Taotao said, "Is it possible that the person who planned this is among them?"

Luo Hou "do you think it is reasonable? Some of them know that there is evil, but they personally send themselves to die? "
"Maybe he wasn’t human then?" Taotao said thoughtfully, "Before these students entered the anatomy building, one of them was possessed by evil spirits, and then they came out to find new targets and brought them in for their companions to enjoy."
"If that’s the case, how did the evil spirit get around the building and eat the ghost vine and come out and attach it to him?"
Taotao said, "There is a kind of phantom flower that can temporarily create a barrier in the evil body to protect it from external harm."
Luo Hou: "I don’t know what kind of flower I know has been suppressed for twenty years. Is it really possible that this kind of flower will come out long ago and have to wait so long?"
"What if the flowers are sent in from the outside?" Taotao said, "Someone entered the anatomy building with phantom flowers and was possessed by evil spirits, and then he was protected out of the anatomy building with phantom flowers. When I met him, it was the second time he went in. At that time, he had become evil spirits, and he was taking students to his companions."
Luo Hou wrung his eyebrows. "It doesn’t make sense. If according to you, why did he go in when he was a human for the first time?"
Taotao asked, "I still can’t think of any way to verify my guess?"
"Yes, there is, but you need a living body near the autopsy building that can read memories. Flowers and plants are not good, and your intelligence is too weak."
"Security can? I knocked him out and brought him here. "
"Of course not! What are you talking about? Can people knock at will! " Luo Hou growled, "Besides, if someone enters the building, he must avoid the security guard. He doesn’t even have that memory to read."
"So …" Taotao asked, "Can cats? There are black cats always moving around the anatomy building. "
Taotao said, "Then calculate where it is and send someone to catch me. I have a little problem with it. It may not come out when it sees me."
Luo Hou "Give me the words of birthday"
Taotao thought for a moment, "At six o’clock in June, Renwu year, it was three minutes."
Luo Hou shouted, "wealthy family, are you out of your mind?" I’m looking for a cat, of course, for the word cat’s birthday! Why do you miss yourself? "
Taotao "… you’re kidding. How could I possibly know that!"
"That’s no way out," Luo Hou said indifferently. "I can trouble you to catch it yourself."
Taotao wants to communicate with Luo Hou, and in the end, it must be a roaring game.
She went back to her room and planned to rest for a while before going out late, because it was easier to catch cats and stay up late at night, and she was worried that being possessed by students would bring danger to Xue Rong. Of course, the most important reason was that she didn’t sleep well last night and now she is sleepy.
She was lying in bed thinking about things. Nymphs sat on the windowsill and watched "Tokyo." Richness flapped her wings and pecked at her backpack belt in the corner.
-each has his own things to do and does not disturb each other.
Taotao was sleepy when she was thinking about it. She shouted, "Nymphs, keep your voice down. Don’t dig my bag again. If you dare to peck it, I will pull out your feathers."
Nymphs sound rich but don’t die, still working there.
Taotao has to get up and put away the bag, holding the bag with wealth and pulling one out of it.
Taotao picked it up and found that she had picked up the diary in the autopsy building. She put it in her bag and went to the foot washing city, so there were too many things to do and she forgot it.
She threw riches and honour to nymphs shoulder leaning on the bed.
Halfway through the diary, she went on reading.
[April 9 fine.
Today, my tutor called me to my office and asked me what happened to Yan Tao. He said that he was distracted in class recently and did a terrible job on his midterm paper. Even my tutor found that he was wrong, but I don’t know Yan Tao’s condition. I can say that something happened at home and he was in a bad mood. My tutor told me to be more concerned about him. I plan to go to study with him.
[Cloudy on April 3rd.
I came to study with Yan Tao today. He said that he and Lou Feng were preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, but I turned over his face while he was in the toilet. Obviously, he was lying to me. When I repeatedly asked him and confessed to me that he had some troubles recently, he wanted to be alone for a while.
【 May 15th fine.
After being alone for half a month, Yan Tao finally sorted out his emotions. He asked me to go for a walk in the park one day.
[Cloudy on May 16th.
I am very happy to see normal Yan Tao. Although I walked in the park, I feel that the haze has been swept away before, but he doesn’t want to tell my housemate that I have a big heart. Maybe, I choose to believe that he didn’t cheat. Love is to trust each other, right? 】
【 moderate rain on may 17th.
Today, I met Yan Tao eating alone in the canteen, and he was eating ribs. How is that possible? He is a Hui …]
[May 3 sunny.
No, Yan Tao is still wrong. He may not have cheated, but he has become unlike him-he never eats green peppers and pork before eating, and he will never touch a carbonated drink before drinking. Isn’t it ridiculous to dare not use a knife to say that the body will hurt during anatomy class? I asked him to post a letter to the post office for me, and he even asked me where the post office was. He worked as a part-time worker at the post office last year. Is this a joke? No, I must ask him what the hell is going on]