Gu Zhujun faces Shijie. "I heard that Teacher Shijie will go to Chaoge Women’s Branch to teach, and my daughter will also go to this branch to study. Please take more photos of Teacher Shijie."

"Of course," replied Shijie, "but I accepted Mrs. Su Ji’s invitation temporarily and haven’t been officially hired by Fuxi Nuwa College."
"Senior talents and qualifications are more than enough for the dean of the branch. How can the college not hire?"
"You’re flattered!" Shi Ji smiled and looked at Mo Tailing. "The princess has a special quota to enter Fuxi Nuwa College, unlike me who takes students here and has to compete to enter the branch."
This lukewarm words make Mo Ziling’s face a little bit awkward. "To tell you the truth, Mr. Shijie, I’m here to participate in the Smart Competition. I’m confident that I can get the admission qualification by my strength."
Shijie asked, "Why doesn’t the princess try one?"? If the result does not affect the admission of the princess and other students. "
"But my father won’t let me!" Mo Tai Ling answered
"Well, Mr. Shijie," Gu Zhujun took over, "I’m mainly worried that the identity of Princess Ling Gu Zhu will not be too ostentatious to participate in the Smart Competition. Now that you have obtained the admission qualification, you must reinvent the wheel? "
Shijie smiled, "Jun Hou is worried about this contest. Dayi merchants cured many noble women and even the royal family. According to the report, at least one princess, three infantas and seven generals’ daughters, Princess Ao Zhenlai, also want to participate in this competition. She is a dragon, and her age is far beyond the limit."
Mo Tailing looked at me. "Does the teacher have to wear the clothes that Nezha wore when he performed today?"
"That’s not true," Shi Ji replied. "Choosing this style is to follow the smart project from the east, and that’s when they participate in the group rhythmic performance, wearing a single person will make them wear another outfit."
"Oh!" Mo Tailing replied, "Can Mr. Shijie still register now?"
Shi Ji smiled and replied, "I’m sure I can’t come now, but there will be more after the game and college students can participate."
"However, the Princess Asako Girls’ Branch also needs smart courses, and it is difficult for you to prepare this style of tights by then."
Gu Zhujun asked, "Now that Mr. Shi Ji has decided to go to Chaoge, can we go with him?"
Shi Ji replied, "I appreciate your kindness, but my smart teaching here has not been completed yet. In half a month, I will take nine students to Xingdi Chaoge to participate in the smart competition, and then my husband and princess will meet each other."
"But Mr. Shijie," said Mr. Gu Zhujun, "it’s a long way to go to Chaoge, and it’s a long way to go. There are a lot of sparsely populated places, and the Shanrong Dongyi rebels often haunt me. That’s why I brought thousands of sergeant and his party, many of whom are girls. I’m afraid it’s inconvenient!"
Shi Ji smiled. "Although a woman has been walking in the Jianghu for many years, there are countless murders in her hands. Except for Emperor Hao Tian, Dean Sanqing and my mentor, she has never been too low to threaten anyone. I’m afraid she hasn’t been born yet!"
This statement is outstanding.
Mo Tailing asked, "Since Nezha is going to participate in the competition, is she going to study at the Chaoge Branch?"
"That’s not necessarily true," Shijie said. "Nezha is a professor at the Yuxu Branch of Sanqing College. It’s not up to me to decide where to study."
Solitary bamboo gentleman interjected, "Did you hear that there are all male brothers in Yuxu Branch?"
"This is the situation of the Kunlun Mountain Branch. As far as I know, the outer court is restricted by this. For example, Princess Yin Jiao is the brother of Professor Guangcheng, the chief of the branch, and she can also go to the Biyou Branch of Sanqing College to study there are many female brothers."
Mo Tailing looked at my face with disappointment. "Then can Nezha accompany me to sing songs first?"
Shijie smiled and shook his head. "No, Nezha is my trump card. The ranking of this smart competition depends on her. The most she can do is to stay here with the princess one night and one morning. She must come back to me to complete the training."
Mo Tai Ling looked lost, but I felt relaxed in my heart.
14 pity children get married
Late Mo Tai Ling invited me to take a bath. Fortunately, I have gradually adapted to my female body, and seeing the princess’s soft body has not made me daydream.
