"Yes," all the monks in Luo Tian bowed to the token and immediately surrounded Wang Gan with murder.

These monks are all practicing seven-story monks, totaling thirteen people, but Wang Gan is afraid that it is not them, but the man who sits firmly in the middle of the hall and holds the elder token.
This person suddenly reached the realm of practicing gas.
"The sacrifice of life is really a fire to directly refine him!" Thirteen monks in Luo Tian released their lives in unison, and the flames approached Wang Gan. The high temperature twisted the light into an irregular shape, which was shocking.
"Just the highest level of fire in the district dares to show off all the officials in front of me!" Wang Gan emitted thick white yang fire in vitro, and saw his sleeve robe with a wave of his hand that the true fire of life rolled back and returned to the Lord.
The thirteen monks in Luo Tian were immediately trapped by their own true fire and panicked.
"How is it possible! You actually have the highest heaven and the highest sun? " The monk in the practice layer suddenly lost his manners. Obviously, he didn’t expect this situation either.
Take this opportunity, Wang Gan’s painful hand punched his head and blinked, and all the 13 Luo Tian monks were struck down, and the place where the body penetrated the hall was a mess.
"Hum, a group of people have nothing. It seems that I still have to do it myself!" The monk in the practice layer set up a light-dodging palm and took it.
This palm has a force of one million catties, but Wang Gan doesn’t sneer at it. He also pats a palm and two palms and hits a Wang Gan. Instead, the monk in the practice layer turned white and retreated dozens of steps.
"How is that possible? I am a higher level than you, but what strength is not as good as you! "
The yoshimitsu in the monk’s eyes in the practice layer pinched a tactic and suddenly a little light lit up on his forehead.
Wang Gan’s eyes fell on this light and suddenly he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and his body was out of control, as if something had invaded his spirit and tried to control his body.
"Not good! The Godsworn Yuan Shen in the practice layer has been baptized by the true qi, and his spiritual knowledge has risen to the realm of true knowledge. If the pure true knowledge invades the layer, the Godsworn can resist being controlled into a puppet. This is purely a realm gap, and even B-brother can’t resist it. The situation is not worrying at this time.
"Hum strength although not small but your boundary gap is so easy to surpass? I’ll let you know now what it takes to be a monk! " The monk tugged at the corners of his mouth and revealed a new smile.
Sincerely seek reward
[ w w w ]
Chapter 54 Killing the Quartet with childish love (7)
When the friar in the practice layer pressed the palm of his hand, Wang Gan felt that his blood was pressed from his head, and suddenly his head was dizzy and his eyes were shining
After reaching the practice level, spiritual knowledge will be transformed into true knowledge, not only to observe the surroundings as a’ mind’, but also to invade other people’s spiritual orifices to obtain information or control the body and even organs.
Spiritual knowledge, true knowledge, immortal knowledge, and divine knowledge all refer to the spiritual Taoist classics, which once said that Taoist priests have three treasures of spirit. Here, god refers to spiritual essence, and yuan essence refers to vitality.
Now this monk’s true knowledge has invaded Wang Ganling’s mind, and it is easy to imprison his Yuan God. Then he controls the blood flow in his head and pumps it out of his brain, trying to turn Wang Gan into an idiot alive.
But at this time, Wang Gan’s eyebrows suddenly went out of the situation, and he saw pure black lines like tree roots slowly extending out of it, and it was very scary to wander on the surface of his skin. At the same time, these lines also released a lot of pure magic gas to wrap Wang Gan layer by layer like a semi-transparent black coat, which cut off the monk’s true knowledge.
"Bad this is a magic grain! This person has been possessed. Once the grain spreads, it will be completely demonized. The strength of cultivation will increase dozens of times, even I can resist it! " Feel the sharp increase in Wang Gan’s momentum. The monk’s face suddenly looks ugly.
"It’s extremely rare that the possessed monk can eventually become a magic practice, but once he succeeds, he will produce pure Yang magic fire, which will be able to restrain me from waiting for the right monk’s life. Only by refining the fire of the highest day can he compete with it!"
For the monks in the practice period, the strength of the real fire will have a great influence on their combat power if Wang Gan is in the same realm, and he will not dare to attack the mission of being able to transport the true fire, otherwise the true knowledge will be affected by the creation of the Yuan God, which will have a resistance impact on the ascension.
It’s a pity that they didn’t know that although Wang Gan was inspired by the disaster, he had to be pointed out by the master. By chance, he would drop refining, so his demonization seems to be slightly different from those magic repairs …
Wang Gan was a little surprised by the appearance of the magic tattoo, but soon he felt that his momentum was rising, as if he had suddenly broken through a realm, which seemed to be dozens of times stronger than before, but this was not a real breakthrough, otherwise his soul would undergo transformation and transform his spiritual knowledge into true knowledge.
"Wang Gan’s demonization can really make your strength rise a lot, but it is also fatal. If you are covered by a magic tattoo, you will soon become an irrational person who knows how to kill crazily. Then you will no longer be you, and you don’t even know who you are." At this time, Futian suddenly issued a warning.
"Magic repair? This name sounds pretty good, too. "Wang Gan closed his eyes as if enjoying something and muttered something." Ah, this kind of pleasure is really more comfortable than the feeling of devouring the beast Dan Sheng! "
"You should learn to control * * or you will be possessed!" Fu tianyin sank and scolded, but Wang Gan was indifferent and immersed in unprecedented pleasure
The more indulgent, the faster the magic lines extend, and in such a short time, the magic lines have spread to the neck.
"Kill the devil!" The monk in the practice layer killed him with a sullen battle sword, and he violently waved a sword. The true spirit was poured into it like no money, and he saw a huge firm but gentle shadow flying straight away like a crescent moon, and even gave a tearing breath.
Wang Gan gave me a sarcastic expression, reached out and saw the magic gas diffuse, and formed a huge claw to put out this huge firm but gentle hand.
Rise and tide wait for no man, he raised a magic gas and poured it into his arm and got together crazily, which quickly formed a giant’s arm and clapped it with Wang Gan.
This palm has stirred up the aura of heaven and earth, forming a huge turbulent airflow. Everyone seems to be in a storm and the whole body is in disorder.
"You fix a layer lower than me after all, even if it is demonized? You can’t hurt me! " The monk in the practice layer compressed layers of gas barriers in front of him, and in a short time he created layers of gas barriers. His eyes showed madness and he wanted Wang Gan to recklessly remember.
It’s not that he’s stupid, but his self-esteem. If a young student doesn’t dare to take it in front of him, he will leave a psychological shadow for life, and he is likely to stop from now on.
The huge hands slowly fell and listened to the crisp rupture, and the gas barrier was constantly broken. Seeing this palm, the friar gave a unwilling roar, but was soon covered up and severely pressed by the huge palm.
After the collapse of the giant palm of the whole hall, it was a mess. Finally, a huge palm print was left on the ground of the giant palm hall, which set off a dust.
The monk struggled to get up from the palm print and vomited blood several times, but his eyes gradually dimmed, and finally he was covered with faint black fire screams and turned to ashes.
"Bad predecessors were killed? He is the younger brother of the practice class. How is that possible? " Fortunately, my brother escaped from the hall and saw this scene and suddenly lost his color and his teeth rattled with fear.
Wang Gan looked coldly and took a glance from it, trembling with fear in his eyes. His brother went to the pile of ashes and dug up two tokens.