Sanfeng thinks too highly of herself. She thinks that her grace ruler must be the mistresses to the enemy. Who knows that although it is powerful, it has not been refined by the correct method, and it can’t show its true colors. It is only used in a simple way, but it is enough to resist the attack of the mirror.

In the tunnel, those five-color apertures are only spinning in the golden glow shadow, and they are in a constant ebb and flow. On the one hand, the aperture can’t go forward, and on the other hand, the golden light can’t pass. It’s also difficult to compete. Seeing that the enemy has withdrawn the flying sword, Sanfeng has gone crazy, and Jin Xunu and others also know the power of that magic weapon, naturally surprised by this stalemate.
He and Erfeng and others all think that Emei’s master is worthy of fame, but only two teenagers actually have such a treasure. Even Dong Xiu put away all his previous heart of leaning on the potential and underestimating the enemy. Jin Xunu and Huizhu are so timid that they are determined not to be enemies of Emei, and they are all planning how to find opportunities to put two people and one horse and leave a good relationship for a while.
Even Chu Feng, who has been observing here, was surprised. When she saw that she couldn’t capture each other, she made a cruel move to the Taiji diagram. This is a kind of law that rebelled against God’s sand tunnel. The 749 arrays in God’s sand tunnel can be divided and combined, but if it is reversed, it will be unified. It is equal to compressing the countless Ziyun Shensha in the whole thousand-mile tunnel to form a Taiji diagram. The attack was terrible.
However, if this move is deployed, then the whole Shensha tunnel will be destroyed. Not only can Ziyun Shensha be reused after being remelted, but the law will also be rearranged. The reason why Chufeng is so is that she is forced to do nothing, because she is now trapped by two people. However, the law is still being destroyed, and it is obvious that the enemy is not coming.
Moreover, the person who came later was stronger than two people trapped in the ground. She was just now, and the other party was already attacking the place where several people were fighting. In order to destroy the enemy, she had to make this decision, because she also knew that the bearer must be very strong and could not resist by herself, so she had to use this trick, but others at the scene did not know the real situation.
They felt that the whole tunnel was shaking regularly, and they were all surprised. Together, they refined the tunnel. Naturally, once this happens, it can only explain one problem, that is, Chu Feng has begun to rebel against the whole law. Sanfeng saw that she was just fighting with the enemy, but everyone else stood by. She knew that if so, she would definitely not succeed alone.
Now she feels the tunnel shaking. Knowing that the elder sister is going to kill him, she can’t bear it any longer. She can’t help yelling at Erfeng, Dongxiu and Huizhu: "Emei junior is so rampant, and the sisters haven’t used their magic weapon to catch him. When will they wait? If we let the elder sister move the array method, we will be busy later! "
Listen to her words. Except Kim Soo-nu is still pretending to be demented. Erfeng and other three people also knew that if things were allowed to unfold, I’m afraid Ziyun Palace would not be safe in the future.
You know, after the array was reversed. The whole force of law will be condensed together to attack, and that force is the master of Yuan infant period who also dare not meet hard. These two little guys will definitely die, and then the issue will be big.
While the law is not completely rebellious, several people have taken out the magic weapon from the magic weapon capsule and tried their best to do it. However, Shi Sheng is not an amateur, and Shi Sheng is protected by a dirt clock, while Qi Jinchan spreads the magic weapon borrowed from Qin Ziling, and a colorful cloud protects him. Ziyun Palace’s magic weapon can’t be used.
When the two times were deadlocked, I saw a water ripple dangling in the air, and a shadow came out of the air. Everyone just wanted to look closely, but suddenly they heard the sound of thunder and thunder coming from the depths of the tunnel behind, and the whole tunnel was shaking very violently. Everyone in Ziyun Palace knew that the law had been reversed successfully, and I’m afraid it would be in big trouble in the future.
Although Shi Sheng and his wife didn’t know what had happened, they both felt that there was a great disaster coming. Together, they broke the infinite circle that surrounded the rocky land first, and they both tried to escape with magic weapons. Suddenly, they heard a long laugh. Just now, the man who came out of the air laughed: "Dear Taoist friends, I didn’t expect to meet you again after more than a hundred years."
