"Whatever you want" Wu Hao said. You can’t compete with a woman if you compete with anyone. Anyway, you will lose if you win

"Haha, you’re so cute, but you’re here." The clouds are also unpredictable. How did this ya get to the commentary seat?
"Haha, well, I have nothing to do now. Keke is a commentator."
"Holy shit, holy shit, you explained it. You mean you’re going to explain the lspl League."
Wu Hao nodded his head; "Well, it seems so."
Liu Feng found himself teasing again, not only offending his future teammates, but also knowing them according to the situation. After that, there was still a chance for competition, and Liu Feng was drunk.
"Ha Tong is a commentator. Nice to meet you."
"Well, it’s nice to meet you." Brother Donkey’s tone is plain and obvious. When facing Liu Feng, Wu Haoxian didn’t have that enthusiasm for the clouds. Maybe it was because Liu Feng was hostile when he came in.
And the donkey brother naturally sat in the middle seat, so that Liu Feng was one leng. This position is Sinuo’s sitting. Just because Liu Feng was embarrassed with the clouds, he vacated the middle position. At this moment, the donkey brother sat and immediately separated Liu Feng from the clouds.
This makes Liu Feng a little anxious, but it’s hard to say anything. Brother Donkey naturally communicates with the clouds. "The first game of the game seems to be Zhang Hao’s sk team and S S S confrontation."
"Yes, I don’t know if Zhang Hao can play."
At the moment, Liu Feng looked at the clouds and chatted with this new inexplicable explanation. Suddenly, he felt a cold heart and life was really unfair.
Chapter 335 Thresh the Chain Warden attack!
Sk still had no idea that what they could see was the opponent S S S in front of a huge audience when the commentary seat changed.
Three Koreans gabbled and looked at sk people from time to time, which made them angry, but they didn’t deliberately provoke them.
The array has decided whether to help choose a team with higher sex price in Chenyi, and after many drills and adaptation, there is no problem. The key is to play on the spot.
The two sides sat down to debug the machine, and soon the Ministry was ready to finish the battle.
The third round of lpsl League of Legends League A showed that the blue Z combination was stronger than that of sk at that time, but Dao Mei played wild and actually chose Doomsday Dirk. It seems that S S S is an enlarged move. "
"Yu Zhongdan chose Syndra, a violent hero, and I believe it will be a wonderful battle."
It’s a pity that Liu Feng entered the ice after speaking. Brother Donkey and Yun didn’t answer his words, which made him very embarrassed.
But at the moment, when Chen Yi looked at it, the five sk people sighed slightly. This week’s schedule was suspected to be dark and could not penetrate a trace of light.
Whether it’s S S or Royal A, it’s the first-class team. When they meet them, the winning rate is slim, even against gv, it’s not a big win.
Chen Yi murmured, "I don’t know if this dark week will affect the performance of these guys."
The game is finally over. In view of the fact that the other side is the ez Bloom combination cannon, it is very difficult to do anything. After a short discussion, sk agreed to change the line.
That is to say, let crocodiles resist pressure to ensure the development of small guns while suppressing the development of Dao Mei.
An undeveloped crocodile is always better than an undeveloped Dao Mei.
Bureau Zhang Hao quickly learned the eye position of R, S and Red buff, that is, to check the ad position opposite buff at the end of the day. "Brother Donkey made this situation analysis, but his analysis was consistent with sk’s thoughts.
It’s time for sk to put his eyes in the purple square red buff to detect the doomsday trend, and where their ad and auxiliary will appear.
Chapter 336 Hammer Stone takes you to fly
At that time, sk crouched in the grass of Fanghe River, but they didn’t wait for people to go back in time, and they found that S, S, assisted Bloom had already inserted guards at the entrance of Fanghe River f4.
Yes, it was so fast that sk didn’t even notice it, which means that their movements have long been mastered by S S.
But the good news is that sk is not stupid. At the same time, they also put guards at the entrance of f4, and at the same time, the triangle grass sent Yasuo to defend it, so it can be considered as blocking the road junction from being invaded by others. I don’t know yet.
And Yasuo found the enemy’s movements in the process of chatting and stalking.
"Coming" Gao Chengfeng quickly reported that the enemy’s situation was a massive invasion by S S. It seems that he had an idea about the blue square red buff
In this way, Gao Chengfeng quickly retreated to give up the red buff, but sk breathed a sigh of relief because of the limitation of square vision. After all, even if the blue square red buff was taken by doomsday, it was just a game of changing buffs.
It’s a bit of a loss if the switch line is found.
"It seems that the two sides are going to change the buff, but it depends on the situation. sk is ready to change the line. Sure enough, it is still a little difficult for the cannon to play ez."
Brother Donkey expresses his opinion, but he is very protective of the Zhang Hao team and there will be no black spots.
