This phenomenon is too strange. Has Guan Fei been taken away from his body?

This gentle breath made them immediately think of the terrible momentum that appeared just now. The official flying momentum is exactly the same as it is much weaker.
"Eldest brother, old bear is my fourth brother." The official fly turned his eyes twice and Youzi didn’t know his physical changes. He didn’t know when this tension happened, but he thought of a possibility. "What about the second brother? Second brother? " Officer fly exclaim out this strange atmosphere is summer pretty had an accident?
Officer fly down two people eyes see summer pretty still lying is hiding behind Ximen Chuixue chest beating slightly and rosy looks should be no big deal this just rest assured.
"Old Bear, I’m miserable this time. If I go back to my life without a peach blossom fan, I won’t be able to think of it." Speaking of this, Xuanyuantie smiled bitterly, like many hearts have become open-minded and took a deep breath, and then said, "Maybe you will soon be left in the cold by the old family guy, so you should visit me often, or I will not let you go if I do ghosts."
Watching Guan Fei restore his usual teasing XuanYuanTie was relieved. Although he was inarticulate, he was still very happy to hear Guan Fei’s words since childhood. He nodded with a straight face and said, "Don’t worry, if you are really in the cold, I will always bring you wine."
"Ah, you are really a bear blind master. I’m kidding you. Even if you are in limbo, you won’t." Guan Fei said with an exaggerated expression covering her heart. "What’s more, these old guys are going to reward me for coming?"
As he spoke, his figure flashed a crimson light, and a set of fire-like armor had appeared on him.
Just woke up Xia Man just saw this fantastic color. wait for a while was trance, and he was familiar with this light and armor.
Chapter 114 Wake up
"Ahem" Xia Man coughed hard for two or three people. After all, it was so shocking that the officer flew suddenly and scarlet armor appeared.
"Hey, second brother, are you awake?" Guan Fei was the first to react. Without taking back his armor, he immediately jumped to Xia Man’s side. At this time, Xia Man was already holding his arm.
The other two are stuffy oil gourd, although they are also heart-wrenching, but they didn’t speak. The joy in their eyes has already said their consciousness and meaning. Xia Man nodded his head. It feels good to be noticed by people. It feels good to suddenly ring and lie in the abode of fairies and immortals. Sophie has a burst of remorse, but the amazing appeal of Guan Fei will soon recover
"Ha ha, I’m fine, you old four. Where did you get the armor?" Summer pretty didn’t directly say to play in a slightly surprised and asked.
"how about it? Handsome, if I wear such a smart armor to go out, wouldn’t it be able to be popular with thousands of girls? Hey, hey, "Guan Fei immediately showed narcissism with a coquettish face and said that there was no original peach blossom fan in his hand.
The palm of your hand is still waving according to the original movement. This just feels different. I didn’t see the folding fan in my hand. It was white and I was embarrassed to scratch my head. This simple and honest appearance is a spell with Xuanyuantie.
"Hey, are you fanning?" Xia Man is a little surprised. Although we don’t get along much, we also know that the peach blossom fan is an official flying baby. What’s going on? "Don’t you think that big men are always too feminine with a fan?" Xia Man wanted to come for a long time before he could say this more moderate word, that is, the old four in the province will go mad at once. If you are crazy, you will hear Xia Man’s words, even if you have been indifferent to Ximen Chuixue, you will be smiling. XuanyuanTie is even more indifferent to laughing, making the official fly look green and red, and the expression changes look weird.
"Ha ha" Xia Man echoed and smiled twice before getting back to the point. After all, he was in crisis just now. At the last moment, there was a puzzling light that saved him. At this time, he already knew that the light came from the place, which was as mild as the official flying armor. Although the breath was much weaker, it was absolutely not wrong.
"Old four, you just saved me?" Xia Man’s face gave me a smile, and he stared at Guan Fei with a kind eye.
However, Guan Fei seems to be different. Just now, he was ridiculed by the second brother of this shameless thing. At this time, when he saw Xia Man’s eyes, he was afraid. He unconsciously thought of Xia Man’s free market and took away his family’s sacred things. Immediately, his heart was tight. This guy wouldn’t want to fight armor, would he?
"Second brother, don’t be ridiculous. I have that ability." I hurriedly smiled and explained the situation just now. Generally, Xia Man or his own crisis situation was explained. After listening to it, it was all a big fluke. It seems that if Guan Fei just flew for half an hour, Xia Man would be completely swallowed up by Monty.
"Second brother, I, I" Guan Fei felt blushing and thought that he had hesitated just now to smash the peach blossom fan.
"Old four and second brother, thank you for saving me. No matter who is in trouble, even if it is daoshanhuohai, we will die together." Xia Man knew what Guan Fei was going to say and immediately interrupted the situation. Just now, Xuanyuantie also explained that the peach blossom fan in Guan Fei’s hand was meaningful. Even if he encountered this kind of thing, he would hesitate for a long time. It is still unknown whether he would choose to save people in the end. He has no complaints about Guan Fei, but he is grateful for saving his life from the bottom of his heart. At this time, he once again thought of that still sleepy beauty.