Gold must slave a look carefully, see bearer turned out to be an old friend, make track for cloud barbary Bai Guyi, he can’t help but face a red, but he also knows that now is not the time to catch up, law was turned upside down at the beginning of the phoenix, if the enemy doesn’t go, it will be difficult to escape, and the kindness of Songshan parents in those days can’t help but produce anxiety in my heart, and I can’t consider other people’s reactions, loudly drink a way:
"Now the Grand Palace Master has reversed the array, and if he doesn’t leave, it will be difficult to escape. We remember the kindness of Bai’s predecessors in those days, but people are too bullying. Now it’s not the time to say this. Let’s leave first!" With that, he looked anxiously at the white dwarf in the air, but he really hoped that the other party could know the priorities.
The White Dwarf learned about Ziyun Palace by a wonderful real person’s flying sword, and he just found a good body for Zhu Dwarf. Nothing happened, so he just went to Ziyun Palace to secretly protect Emei disciple at the request of Miao real person, but when he saw that Shi Sheng and his wife had forced their way into the tunnel, they didn’t hear from each other for a long time, so they had to come in.
When he arrived here, he just said hello and heard the reminder of Jin Xunu. He turned around and saw a red cloud, holding a round chart similar to Taiji, with a thick red light hundreds of meters long and flying like a galloping horse. It was just a blink of an eye, or a red dot was as big as a house. The power surprised the white dwarf, and he knew that he could not take this thing.
Not much to say, he rushed to Shisheng, who was still a little confused because of his appearance, picked up one in each hand and drank: "Don’t go!" Say that finish also not many words, full operation capability, body out of a golden light, wrapped in two surprises, come and go is just a few words of kung fu, they walk too fast, unexpectedly let ziyun palace people behind.
Originally, because the law has reversed, everyone stopped at a distance to avoid it, stood aside with a magic weapon for defensive land, and waited for the law to attack successfully. When Jin Xunu spoke to remind the other party, before they wanted to understand why Jin Xunu did it, the white dwarf had decisively taken the two teenagers away.
At the beginning of manipulating the Tai Chi map, Feng saw that the enemy fled quickly, and the Tai Chi map had no target to attack, so he had to let it go again to restore it to the sacred sand tunnel. Although there was no attack, there was no consumption of power. This Ziyun sacred sand did not need to be remelted, but the whole tunnel array was destroyed, and it was inevitable to rearrange it.
Sanfeng and others saw that Ziyun Shensha had condensed into a Tai Chi map, and the enemy was about to be killed in the net in an instant. There was no reason to escape, but I didn’t expect the white dwarf to come again on his deathbed and rescue all the enemies. Moreover, it was also the reason prompted by Jin Xunu. I couldn’t help but hate it. I looked at him with a bad face, even his wife Erfeng was complaining.
At the same time, when the white dwarf walked out of the ground, the golden light power surprised several people. Of course, they knew how powerful this Ziyun Shensha was, because it was something they refined with their own hands, but the white dwarf shone with golden light, and wherever the light went, those who had been highly compressed to almost invisibly Ziyun Shensha would vaguely show the original substance.
Moreover, the colorful sands with hundreds of meters deep in the walls of the golden light were rushed out of a huge hole, just like boiling soup and pouring snow, which could no longer be surrounded. The golden light building only flashed a few times in front of everyone, and then disappeared into the shadow. I don’t know where to go. Even if there were laws and various magic weapons in the hands of Ziyun Palace, it was too late to display them. Everyone was stunned by the golden light and looked at each other.
When Chu Feng saw that none of the enemy had been captured, he ruined the Shensha tunnel, which had been managed for a hundred years. He was so angry that he had to close the whole tunnel and called them back to the Huang Jing Temple. He asked Jin Xu what that meant just now. Jin Xunu didn’t hide it, but he was indebted to his parents in Songshan. At the same time, the other party made a pre-announcement, and today he just returned the favor, and he spoke out his concerns about Emei and doom.
When Feng first heard about it, he realized that Emei was not easy to rob, and that the fate of the immortals had arrived. He just hid himself at the bottom of the sea, and people still wanted to find you. It seems that hiding is impossible, but with the help of six people who were all trained in the then period, how to deal with the robbery? Today, with the help of geography, magic weapons and law, he still didn’t keep two young Emei students. Aren’t those Emei elders worse?
