This ….. is not only the famous Wulin mysterious hierarch Yi Ge Bing Huo Zhang.

Bai Liyi frowned. I didn’t expect him to go out in person!
"From yun qing! Li Yunqing! How hot you are, stepping on the moon floor to help you kill you. Even in the imperial dynasty, there are still many people staring at you. "Baili Yinai sighed, but now she is someone else. Should he feel happy or uneasy?
To help the person lying on the couch, he took off his golden boots and retired. He got up and stepped his hands off Yun Qing’s back to help her drive away the cold.
From Yun Qing, she felt that a warm fluid was surging, not like waves, but like a blue lake, which made her feel much more comfortable
But it has little effect, which can temporarily relieve the pain
It would be much easier if you had a good medicine, Jingangdan, to force out cold poison, but this medicine is hard to find.
Once again, put people away and look at her, frowning slightly and relaxing a little. A heart hanging from a hundred Li Yi just relaxed a little.
To get her through tonight …
He was impatient, his fingers knocked on the table, and he felt so annoyed for the first time, and then he stared at the oil lamp.
The oil in the oil lamp is about to burn out, and the light becomes more and more dim. He stared at the flame and the light and shadow made his face outline very deep.
When he secretly worried about the countermeasures, the door was pushed, and the colored glaze gasped and ran in, saying, "Temple … No, a white man suddenly appeared outside the door. I don’t know if he is an enemy or a friend. Go and see!"
"What? The man in white suddenly jumped up. Was it just that group of people?
He didn’t ask more to let coloured glaze stay with Yun Qing and go out to see what happened.
Just out of the door, I saw a man in a white brocade robe fighting against the wind and wearing a hat, but I could still feel the cold temperament proudly in the world.
At that time, how can you tell whether this man has anything to do with those people in white?
"This will give you a pill once a day. After five days, her cold will be self-solvable." Said the white man, throwing a bottle of purple bottle conveniently. Chapter 114: Laughing and falling (7)
Bai Liyi took the hand and looked at the pills in her hand. Her eyes were deep and puzzled. "What is this?"
"donkey kong pills are more effective than King Kong pills," the white man replied.
Bai Liyi was frightened. This donkey kong is a rare treasure with great value! How many people in the Jianghu want to get this excellent auxiliary medicine that can enhance their strength, but they have searched the whole Shenhao mainland and no one has found it. What can this person have?
Thinking of him like this, he asked, "Who the hell are you?"
The white man turned to leave, and it was a light smile to hear him ask. "Isn’t it that you are looking for Mo Chi with great fanfare?"
"What?" Didn’t Bai Liyi say that Mo Chi was talking? But that want to appear in front of him now?
"She saved my school sister, and I will repay her kindness." With this Mo Chi, she disappeared overnight.
Want to like this is from YunQing owe him a favor, rather than he owes from YunQing a favor.
He didn’t know to save her again and again because he thought it might be fate …
Bai Liyi’s eyes are deep and she holds the bottle of pills tightly.
It turned out to be him … I didn’t expect him to be Mo Chi when I met the man in white in the teahouse that day.
Li Yunqing, you really saved your life in your heart!
Once again, I took one look at Mo Chi’s departure direction, and then I went back to my room and personally fed Dan medicine to Li Yunqing until I saw that the collapsed face was slightly better.
I still have doubts, but a dead horse can be a living horse doctor. Now it seems that this man has not lied to him. This is indeed donkey kong medicine and he must be Mo Chi.
"Will the imperial concubine be all right?" Coloured glaze worry asked canthus brow also vaguely can see a little tears.
"Rest assured" Bai Liyi didn’t smile, just closing her eyes and gesturing.
The tight string of coloured glaze snapped.
Bai Liyi sat at the table with deep eyes and mysterious eyes. If you dare to hurt my people, I will make you pay.
Donghu panbian
A white suit and a pot of sake
Mo Chi East Lake is littered with mud. According to the smell of charcoal in the air, you can still vaguely see the sparks of stars. His face is cold and the pot of wine in his hand is sealed.
Clear sake is poured into the river along the mouth of the pot, and the sweet wine wafts with the wind.
"School sister! You’re a liar, but you’ll come back after a good meeting. "Cold words escape from Mo Chi’s red lips, but it’s a little bleak."
"Don’t worry, brother, you won’t die in vain."
A cool wind blew gently and blew off the petals of the residual branches on the shore. The red petals danced with the wind all over the sky, and the pieces circled like beautiful butterflies and finally fell lightly into the lake.
There are lotus flowers beside the East Lake …