"Well, don’t you dare say that he is more handsome than me. See how I can tidy up you."

"You have to tidy up my things when to tidy up him? You’re not afraid of his friends, are you? " The woman gasped and sneered in the man’s ear.
"Afraid? How can I be afraid of the Cat and Demon Seven? It’s a joke. Don’t worry. Now he still doesn’t look at us. He just stayed with us for a long time. Did this gang token fall? I’ll take care of him when I get the guild token and find a chance. By the way, I’ll also pull my blood from the first gang position in heaven, but it’s me! "
"Ah … ah … I knew I was black … the worst …" The faint blue sound has been intermittent, showing that she is about to usher in her third climax.
Hearing this, Sun Sheng, no matter how stupid he is, can guess something from the conversation between the two people, and he has no mind to listen again. Sun Sheng chose the line on the spot.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Revenge
Sun Sheng tied the thread and plunged his head into the bed. He slept for a long time, half asleep and half awake. Sun Sheng was called up by Lin Tung to eat. Sun Sheng didn’t get up and buried his head deeper in the gang.
"What’s wrong with this guy?"
"But maybe it’s lovelorn. It’ll be fine when we get back. Let’s go and have dinner without him."
Five people were very disloyal and left Sun Sheng alone in the dormitory humming a ditty and went to the canteen.
At this time, Sun Sheng’s head was in a state of chaos. At one time, Orchid was happy when he was with himself, and at the other time, he overheard Napoleon and Orchid say those words in the window. Both of them switched back and forth in Sun Sheng’s head like a film, and finally stirred his head into a paste.
Sun Sheng went to sleep because he thought it was a dream. After sleeping, he woke up with nothing, but he could clearly know that this childish idea was just his own wishful thinking. How could you forget that you and Napoleon talked like a red-hot iron clearly printed in your head? How could it be a nightmare?
Sun Sheng also thought that Youlan had her own difficulties, but when she and Napoleon enjoyed the passion together, what she said was not forced to entertain at all, but more often she seduced Napoleon. How could she have difficulties? Besides, what she said has already said that she doesn’t have any feelings for herself, but she is just following Napoleon’s advice to seduce herself on her own initiative, and her gentleness in front of her is just taking part in accidental amusement.
"Go to hell! How could I look at him? If you hadn’t asked me to seduce him, I wouldn’t even look at him. I’m silly. How can I be so macho as black? ……”
"You have to tidy up my things when to tidy up him? You’re not afraid of his friends, are you? "
These words are now like Dong Fangbubai’s embroidery needle sticking one by one in Sun Sheng’s heart and stabbing him into the bone marrow; Besides, her tactfully trying voice in Napoleon’s body was a blunt knife that touched the poison and slowly cut into Sun Sheng’s heart, making him breathless.
"I want revenge!"
The idea in Sun Sheng’s head grew stronger and stronger, and finally it reached an uncontrollable level.
It’s easy to say to get back at her, but it’s too difficult to say.
Don’t want to kill her in the game to level? Although Sun Sheng’s atmosphere has not yet lost his IQ, it is a question whether he can not be sent by Napoleon to kill her after killing her once.
"Do you want to lurk around them and wait for revenge?" This can’t be tender. Their roots are in their own interests. It’s impossible to really let themselves come into contact with their core secrets. Even if they are leaked, it won’t do them too much harm. Besides, Sun Sheng now thinks of the faces of Youlan and Napoleon and wants to kill people. Where is the mind buried beside them? Sun Sheng thinks that he doesn’t have such scheming endurance.
"Guild token!" Sun Shengmeng lift was made up from the bed.
That’s right Guild token! Didn’t Napoleon want the gang token in Dong Fangbubai’s hand to establish a gang? Then you have to get ahead of him and get the guild token. Let him have his big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period!
Without delay, Sun Sheng entered the game without eating dinner and wearing a helmet.
Fortunately, no one in the courtyard overheard Napoleon’s conversation with Youlan, and no one would know about it. Sun Sheng did not ride Xiaoyu, but walked to the array. After all, Xiaoyu was too conspicuous, and now Xiaoyu has almost become Sun Sheng’s signature.
Sun Sheng, who was sent to the nearest city from the gang headquarters of Iron Blood Soul, called out Gray and rode out of the city before changing to Xiaoyu. This didn’t help either. Although Iron Blood Soul has its own send-off, it is only limited to the gang players who have made Sun Sheng out of the membership of Iron Blood Soul, and now he can’t make himself move on.
By the time Sun Sheng arrived at the residence of the Iron Blood Soul Guild, the sun had set in the western hills for a long time, and the literati were waiting for Sun Sheng’s arrival at the gate. On the way, Sun Sheng had informed the Cat and Demon Seven that there was an emergency and asked everyone to join the literati to come out of the guild residence to meet him. Otherwise, those NPC guards who didn’t know Sun Sheng wouldn’t let Sun Sheng into the village.
"What’s the matter?" Although the literati did not doubt that Sun Sheng did have something extremely important, Sun Sheng did not say what it was, and he was very curious.
Sun Sheng smiled unnaturally. "Don’t worry, it’s definitely a good thing."
When Sun Shengyi arrived at the Iron Blood Hall, he saw a cat demon pacing back and forth in the lobby, apparently waiting for himself, which made Sun Sheng breathe a sigh of relief. If some people he was not familiar with were present, Sun Sheng didn’t know what to say. After all, this time it was more like a private matter.
"Where are the others?"
Cat demon laughed, "Mint and Pang and Hou Yi have gone to train, and now they are probably going back. There are still some things that the other two have not solved at hand, so they will come over when they are finished."
"What’s the matter? Are you in such a hurry?"
Sun Sheng wandered around the lobby to make sure that no one could overhear, and then whispered in their ears, "I know where the second gang token is!"
"What? !”
Cat demon and literati can’t help but exclaim that Qi Qi discolors.
If it’s true, it’s not surprising that it’s urgent again
"Are you sure?" The cat demon looks very dignified.
"I’m 90% sure I saw the token with my own eyes."
The cat demon was lost in thought for a while. This matter is too important. Iron Blood Soul has just been established. Although it is now a monopoly, it is far from being able to dominate. If someone else gets the second guild token at this time, the situation faced by Iron Blood Soul will definitely become complicated. Maybe it will not be long before even the honor of "the first gang in heaven" will be given away. This is not what the cat demon wants to see.
"What the hell is going on?"
Sun Sheng simply told the story once, but the story is that he occasionally met a group of people who called themselves together to kill monsters. Finally, he entered the depths of the mine and met Dong Fangbubai Dong Fangbubai, who personally took out the gang token for everyone to watch. Finally, he hanged himself.
The process is extremely brief, but it is probably close to the fact that the cat demon and the literati have no doubt that their faces are getting heavier and heavier.
"So you say that the gang token is still in Dong Fangbubai’s hand?"
"It shouldn’t be wrong. I don’t think they are ready to organize a second attack in such a short time."
Soon after, all the woodchuck wizards of Mint Fat Houyi came to the lobby one after another, and the cat demon briefly introduced them to the situation, and everyone was surprised.