The more I think about it, the more afraid she becomes. I think it over and over again, and think to myself: "My sisters and I have spent a lot of effort to forge this sacred sand tunnel that is thousands of miles long. We once boasted that no matter how immortal it is, it is difficult to cross the line. I don’t want Emei to come now, and he will make a horse flip because of only two younger generations.
Although the enemy didn’t succeed through careful self-defense, as soon as the cloud chaser arrived, it was like nobody’s business, and even more than a dozen outer arrays were broken. Finally, the dwarf led people to retreat calmly, and none of them were damaged. It seems that outsiders can come and go freely. How can we resist the last robbery in the future? What should I do? Old friends don’t know who can help us. "

Volume 25 Union Lian Heng Chapter two hundred and forty-three The former tiger and the later wolf.
I made an own goal, hehe, I began to clean up the house on May Day, and I was very tired every day. I was so sleepy after writing yesterday that I forgot to pass it on. I didn’t see it until I started writing today. Sorry. )
When the people fled after the cloud, first, because the array of Chu Feng had not been collected, there were invisible sand and Tai Chi in front of them, and they could not catch up with the enemy, so they had to wait for a while. The second is to be intimidated by the innate sword of the earth. After all, this thing can be refined by itself, and finally it will be repaired by few people because of the rare materials.
After everyone saw Chufeng, after listening to everyone’s story, everyone thought that she would be as angry as everyone else. Who knows, she looked worried and stood still for a long time. Several people, such as Sanfeng, were injured because of the broken law, and suffered many unreasonable losses. They were all thinking about how to take revenge, but Chufeng’s calm appearance made everyone guess what he was thinking.
Sanfeng was even more dissatisfied and asked angrily, "Big Sister, what shall we do now? Don’t you just watch those two juniors come to the door and bully us and run away? "
Knowing that she was in the fire, Chu Feng replied softly, "As you can see, the magic weapon used by the enemy is so wonderful that it flies like lightning. How can we catch up with it? Why bother in vain? People never take the real water as soon as they come, so why not come again? All we have to do is wait for him in the palace and step up our preparations. There are ambushes everywhere in the palace, and we are not caught off guard and in a hurry. Are we afraid we won’t catch him? "
After that, Chu Feng thought of the formidable enemy of Emei Sect and the personal safety of Ziyun Palace at the end of the robbery in the future. She was so anxious that she sighed at several people: "Since she ran away, let’s run away, alas! I shouldn’t close the temple and practice dharma at this time. If I were in charge in the palace today and learned about it. It’s bound to put people in early.
Even if you don’t give the other person real water, you can also be polite. How can it be so difficult to ride a tiger now? Now the mistake has been made. Although the enemy fled for the time being, the real water was not taken in the first day. If the mission is not completed, we will definitely come again, but the dragon shark in our palace has been cut off by the enemy. If we offer the real water in Tianyi again. It hurts the dignity of Ziyun Palace too much, so it seems that we have to fight. "
They were all speechless. After a while, Jin Xunu saw that Chu Feng was somewhat timid. Hesitant, he took the opportunity to suggest, "Actually, these two Emei men are too impatient, and it happened that we were both busy. The islanders did not dare to enter the temple without permission, and the time was delayed a lot, so that they were impatient and rushed in, hurting the peace.
Otherwise, when we were on Moon Island, we would have been accommodating. Besides, when the parents had helped us, for the sake of Bai and Zhu, they didn’t have to be stingy with each other. How could they become enemies? I think our face in Ziyun Palace is small. What is important is whether we can survive this robbery safely.
Why don’t they just give them the water when they come again? When the time comes, I’ll tell them to look at the parents’ face in Songshan. I don’t think it’s good for the other party to make any other excuses. Even if those two guys are rampant, we should be patient. After all, the Emei Sect has a huge influence, and both young players have such skills and magic weapons. If we stand up to them, it will be in trouble to attract their elders. "
A word annoyed Sanfeng, and she shouted bitterly, "What do you mean? Let’s bow to Emei Sect? People bully people to their doorstep, and you have to follow them. So if they want drugs and magic weapons from our palace, should we also give them? They want our Ziyun Palace, don’t they? I think you are a traitor to Ziyun Palace. "
Second Feng said unhappily, "Third Sister, what are you talking about? Why is your brother-in-law a traitor? What’s your attitude? After all, he is your brother-in-law. How can you talk like that? " She looked at her expressionless husband, Jin Xunu, and sighed. Although she understood her husband’s meaning, she still felt a little uncomfortable.
