"What’s the matter now?" Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully.

"Is it my turn to play the rules in this second game?" Xing Hai said
He is very good at abacus. Since Qin Shaojie said the rules in the first game, he will come to the second game, so he can choose less and be good at competition.
"Yes, then you say it." Qin Shaojie agreed to come without thinking.
"hmm? You agreed? " Qin Shaojie promised to have a good time, but he was puzzled.
Would it be cheating to agree to come so soon?
I have to say that Xinghai has been a little unsure by Qin Shaojie, and I regret what I promised him this outrageous bet.
"You say you are hard of hearing and go back to provide for the aged," Qin Shaojie said.
"Well, in that case, I’ll say it." After thinking about it, Xinghai felt that this round was up to him, so he would not hesitate if he won the most.
"Since it is very important to be the leader, we will continue to be better than our brains, but let’s compete against the broken array," said Xing Hai.
"No problem" Qin Shaojie happy should come, but the in the mind have already communicated with ghost.
"You don’t know anything about this law, you shouldn’t let him say it," said Ghost grumpily.
"Let him choose, you can teach me a law to deal with it casually. It’s a big deal to take off the half sleeve. There’s a vest inside," Qin Shaojie said
"Shit," I couldn’t help cursing, "Why are you wearing three layers inside and three layers outside?"
"Accustomed to hey hey" Qin Shaojie smiled and said "Stop talking nonsense and teach me a law"
"Okay, then I’ll teach you a door, Jin Suozhen."
"Qin also quick disposal? Do you want to admit defeat? " Xinghai to staring blankly Qin Shaojie shouted.
"Death warrant," Qin Shaojie said. "Watch this."
Say that finish Qin Shaojie fast cloth ghost taught him Jin Suozhen.
Jin Suozhen is a daoist magic for making astrology more convenient, and Zhuge Liang compiled and drew a complete array according to daoist magic’s method.
Speaking of this array, ordinary people don’t understand it, but Xing Haishen’s practitioners know these arrays well.
Seeing this law, Xing Haixiao smiled. This law is easy for him.
If you enter through the gate of Shengmen Jingmen, you will be lucky if you enter through the door of injury, and you will be injured if you enter through the door of Dumen, and you will die. Although Qin Shaojie’s door is neatly arranged, it will be chaotic if you enter through the gate of Shengmen in the southeast corner and exit from the gate of Zhengxi Jingmen.
In addition to a superb Tai Chi, Xing Hai is the most proficient in this law. Although this law is also the strength of Shushan, Xing Hai has studied Tai Chi since he practiced, that is, all kinds of laws and methods to break the array. After he saw Qin Shaojie’s Jin Suozhen, his smile became even stronger.
He is sure to win.
Sure enough, it took Xing Hai less than two minutes to break the Jin Suozhen of Qin Shaojie.
"Master Qin door Lord seems to be losing. He doesn’t seem to understand the law. The door Jin Suozhen is indeed flawed." Qing Lu said to Ling Yue after watching Xing Hai’s broken array.
"Look good don’t have to say much" spirit month light said.
It’s not clear that Qin Shaojie doesn’t understand the law, and other sects also see that these people have been in the spiritual world for too many years than Qin Shaojie. Although not everyone is proficient in the law, how can they understand something?
Shen Yuanfang also saw that Qin Shaojie didn’t understand law and sighed slightly.
I hope he can come up with another trick.
This first game is even. If we lose the second game, the situation will be bad for him.
"Well, I lost," Qin Shaojie said, and took off his half sleeve to reveal the small vest inside.
"You disposal" Qin Shaojie light said.
"Why? Isn’t Master Qin going to give up? " Xinghai said with a proud face, "I can see that the Lord of Qin door doesn’t seem to be very proficient in law."
With that, Xing Hai has already laid a law to Qin Shaojie and said, "Qin door Lord please."
Can pick up a scene to make everyone stunned.
See Qin Shaojie moved there is out of the palm of your hand a golden light played out from the palm of your hand and went straight to XingHaibu law.
"Bang" everyone felt that the ground trembled with this loud noise.
Then people were surprised to find that Xing Haibu’s law was directly smashed by Qin Shaojie’s palm.
"This ….. how is that possible?" Xinghai looked at Qin Shaojie in disbelief and said.
Chapter 391 Qin champions
In a word, Li Ning said that anything is possible.
In front of the group of people who have studied the law, they are still wondering how to break this law like Xing Hai, but Qin Shaojie was blown to pieces with a palm.
Is this a foul?
Little Qin Shaojie thinks it doesn’t count. After all, it doesn’t stipulate how to break the array.
Qin Shaojie, Jin Suozhen, Xing Haike went to find an eye to break, but for people like Qin Shaojie who don’t know the law, violence is the solution.
He is taller than Xinghai, and naturally he won’t go to spend time looking for a way to crack it.
However, this is also aimed at him. If someone else’s opponent is higher than you, breaking the array by force and violence will definitely be attacked by the array and hurt.
"You … you this is not" XingHai angrily shouted to Qin Shaojie.