I’ve never felt so distracted since I was born again. He hates himself for not calming down his efforts. Can I see Iraqis again? It’s just that it can protect her everything.

One step is heavy for forgetting dust.
Because he thought about whether he would meet again in this life, and whether his appearance was good or bad for Siyu, he struggled with all his blood, and now everything is all right to see her.
But what will happen in this life? The bureau will be like forgetting the dust, and he will begin to fear whether this meeting will bring more pain and future.
I’m not strong enough to be afraid of something happening. When waiting for the girl to arrive, I forgot the dust and hesitated. It was because he paused for a moment that his mind became disordered.
But at this time, people on both sides began to suddenly fade away, and a group of mighty teams suddenly appeared in front of him, even if they forgot the dust in the dense crowd, they also saw the Iraqi figure who missed them so much.
Silent thinking! ! !
The fairy-like beauty is coming step by step in front of her eyes at the moment.
At that moment, the world meditated in my mind collapsed instantly, leaving their best memories and happy times in the previous lives. They had promised to be together forever, but until I forgot to die, accompanied by the collapse and screaming of silent words, there was a solemn pledge of love, and there was a sea of things that were gone in a flash! !
The expression of forgetting the dust becomes mechanical. Look at the silent thinking. After being dumbfounded, I start to move forward with my own consciousness, but the surroundings are inexplicably crashing. At this moment, the scene has formed a fresh team in the overpass.
Five families led the players to come over, and the bridge players retreated to both sides, but only Forgot Dust crossed their path. At this moment, he was so eye-catching! !
The five families are still walking, but they also found the unique man in the middle. Although his eyes are straight ahead, it gives people the feeling that they are not looking at themselves, but their faces are full of disdain.
"Hey, what’s that little guy doing? Do you still want to block the five families?" People around you can’t help but show doubts when they see the dust-forgotten body lying in front of the five families. Dare to do the right thing with the five families? It is estimated that the whole Zhongzhou can’t find anyone, right?
"How does this product look more familiar?" Many couples also found that they forgot to hold the dust and thought about something. After all, this guy’s blond hair is still very conspicuous.
"He seems to be the white weirdo who is motionless on the pier surface of the three-way bridge." A girl suddenly remembered something. After all, it is normal for a girl to remember that she is still handsome.
"Yes, yes, that’s him!"
"I still think he is an idiot! !” Blocking the way of five families is no different from dying, either stupid or crazy.
Forget the dust in all people’s doubts and disdain actually began to take the initiative to move forward, and the pace is getting faster and faster. Of course, this move immediately caused people around to crash, but for the five families, this guy is already in a provocative stage.
"Mom, can’t this guy have long eyes!" A brother of the fire family came out. In fact, the fiery personality of the fire family is the most popular at this time.
Sure enough, after a brother of the fire house came out, the rest of the people stayed in the same place by watching the fun, without paying any attention to forgetting the dust.
But Yin deficiency and silent fine little dragon have been paying attention to this man’s golden eye pupil since they forgot to stand in front of them, giving people a feeling that they have never had before.
Two people realize that the Kiyomi white man may not be so simple on the surface! !
When the fire family made their moves, instead of stopping them, they focused on what was going to happen.
Soon forget the dust and the fire family brother will be in direct opposition and forget the dust without speaking. The fire family brother is more arrogant than arrogant and roared, "Don’t you have long eyes?" "
Forget the dust and go straight ahead.
He ignored the words of the fire family brother and bypassed him. This move made the fire family not be the whole bridge person stunned. Although that guy is a general fire family brother, he represents the fire family after all! ! !
He did?
Standing in situ, the brother of the fire family trembled and the mighty flame emerged from his body. He suddenly turned around "bastard! ! ! Do you know the consequences of offending our fire family? ! ! ""I want you to die! ! ! ""flame explosion! ! !” Soaring into the sky, a flame fell at a super-horrible speed until the flame was less than 1 meter away from forgetting the dust, and the dust head didn’t return to the backhand iron fist. There was a loud bang, and the flame was flying out in front of him. It was a blink. Everything happened so suddenly that their roots didn’t react! ! !
The blow of forgetting dust caused a crash, and they quickly looked back at forgetting dust only to find that the man had disappeared in situ.
And a second gas riots that white figure appeared in front of the silent fine family, and it is not accurate to say that he appeared in front of the silent fine thinking language, and the silent fine little dragon reacted in that instant.
But forget the dust for a second to talk to silent sunny little dragon leng.
Just like a couple, it is natural to forget the dust and reach out and stroke the half cheek of silent thinking. "I finally wait for you!" ! !”
The wind blows all over the sky and flowers fly, but the act of forgetting the dust makes the audience stunned! ! !
Chapter four hundred and fifty Be my woman
The sky is full of wind and dancing, and the bright petals are rolled up. At that moment, it suddenly stops, as if the world is left with eyes on each other.
You have me, I have you.
But after a few seconds of silence, forgetting the dust caused an uproar! !
"That bastard! ! !”
"Silent fine little dragon what are you doing! !”
"It is simply unforgivable to do such a thing to the goddess!" It happened so fast that many people were still silent. When Forgetting Dust made a move on the fire family brother, the goods actually made a move on their goddess.
Unforgettable! Unforgettable! ! !
May be heard the angry cry silent sunny little dragon in the first reaction to come over, he flew is a foot silent sunny little dragon strength this foot to the man die.
But pa a crisp noise and forget the dust, the same feet fight back. Four eyes are relatively silent and sunny, and the little dragon is slightly one leng, and the surrounding area is stupefied again. At this moment, even the silent and sunny language has emerged with a little surprise.
"You are Siyu’s younger brother, and I don’t want to be difficult for you." Forgetting the dust, I took a look at Mo Qing Shaolong and said such a sentence lightly, but it once again detonated people’s hearts.
Arrogance is too arrogant!
"Shit, it’s too arrogant. Don’t stop me. I want to kill this bastard!"
"Kill him! Kill him! !”