"Waiting for me, I will definitely put you out of the fire." Xia Man secretly vowed to move in his heart and thought of just two people talking about this time coming out of the family and frowning again.
Saving the Four Families Xia Man never knew that he had such a mission. Did the thief God let Lao cross over to save the four families?
"Old three, old four, what do you say about family relics?" Xia Man once again asked that the fire cloud armor had been recovered by Guan Fei, and the whole room was restored to calm again. No one could have expected that two people had experienced life and death here in just half a day.
Xuanyuantie was born with a stuffy oil gourd. Although he was not as indifferent as Ximen Chuixue, he never said much. At this time, he could give this to Guan Fei Guan Fei’s knife-shaped eyebrows and was about to speak. At this time, there was a knock at the door, and everyone immediately became nervous.
"who?" The officer flew away and knocked at the door, but the bartender came over.
"I don’t know how many guests can eat when the shop has arrived at closing time, but are you still satisfied? Otherwise, I will reserve a few rooms behind you? " The bartender smiles appealed. At this time, it’s already the first curtain of the lights. At night, the rich restaurant is already closing.
"What? Don’t you see, young master, I haven’t had enough to drink? Go and get another ten pots of osmanthus wine to buy a table of dining tables, etc. The young master has had enough to drink, and said, "Guan Fei is dissatisfied and scolds at Xiao Er Wei Wei Nuo Nuo’s expression and learns to look like Xia Man Lai." Your grandfather hasn’t had enough to drink yet. "
Say that finish just ignore the door outside the bartender.
The bartender hesitated at the door and didn’t dare to bother again. After all, being able to drink here is a powerful role. He can’t afford to offend either of them.
Nai sighed and scolded’ unlucky’ when she was about to leave when she heard a dozen of the wings creaking behind her.
Seeing that the pledge teenager looks radiant, it’s a pair of eyes. Some shopkeepers want to think for a while and can’t think of a word to say in their hearts. Your grandfather’s eyes are like the eyes of an old vampire at the counter, which is creepy.
Every time the old vampire at the counter shows this look, he will lose a lot of money. This man looks like a vampire, though he is not as rich as the others behind him, right? Besides, I’m just a young man and a young man who can get a reward after serving. I’ve never heard of paying a guest.
Xiao er’s mind is at war between heaven and man. Looking at Guan Fei behind Xia Man, he hesitated for a moment. I don’t know if he patted his forehead for a moment and said, "You can wait a moment, tables and horses will come."
"Gee," Xia Man smiled and knew that the official flying words scared Xiao Er just now. "Didn’t you say it was closed?"
"Ah, this, this, don’t worry. I’ve already reported to the shopkeeper. Please help yourself. Even if you don’t rest for a night, you should wait on several lords." Small two eyes immediately said.
Xia Man laughed and grovelled in his heart, but he knew how to play it by ear, but he was a small two. He was expected to be noncommittal about Xiao Er’s statement, and this small two was not far from being afraid of provoking them.
"But I don’t want to drink it now. Go ahead and get rid of all the tables and drinks." Xia Man nodded and said that there is a way to resist majesty in his speech. This is also the spirit of Xia Man, which has reached the realm of spiritual gods. Every gesture will be released, and Wei Guangde will be released. With spiritual strength, few opponents in this world are Xia Man.
"Ah, you mean" Xiao Er froze, but I didn’t know how to change my personal statement. I immediately took a sneak look at Xia Man’s official flight, but I didn’t know if I was a response mother. Did I really meet my mother who liked to make fun of Xiao Er? If they really said that I didn’t take good care of vampires, they wouldn’t spare my salary, but if they really didn’t leave here, vampires would kill me. Thought of this, Xiao Er hesitated, it seems that today is really bad luck.
When Zheng Xiaoer was sad, Xia Man asked, "Are there any sets of courtyards in the backyard?"
When I heard this, Xiao Er hit a tingle. Are these guys going to have a rest so that they won’t worry about being deducted from their wages by vampires? Besides, if they are dragged to live in a courtyard, won’t vampires draw me into a mother? It seems that I want to make a small fortune.
"There’s a backyard wing and two sets of small ones. I’ll take you there." Xiao Er bowed and turned around and walked to the front to lead the way. It was already an eyebrow eye smile.
Summer pretty four people didn’t pay too much attention to a moment later, they crossed the lobby and passed a pond of lotus pond through the corridor and came to the’ autumn rain’ courtyard.
An oil lamp lit a flame in the house, just like jumping to a dancer, leaving all kinds of incredible and beautiful gestures on the wall.
"Second brother, do you still remember the free market to find the baby?" Guan Fei cleared his throat and pressed the bass and said
"Ou" Xia Man was slightly stunned. It seems that it is no accident that Guan Fei followed him since the free market and said, "What? You said it was it? "
Jade Guan Fei, who knows the soul, has seen it and thought that Guan Fei had deliberately asked the dagger, so he knew what he said and took out the dagger in the abode of fairies and immortals without hesitation.