghost king."
Looking at the car slowly, Jinyang Baldheaded Li muttered, "It’s really strange. What’s the same practice of The Hunger’s Dead Sutra? You are not afraid of the holy light? I can’t stand this ghost at all. If you hadn’t given me the jade symbol, I’m afraid I would have been evaporated thousands of meters away. Hum, sooner or later, I will blow all the churches to pieces. "
Bald Li coldly looked at the church spire higher than other buildings, and once again looked at himself. I remembered that I was almost beaten to death, and suddenly my teeth became gnashed. The whole face became ferocious and horrible, and blood streaks immediately covered my face.
Jinyang immediately smiled and looked around, but no one saw the cold light in his eyes. Li Tianling hurriedly lost the Taoist real yuan in the body and shouted, "Bastard, put away your ugly face. Do you want to scare the citizens of the street to death? Or do you want to attract the judges? "
Bald Li suddenly felt that his ghost was shaking violently, and a strange energy different from the dark energy of his body was suddenly instilled from the sky like a clear spring, and a tingle suddenly woke up. The blood on his face suddenly disappeared and he was grateful. He looked at Jinyang with fear and said, "I’m sorry, boss, I lost control."
Jinyang smiled and put his hand on the bald Li’s shoulder and said firmly, "There is no need to be sorry for ten years of friendship and ten years of life and death. Do we still need these hypocritical things?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Boss, I …"