After a long silence, the surrounding area of coliseumalfonso perez also became lively.

The parking lot is full of cars from all over the world. Most of them are fans’ families who drive to watch the game.
Of course, some people choose to walk.
The apartment building where Changsheng lives is almost in full swing.
They are both Hertha fans and winning fans.
Enrique Gonzalez and his compatriots also came to the stadium with slogans supporting constant victory.
The grandstand, which can accommodate 10,000 people, is quickly fil.
Everyone is waiting for the game with a bright future.
At this time, Changsheng is mobilizing his players for the final battle in the locker room.
"Guys, we’ve been preparing for the first game of the new season for a whole summer. Remember what I said after my relegation? I’m afraid some of you have forgotten everything. I’ll say it again now. Our goal this season is not relegation, not middle ranking, but promotion! "
The players who joined the new team were all surprised to hear Chang Sheng say this.
Who didn’t expect this season to be relegated? The goal of the team is so ambitious that it will be upgraded in the next season.
"We bought reinforcements to enhance the team’s strength and conducted a lot of hard training, but before the season, I still saw a lot of media comments on us. They thought that we could finally avoid relegation, even if it was a success. This is ridiculous! If I ask you to let you go back to the season, will you do it? "
"Who the fuck wants to!"
The players have replied that morale is high.
Constant victory nodded "yes! Nobody fucking does it! That’s enough once a day! After experiencing relegation, let’s experience the upgrade. I don’t believe that you will not like to play in the top leagues. I don’t believe that you will want to play in the Bernabeu and Camp Nou. Do you want to? "
"think!" Everyone shouted in unison.
"Then go crazy with me!"
Ever-victorious will hold high his arm and swing it suddenly.
Although Chang Sheng said that he was particularly enthusiastic, this does not mean that Hertha tactics are also passionate attacks.
The team put on a defensive counter-attack posture from the moment the game was always won.
Although it is at their own home, they are no exception.
The rear is heavily stocked, and the three defensive waists are like a closed iron gate in front of the defense line, cutting everything that tries to break into pieces.
As soon as I saw this starting array media seat, many reporters couldn’t help but vomit "Oh, my God! Give me a break! This is another tactic! "
"That China obviously has no move. What else will he do except defend against three midfielders?"
Although Changsheng doesn’t allow these people to attend the press conference, he still can’t stop the game report.
Because it’s not his business, it’s not his call.
Only the media can appear in the media gallery and spit and despise the ever-victorious Hertha.
"This is really ugly to the extreme!"
"Is the offensive formation 433 but let him put three defensive midfielder! From this arrangement, I can clearly see how serious this person’s psychological distortion is … "
"In fact, I’m glad to see that he hasn’t changed much, because his tactics have been thoroughly studied through the last ten games of the season. I didn’t expect that he still hasn’t changed … gee! So I said that this man has no real talent, and the reason why he can succeed in the season is that he is a newcomer to everyone, and his opponent doesn’t know him. Once he knows him, he has no secrets, so there is a way to wait for him to fail! "
Reporters have a low opinion of Chang Sheng, but Crespo, the commentator in charge of explaining the game, doesn’t think so.
Through winning ten games in the season, this commentator has been recruited.
Now he is very optimistic about winning.
Because Chang Sheng is young enough and has character enough, he thinks that football is a group of old men, which is really depressing. It may make Spanish football more interesting to have such an energetic young man emerge …
Why? Every coach has the freedom to arrange his troops.
The formation is just a shell. What matters is not the shell but the inside.
Journalists fantasize that winning tactics have been thoroughly studied and are being beaten like dogs by other teams.
But the truth is always cruel
Although Cordoba played against Hertha, the ever-victorious player, it didn’t make them know their opponents correctly.
The opponent in Hertha’s previous relegation match last season was Cordoba.
The constant victory in that game showed Cordoba that he is tough.
This should be a valuable experience for Cordoba to help them in this game.
But Cordoba misunderstood this point from beginning to end.
They were tough Hertha this season because they had to avoid relegation.
After the new season, without relegation, Yuheta will definitely not be able to insist on such a tenacious defense in a hurry.
Có rdoba lost to Hertha at home last season, which was also because they had no desire and had to avoid relegation to Hertha.