Heavy fish looked at the bell this pair of consciously put themselves and classified into a camp appearance can not help but laugh "there will be a way."

The bell looked up curiously. "What can I do?"
"You’ll know then."
She and Shen Xi have been having an affair for so long that it’s time to poke the window paper.
Shen Xi went out for a long time this time, and he quietly opened the gate and got into the yard until the sun went down at night.
Shen Xi looked up at the sink fish and the bell room after taking the door. I saw that both rooms were dark, and the people inside must have fallen asleep.
Shen Xi reached into his arms and touched the cake wrapped in oil paper.
At this time, he bought a cake in Qin’s pastry room at the end of Qingping Town. He once praised the delicious food, and he kept this sentence in his heart. This time, when he went out to do business, he deliberately smoked and bought another one.
Is that he didn’t expect himself and Wu Shu plan to make a little mistake today and was almost discovered by Luo Liangcai that Wu Ping privately did those hands and feet.
But fortunately, after two people’s remedies, Luo Liangcai was finally fooled by them again, but it was a little late for him to come back today.
Shen Xi thought for a while in the same place and decided to quietly put the cakes on the table today. I have to go out for a trip some day and I can’t personally deliver the things to each other.
But it’s ok to put it on the table when she gets up early in the morning.
Shen Xi gently pushed open the heavy fish door and then walked into the room with light steps.
Outside the house, the moonlight came through the door he opened and lit up a small place over there.
Shen Xi took out the oil paper bag containing cakes from his arms and gently put it on the table.
Then he turned and prepared to leave here quietly.
But it was then that a somewhat tactful woman rang in the room.
"You’re back."
It’s a simple word, Shen Xi, but it’s in a flash that the speaker is in a bad mood
Shen Xi stopped and turned to look at the direction of the sound. Because he stayed in the dark room for a long time, his eyes adapted to this dim light, and now he can see the scene clearly in the room.
He saw Shen Yu dressed neatly and sitting on the edge of the bed, and the bed was also neat and tidy, looking at each other. This was before he entered the room and he had not slept.
Shen Xi is no longer confused. "What happened?"
Shouldn’t you have rested by this time?
It’s an ordinary question, but the girl he asked turned down her head after hearing this sentence.
Shen Xi couldn’t help but feel a little anxious when he saw this. He wondered in his mind whether someone had bullied the sinking fish during his absence during the day and took two steps to the sinking fish.
"Madam, just tell me what happened. Maybe I can help Madam …"
In the middle of Shen Xi’s words, he was stunned, so he happened to be half a body distance away from the heavy fish, and he could hear the girl sitting on the bed not far in front of him crying sadly.
The cry is very small, but Shen Xi can be sure that he didn’t listen to wrong.
After a pause, he couldn’t help but be more nervous and asked, "What happened to the sinking fish?"
Because he was too anxious, he directly called out his name, which he had already called several times in his heart.
Perhaps Shen Xi found herself crying. The girl finally stopped hanging her head and wept silently. She looked up at Shen Xi, and a beautiful little face was full of tears at this time.
She looked at Shen Xi with sad eyes.
Shen Xi couldn’t help but coax the girl with a soft voice. "Tell me what’s going on?"
Then he saw the girl in front of him biting her lips with white teeth, and the pink tender meat became red and bloodshot, and she said a word in a small voice like her cat.
"Big strong, will you take me out of here? I don’t want to serve Master Luo. Will you take me away?"
Shen Xi was first surprised by the girl’s words, and then he was shocked by the information revealed in the other party’s words.
Serve Luo Liangcai? What’s going on here?
Shen Xi looked straight and looked at the girl in front of her and said, "Tell me what happened. Don’t worry, no matter what happens, I will protect you."
Maybe he looked too serious, or maybe he promised too sincerely. This time, the girl finally sobbed and told Shen Xi everything that happened during the day.
Shen Xi’s hands were clenched tightly when he heard Luo Liangcai say that Shen Yu would go to his courtyard to serve in three days.
His original hatred for Luo Liangcai was even deeper.
This man used to hurt his mother, and she was very unwilling to die. Now he wants to hurt the girl Shen Yu.
How can an old man in his forties and fifties have the face to bully a teenage girl? The former sink fish didn’t want to wait on him, but he broke his legs. What is he going to do if he still doesn’t want to this time?
Just when Shen Xi was furious, he felt that his right hand was suddenly wet in front of him.
He looked down in disbelief and saw that the girl with wet eyes was putting her face into his hand please, and her face and tears fell into his hand, which brought a burning illusion.
Shen Xi consciously wants to take back his right hand, but the girl in front of him wants to leave himself.
She held Shen Xi’s right hand and didn’t want to let go of her tears. She fell from her eyes like a broken bead.
She cried, "Da Zhuang, I can feel that you like me, don’t you? I like what you have, too. Will you take me out of here? "
She may be too scared to see the man in front of her as her only lifeline.
When Shen Xi heard this from the other side, he was a little stiff and stopped in the same place. He always concealed his emotions very well
Does he like the girl in front of him? The answer is naturally yes.
He has never seen a gentler and more beautiful girl than her. On that day, when he accidentally fell down with her in his arms, his heart actually stopped beating when he went back to his room.
However, she is a talented woman, a man he hates, and she has always had a deep aversion to her identity from the beginning.
Even if he was tempted first, he felt that he had embraced Luo Liangcai, and the woman felt a little uncomfortable.
Until that day, when the bell said those words to him, he learned from Wu Ping what happened before the sinking.
From that moment on, all dissatisfaction degenerated into his feelings expressed in words.
After all, he is now a slave in Luofu, but the other person is his so-called father and woman, Aunt Luo Liangcai.