Sanfeng turned to Erfeng and roared, "He’s not a traitor? Then who is it? If he had just made an all-out effort, the two little guys would have been captured by us, and the parents in Songshan would have come. We can see that in the past, we can give water to people without losing face, but what about him? Everyone knows what he does. "
Dong Xiu also chimed in: "That is, if he didn’t remind me in the end, those three guys would be seriously injured if they didn’t die. Now it’s okay. An issue has been settled, but people have run away. When the time comes, people will go back and introduce others. Hey hey, it won’t be two or three people. I’m afraid I don’t know how many experts came. There was no excuse before, but now there is an excuse. I wonder if this traitor will surrender?"
Kim Su-nu said with a scowl, "When did I rebel? I reminded them that I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Do you really think I don’t know what they mean? Two young players deliberately come here to make trouble. If we really hurt them, the elders who followed us secretly will deal with us. What can we do? Are you very skilled?
One of the two little guys who came here today is in the golden elixir period, and one of the parents who appeared later is already in the yuan baby period. Can we resist it? What should I do if I don’t swallow my pride? Do you want to shout at them like you and kill the land, and finally they will find an excuse to destroy it all, and then they will be happy to occupy Ziyun Palace? You’re not a traitor? "
Facing Jin Xunu’s questioning, Sanfeng and Dong Xiu were speechless. For a while, Huizhu sighed and said, "Jin Xunu is right. This time, the enemy came with the purpose of finding fault. If we can’t bear to let it go, I’m afraid there will be a disaster of overturning. Alas! Who let us have low skills and too few disciples, but occupy such a big palace, and we are guilty of it! You can’t do it without backing! "
Chu Feng said bitterly, "I didn’t believe Sister Xu when she said how overbearing Emei was. I thought it was because her husband was killed by Emei that she hated Emei so much. Now, as Sister Xu said, Emei has always been like this. Now we have tasted each other’s hegemony. These two young students are obviously looking for trouble. I’m afraid even if we give him water, we will have other demands.
If I guess correctly, look at the rampant strength of the Emei palm-teaching son just now. We won’t agree to his land conditions after we supply water, and then the other party will attack us as an excuse. In fact, if I guess correctly, the real purpose of the other party should be to want our Ziyun Palace. It seems that we can’t do without a backer! Sister Xu is right. It’s really impossible for such a big palace to be protected without a person above the age of Yuan. "
Everyone was silent, and their hearts were heavy. After a while, Dong Xiu suddenly said, "Speaking of Sister Xu, I remember. Isn’t she the early stage of Yuan Ying? Besides, although there are no five sects of the head, even the sworn brothers mentioned by Sister Xu are also very important people. If we can’t do it, how about asking Sister Xu to ask? "
Sanfeng’s eyes lit up and said, "Yes, Sister Xu said that among her three sworn brothers, the second and third place are a couple, who have been practicing for thousands of years, living in the Black Knife Gorge, and they are all masters of Yuanying, and their eldest brother is even better, with hundreds of disciples, most of whom are in the golden elixir period, and they are countless magic weapons. Why don’t we ask her to introduce them?"
After looking at Chufeng with an eager face, everyone else was moved. Chufeng reasoned and said awkwardly, "We just invited each other, and the so-called guest bully the shop. I’m afraid it’s easier to ask God to send God then. What if the other person is just as greedy for this Ziyun Palace as Emei? Just don’t covet here. What if the other side can’t beat Emei? Or dare not provoke Emei? "
Several people were asked by her and couldn’t answer. After a long time, Sanfeng stamped her feet and said, "It’s also a knife to stretch your head and shrink your head. It’s better to invite wolves to the back door than to break into the ground tiger yourself."
Chufeng didn’t know what to do. After listening to Sanfeng’s words, she knew that it was the only way. If Emei occupied this place, it would be better to invite others. For the sake of Xu Fei Niang’s face, I’m afraid people can’t do it too much. She wanted to think about it. She took out the communication symbols left by Xu Fei Niang, burned them with real fire, informed Xu Fei Niang, and then began to rebuild the sand tunnel with everyone.