Six maids were distributed around the pool, wearing a thin veil. I thought to myself whether Pinger and Tweety should be dressed like this when I got back.
Forget it! Pinger is afraid that I will die when she comes, so don’t torture them.
Mo Tailing came to see that the blue of my knee had already faded. "Good so soon?" She grabbed my hand again. "The next time you said these two magic weapons, you won’t know them now!"
I can’t do it again? True or false? In the previous life, Nezha had three lives at the age of seven.
"Yes," I said, "but I’m not skilled yet."
"Then show it to my sister!"
I looked around. "This place is not suitable. These two things are fierce things." I raised my left hand. "This golden circle broke Li Gen’s manager’s head last year and almost killed him." I raised my right hand again. "This HongLing injured the vertebra of King Aobing this year. I can’t handle it well. Even if I hurt the princess maid or tear down the hall room, it’s always bad!"
"Hum!" Mo Tailing pursed her lips again. "You know how to sell!"
I smiled "don’t be angry, sister! Let the younger sister be skilled and skilled again, and when she arrives at Chaoge, her sister must come and join her! "
"That’s all right! We will be there or not! "
I saw her wrist wrapped with colorful ropes. "Is this my sister’s magic weapon? What? "
Mo Tailing moved to the other side of the pool. "Do you want to see it?" Then a strange smile crossed the corner of his mouth.
I immediately became alert, and the colorful rope flew out of her hand and turned into several feet long and wound around me.
I immediately resisted the entanglement of colorful ropes and exerted psychic interference to manipulate her. Mo Ziling felt that my resistance was also fighting in the dark to strengthen mana and psychic suppression.
The multicolored rope walked out of a strange track in the forest and flew over my head in a flash and went straight to a maid behind me.
"Oh dear!" Mo Tai Ling exclaimed that a maid was caught off guard, and the colorful rope was tightly wrapped around her body, and she fell into the water unsteadily.
I immediately stepped out of the water and grabbed the maid before she fell into the water and jumped out of the pool.
Ink tire ling also jumped out of the pool to recover the rope.
"Scared me to death!" She squatted next to the maid. "Phantom, are you okay?" This phantom son obviously frighten not light half a day did not return to absolute being.
Ink tire ling twist a head and looked at me "why don’t you let me tie? Your magic is so strong that it won’t happen if I tie it. How can they stand this without magic? "
I lost my temper again! I stretched my hands forward. "Then you can tie them again!"
"If you tie it, you are afraid of you!" A multicolored rope tied my arm, and Mo Tailing kicked me in the lower abdomen and kicked me back into the water.
Mo Tai Ling and her maid left and left me alone in the water for half a day until she got dressed and came in.
"Why don’t you come out?" She asked
I feel angry and funny. "You’re still tying me up! How can I get out? "
"Can’t you solve it yourself?"
I just … "I have to make you Japanese!"
"All right, all right!" She took back the rope and looked at my arm. "Are you okay? Phantom legs are bleeding. "
"What’s the matter? It’s not the first time I’ve been tied up. "
In the evening, I accompanied her to play the piano and be good at chess. I am not very proficient in these things. Everything is worse than her, which just satisfies her little vanity.
Fortunately, the princess arranged another bedroom for me and didn’t let me sleep with her, otherwise I didn’t know how to spend the night.
The next day, I went back to the Academy to recite in the afternoon, and I went back to singing the praises of the great king Wu Ding.
In class, we all climbed the tower to watch the lone bamboo king’s fleet set sail. Four warships surrounded the gorgeous building ship. "What a style!"
Back in the classroom, Mr. Yu announced to us that "seven students, including Nezha, left enough time to prepare before the school year’s course ended."
"Two students from Nezha Yuqian have won the entrance qualification competition of Fuxi Nuwa College, and after that, they will stay with Shi Ji in the Chaoge Women’s Branch. Other students will arrange according to the results of the competition."
"It’s a long way to go to Chaoge, and bandits are rampant all the way. You girls should always be vigilant and stay close to the teacher in Rocky Rock to ensure that you are well! Now let’s say goodbye. "
I cried next to my voice. When I saw Xiaoqian, tears were streaming down her face. Several other girls were sobbing, and even some boys were crying.