It’s really a blessing for sk to have such an explanation. God knows how Brother Donkey got the qualification of lspl explanation.
It turns out that the two sides are just a buffing game, and ez and Bloom just went to the road, which made it possible for Xiao Bao and Hammer Stone to walk steadily and develop conditions.
But it’s also the price of sacrificing crocodiles. Erhong is very hard, but it’s okay to make a little sacrifice for the team
At the same time, Cai Liangyan also steadily supplemented the troops and hard-controlled the line. After all, Dao Mei’s good tower knife is far behind.
So Cai Liangyan is very steady to make up the knife, which makes Dao Mei discouraged. For Batman, it is only within sight.
This involves the skill of line changing. The real purpose of line changing is to ensure the development of one’s own ad and suppress the development of the opposite face.
There are two common line changes. One is that the opposite single hero is too strong, and his own ad and assistance limit his development. He actively changes the line, and then through suppression, the local hero method can quickly reach the strong period to control the rhythm of the game.
Another way to change the line is that the road’s own ad is too weak and needs a stable development environment, and it will also choose to change the line.
Generally speaking, Xiao Bao and vn are in great need of changing lines. After all, they are too weak in the early stage. If they don’t choose to change lines, they will easily fall into the role of soy sauce in the face of high-intensity rhythm and no self-protection ability.
This is the significance of changing the line. At the same time, Dao Mei is also a hero who eats equipment. Changing the line and suppressing him can kill two birds with one stone.
However, after all, the crocodile has also been changed to the road. At this moment, Erhong is also very difficult to do. Like Dao Mei, he can’t get experience and gold coins. What’s even worse is that the two sides are changing buffs, that is, the red buffs near the two singles are gone
These two singles can be said to be staring at each other and having nothing to do. They can wander around the tower silently and wait for the soldiers to enter the tower. Although this is slow, there is nothing better.
The game is played according to the routine, because the two sides exchange buffs, and after buffing, they are both on their own blue buffs, which means that the end is in the side and the lion and dog are in the side.
However, the suppression of two-way traffic leads to no good chance for gank, and the only hope is probably the middle road.
Yasuo’s game against Syndra is a small benefit. When Gao Chengfeng saw the opposite side take out Syndra, he automatically popped up against the hero in his mind.
Yes, that is, the wind wall of Yasuo is abnormal. No matter who can stop flying skills, it naturally includes Sinde’s big move
Imagine what a pleasant thing it is to block more than N dark balls. This is also the reason why Gao Chengfeng chose Yasuo. Not only can he block his skills against the line, but he is still suitable for the team battle. Such a hero is also fascinating.
At the moment, the line is stable and there is no danger at all. The only thing worth noting is the road situation. The crocodile has been beaten to the tower to fight back, but Dao Mei is in the same situation as him
Both sides’ ad are world-class exercises, which can’t be too bad, which also leads to a stalemate between the two sides. At this moment, all three South Korean players are relaxed
The three Koreans, who occupied Shan, Daiye and ad respectively, seem to have seen the victory ending without any tension.
It’s four minutes, and the end is quietly coming to the road, and the line is about to enter the tower. At this moment, it seems that the first gank is coming.
"Two macros be careful" Gao Chengfeng’s wake-up line has never seen a wild outcrop. People will definitely not be squatting in the spring, and the end will definitely not be low-end to brush wild. This makes sense because people want to make a road.
"Wu Bai" two macros nodded to express their understanding and then prepared to retreat, but it seems that the end has not come. It quietly came from the triangle grass and went straight to the grass opposite the stone man and then appeared from there.
And Z’s decisive forward pressure is obviously to engage in crocodiles. At this moment, Erhong Crocodile is still a level 1 crocodile with thin skin and little blood, but it is not resistant to hitting representatives.
On the other hand, ez and bloom are both level 3, and the end is also a level 3 three-person siege of crocodiles. This picture is simply beautiful
"Wow, at this moment, S, S, three people besieged the road, and I don’t know if the crocodile can escape safely." Liu Feng was a little impulsive, and it turned out to be a big game, so he played very hard.
Brother donkey is not so excited. No, this is just a normal gank. Everyone will choose this way, right
The first thing that happened at the end of the day was a fear, and then the end of the day was very witty. It sucked, sucked and sucked outside the attack range of the defense tower, but the defense tower could not reach it, which made Erhong very anxious.
And ez and bloom are even more powerful, so that Erhong can escape. At this moment, Erhong can thank him for learning level 1 as an e skill
After all, there are no other skills. Erhong learned a skill that can escape. I didn’t expect it to help him a lot at the moment
After the fear effect ends, the second macro rushes towards the end of the face, and an E skill rushes through without pause. After the flash, the second macro directly hits the second stage of displacement and a flash is one of the escapes.