Chasing the clouds with Qi Jinchan and Shi Sheng rushed out of the Shensha tunnel, and with two people, they came directly to the island where Qi Lingyun was hiding. When they arrived at the island, they met with Yan Ying Heng and Xuejun Jiang’s mentoring and others, and told them about the power of the Shensha tunnel, and let Qi Jinchan and Shi Sheng tell their experiences.
After listening, Qin Ziling was unwilling at first, but before she could speak, Qin Han calyx said first, "What do you mean by Qi Jinchan? Is Emei school great? We don’t care if you are crazy about others, but why do you want to press my nephew Shi Sheng not to say that he is from Qingcheng Mountain? This time, Qingcheng sent us to save people, and Emei asked for water, so don’t confuse them. What are you thinking? "
Although others don’t want to listen to Qin Han’s calyx, they dare not scold her. Even people dare not rob her so quickly. Although her husband Song Changgeng ruined Zhu Mei’s body, he didn’t want to provoke this malefic again because Song Changgeng had made up with Yang Jin, and he got the Millennium then for her when Yuanjiang took the treasure.
And Yan Ying Heng didn’t know Song Chang Gung, but the movement in the East China Sea during the robbery also made her deeply afraid. Besides, tian hu, the mother of Qin’s sisters, was originally a master at the same level as her. Now that people have robbed her, I’m afraid it’s hard for them to fight, so they kept silent. What Xuejun Jiang wanted to say was stopped by her, and she chose two not to help each other.
Qi Lingyun knew his brother’s meaning. After all, when he came, his parents told him the same thing. But his behavior was so turbulent that everyone’s face was ugly. In order not to arouse everyone’s displeasure, she said with a gentle smile, "Sister Hancalyx, don’t say that. My brother likes playing with Shisheng too much, so he came up with this bad idea. There is no other meaning. Don’t get me wrong."

Volume 25 Union Lian Heng Chapter two hundred and forty-four He who speaks too much will lose.
At the beginning of the phoenix, the summoning spell was burned, and Xu Fei Niang felt it in the healing place of Wuyunbu in Huangshan Mountain. It was something she deliberately left behind, but after a calculation, she knew that it was Ziyun Palace who was looking for her. Although the injury was still not good, she still used magic to crush the injury. After closing the abode of fairies and immortals, the imperial sword went straight to Ziyun Palace in the South China Sea, but there was no delay.
After seeing the people in Ziyun Palace, Huizhu was the first to hurt her. She couldn’t help but wonder who could hurt her. Xu Fei Niang didn’t hide it. She and her eldest brother took the treasure of Yuanjiang hand in hand. Later, she was hurt by Yan Ying Heng, and told the origin of Yuanjiang’s treasure. At the same time, she also told the grand event about herself.
At that time, people in Ziyun Palace were fascinated, and several people thought that their own Ziyun Palace felt good, but looking at others, taking land was the magic weapon of Guang Chengzi in the legend. Chu Feng thought that since each other had the ability to take Guang Chengzi’s hidden treasure, even if they took a fancy to this Ziyun Palace, they probably didn’t have the ability to fight it. What method could they use to ask him for help and keep the inheritance?
After talking about it, Xu Fei Niang asked why she was invited this time. After several people looked at it, Chu Feng told the story roughly. Xu Fei Niang couldn’t help but be stunned. She didn’t expect Emei to come to Ziyun Palace. After thinking about it, she asked doubtfully, "No! As far as I know, that Shisheng is not from Emei, but from Qingcheng School. "
At the beginning of the chicken and others have one leng, how to stir up the Qingcheng School again? What kind of master is the reality of bliss? They know something even at the bottom of the sea. Now it’s even worse to drag him out. A few people feel that the future is dark, and they don’t know if they can get past this and whether this Ziyun Palace can be kept.
Xu Fei Niang put a few people’s demeanor in her eyes. She turned her eyes and asked with a smile: "Just now, I just said a rough idea. Since this stone student is pretending to be a middleman in Emei, I’m afraid there are some other things in this matter. Please tell me the details of the matter. And tell me what you thought at that time, and we will carefully consider it. "