However, Xue Zhengxiu can’t understand that there are so many monks here, but why haven’t they met this year? Of course, Haikui has also thought about this problem. He has never seen other monks except Xue Zheng Xiu!

Two monties carried their sedan chairs and turned in the direction of mainland China. On the way, they met some monties without Xue Zhengxiu’s hand. He collected these younger brothers around him, and a group fight was done directly.
Xue Zheng said, "Very cool!"
Xue Zhengxiu was very happy to take over his hand. The monty handed a few green Dan and Bai Dan respectfully and said "Very good!"
The female monty replied in panic, "Thank you for your appreciation!"
Xue zhengxiu’s long smile is extremely proud!
A line of 30 monty and one person went to the mainland of monty recently.
Soon they came to the mainland of Monty. Several Monty hesitated and looked back at Xue Zhengxiu. Xue Zhengxiu waved his hand and said, "Go!"
CuiShengSheng voice replied "yes! Grandpa "
Xue Zheng repaired the sedan chair and flew high in Monty’s mainland. He was lucky enough to suddenly drink for a long time, and the sound was long and lasting, resounding through the heavens and the earth to the distant place.
For a moment, all monty mainland monty was alarmed.
Monty Mainland Monty people live the same life as the Godsworn. After absorbing the Godsworn’s thoughts, they have put all their clubs up to now.
In the white world, Caspian Kratos also heard the huge roar, and his heart was shocked and surprised. He looked at each other and blurted out, "This is the monk roar!" "
Feng Xian nodded. "Yes!"
"Go and have a look?"
Two people in the direction of the sound.
Haikui knows that this penetrating sound needs to be supported by a very strong real element, so it is definitely not weak to shout out this voice!
However, Haikui guessed that it was still Xue Zhengxiu!
Haikui hasn’t seen any other monks during this period, but he met Xue Zheng half a year ago to cultivate others and increase the terror, which may be him
When Haikui came to the edge of the white fog, he slowly passed through for a second, which proved that his idea was Xue Zhengxiu!
In the sky, thousands of entity monty surrounded Xue Zhengxiu, but Xue Zheng Xiu screamed with fear. First, his body surfaced with golden armor, and then he took up a burning flame and rushed towards the thousands of entity monty!
Then Haikui saw a scene that surprised him. Xue Zhengxiu’s speed soon hit those monty bodies, and when he hit them, he would burst into flames. After a while, thousands of monty bodies were reduced by half. Xue Zhengxiu waved his hand and appeared in his hand, and he put them into a bag and laughed heroically.
Haikui was surprised and said to Feng Xian, "He’s amazing!"
Feng Xian nodded with a straight face. "Yes, it’s a little scary!"
Xue Zhengxiu killed those monties and felt bad. They all fell back to hide from Xue Zheng’s self-cultivation flame and condensed spells!
This is the first time that Haikui has seen the monty’s condensed spells kill the virtual shadow monty, so I won’t say much about it, but most of the physical monty’s killed in sneak attack and didn’t give them a chance to release spells. This is the first time that he has seen the monty’s release spells.
Just like friar Jie!
Colorful colors from the sky are hundreds of monty different spells show colors at the same time crashing to Xue Zhengxiu!
A huge sound rose, and an aperture caused by the impact covered Xue Zhengxiu inside.
Hundreds of days magic spell Wuhuamen Haikui shrank a neck. What good would it be if he was hit? Maybe it’s just dead. It’s too big for Xue Zheng to cultivate bravery, which actually leads so many monties out!
"Ha ha ha! However, it is just around the corner for me to make a breakthrough by making such a fortune and repairing so many babies! "
Excited sounds came out from the aperture, and Xue Zheng slowly showed his figure. His golden armor was particularly dazzling, and the whole person was unscathed!
Chapter 315 Be defeated and flee
All the monty and Haikui look terrible. This Xue Zhengxiu is too strong.
Those monty were just about to start again with a majestic voice "all of you!" "
A middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the room, seemingly plain, but his words were more dignified than letting hundreds of monty retreat at the same time.
Haikui’s eyes and pupils are miniature. This middle-aged man is different from most monty he has ever seen. He feels like a living person! So vivid!
The middle-aged man looked at Xue Zhengxiu coldly and said, "Very good! I didn’t expect people from the world to be so powerful, but I was impressed! "
Xue Zhengxiu sneered: Although this monty looks unfathomable, why is it so ignorant? "It’s much taller than me. I’m still like an ant in front of some powerful monks!"
The middle-aged man’s face changed. "Well, that’s ignorant. If I have the chance, I will definitely go to your place to see it!" "
Xue Zhengxiu drew a long knife and stood in the sky and said, "Then you have to be able to go!"
"You can’t kill me!" Middle-aged man light swept Xue Zhengxiu one eye and said
Xue Zheng’s monasticism "I don’t know until I try to kill or not."
Since killing so many monty, it’s hard to find an opponent, and they are all easily defeated. Besides, he has mastered the absolute spell against these entity monty!
Let Xue Zhengxiu feel that he is an opponent without monty!
This year’s fighting has turned Xue Zheng into an arrogant attitude, which is against Monty! If he is a monk, he may be more cautious, but he doesn’t have to have absolutely powerful spells to finish these monty!
A red flame rose around Xue Zheng’s body, waving his long knife and pointing it at a middle-aged man!
"If I beg for mercy, I can spare your life!" Xue Zheng said with his head held high.
The middle-aged man looked at several monty around Xue Zheng Xiu and said, "Are they all begging for mercy from you?"