Immediately afterwards, sk conducted the third live broadcast, which lasted more than five minutes. Er Hongman was blasted by the opposite weapon in the early stage. Fortunately, it was Lu Zhang Hao and Cai Liangyan who turned the tide and won the second precious victory.

The audience must all want to watch the wonderful game. This game is a bit of a turnaround, which makes the popularity of sk continue to soar. If the gap between the strengths is too wide for the first time, this turnaround is the best proof.
At that time, sk relied on its own efforts to abruptly pull back the disadvantage and successfully counterattack in the case of road collapse.
The four-hour live broadcast came to an end when the three games were ready for the war and the number of live broadcasts has reached a terrible 40 thousand
This is an extremely horrible data, and the number of live broadcasts of many great gods is more than 100 thousand. In just one day, the channel has reached 40 thousand viewers, which is obvious.
When three sk five people ended a day of live broadcast, Chen Yi looked at Er Hong "How come you haven’t played a weapon?"
"That’s amazing," Erhong muttered. Indeed, sk almost lost the game because of him.
Chen Yi shook his head and faced Pretty Jax. Actually, it’s not cheap to take the initiative. Because of him, you can e-walk. Although you ate the weapon, Q, you will also eat the weapon. You also have recovery skills.
"So I don’t understand what you’re doing. People who can play will definitely not, because if E first means that you are likely to be beaten by Jacques E, you will make a mistake if you don’t take the money again."
"Since both sides take the initiative to rush, it is a loss, so it is certain that no one will do the compensation business. In fact, what you should do is to take a flat A to consume the other side when the knife is repaired. At this time, the weapon is more disadvantaged."
"Pretty, but those crits consumed weapons. Erhong, as you know, half-angry and savage cut Batman 23 didn’t get a crit. There is a high probability that it will be a crit."
"In this case, there is no such thing as a weapon before level 6, but you are smashed."
"I’m drunk if I can fight like this. Ordinary weapons will be arrogant. Without long-range consumption, weapons will be missed, but he won’t miss experience because the situation has changed after level 6."
"I know, I’m just too careless. I didn’t crit with two or three knives, so I habitually cut it. Who knows that weapon learns E at the first level?"
Erhong was very wronged. Just after a game, he was quite angry, and then he fought with weapons. Who knows that weapons are not cowards at all?
Erhong is carrying a bunch of soldiers, but there are no soldiers in weapons. Which weapon science is E skill?
The counterattack storm hit tons of damage, and the result was very natural. When it was level 1, it lost 2/3 blood instantly. Erhong immediately panicked and tried to retreat, but it was too late. Grandmaster at Arms directly ignited and handed it over.
The fastest blood was born on the road.
Chen Yi continued, "After Level 6, weapons will take the initiative to attack without much loss. I don’t want to introduce you to Ping a2 and then."
"But just now, the weapon was very careful to meet you when you were almost full. Even if you were E, he would run away from you against A because he knew that he had no capital and you were against A at that time."
"But when you want about 6 HP, your hair can also play with brute weapons, but it is actually very difficult to kill him alone."
"On the whole, it is impossible to hang weapons. If the other party is a professional, it is unrealistic to press weapons."
Erhong scratched his head. "Well, I’ll train well."
Erhong is also quick to admit his mistake. Hip-hop Chen Yi has always been serious at ordinary times. That’s angry.
Chapter 36 】 【 time, SK 】 hidden attributes
Chen Yi gave a signal that it was urgent to continue. "In fact, the problem of two macros is also a problem that every team will encounter, that is, there will be more mistakes when they are confused."
"It’s like observing that a professional team has no advantage in the road, but he still wants to fight against the other side and has a great advantage, and he is still mad and continues to support the road."
"This situation needs to be said more. It can be said that the adaptability is too poor. You should think more flexibly. If you can help, you can just give up if you can’t."
When, sk, everyone nodded, the second macro list really exposed a lot of things.
Zhang Hao looked at it and smiled. "Come on, Chen Yi, don’t be too harsh. Besides, Brother Erhong, we are all a team. We all remember when you were Kerry, but we are not an ordinary team. We are going to fight in the world. These small mistakes can be avoided as much as possible."
"Ah, ah, yes, or Xiao Hao can talk." Erhong was trained for a long time and would have been ashamed. At this moment, Zhang Hao’s motionless clearance helped him a lot. Erhong found himself in a good temper now.
Chen Yi didn’t pursue it any further. On the whole, the one-day live broadcast of sk was qualified, and fan recognition was the greatest comfort.
I received more than N questions when I was on the qq line in Zhang Hao that night.
When Su Peiyun, the anchor cloud of lspl, was severely questioned, did Sa sk enter yy group? Zhang Hao was suddenly asked to be a little messy. This news was broadcast fast enough.
Zhang Hao was generous enough to admit it. Anyway, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s necessary to lie if you settle in
Su Peiyun made a daze expression and then said, "Forget it, it’s not enough to forgive you. I also said to watch your live broadcast."
Zhang Hao is very curious. "How do you know that it seems that it is only the first day of live broadcast today?"
Su Peiyun sent a contemptuous expression, "Please don’t say how famous your team is, but all the eye-catching places on yy channel can read advertisements about the war between sk and the Three Kingdoms. Although you lost miserably, I still support you."
Zhang haoyu turned out to be so. It seems that yy group promotion really spares no effort.
Sure enough, Shi Lei and other donkey brothers Wu Haosi Nuo, Tang Qinling, and even Lan Ruoxi almost all confirmed with Zhang Hao whether they had settled in yy channel, and everyone accused this ya of not being interesting enough.
Wu Hao even joked, "Brother Hao earned a lot this time. Why don’t you treat me?"
Zhang Hao smiled. "How can I say that no one should run at the weekend party training base?"
I have to say that Zhang Hao is very good at winning people’s hearts. In just a few words, he calmed everyone’s anger and became passive and active. This change can be in a flash.
Words here, the rest of the people are embarrassed to refuse, but not the initial aggressive momentum.