The two of them flew swords in the air for more than five meters. As soon as they flew into Ciyun Temple, the people inside knew it. A young monk who looked like a guest came over and saluted them. "What’s your name?" Where did it come from? "

Standing on the sword, Song Changgeng said, "We have come from Bijun Temple, entrusted by Emei Sect, to tell the appointed time and place. I wonder who is in charge here?"
The young monk, who looked like a guest, hurried in to report, and soon ran out to invite the two of them in. Both of them put away their swords and walked with the monk, past several houses and came to a hall.
As soon as he entered the main hall, he saw a room full of grotesque people, some of whom were good-looking, and all of them had evil eyes. Song Changgeng could not help secretly shaking his head. Obviously, these people didn’t get advanced dharma tactics.
Therefore, they are all controlled by the power of dharma, the evil side of nature is stimulated and distorted, and people become insidious, evil and murderous. These are the manifestations of ordinary evil factions, and most of them are like this here.
After a glance, clear voice, Song Changgeng, said, "Many Taoist friends are entrusted by Emei Sect to tell you that Emei Taoist friends have all gone to Jade Qing Temple, a village to ward off evil spirits, and it is scheduled for the 15th night of the first month of next year, or your Sect will go there, or they will come to learn, and the two families will decide to survive in the end. When the news arrives, they will leave."
After that, he made a ceremony and was about to turn around when he heard a strange laugh in the hall. Then someone said, "Come back slowly!"
Song Changgeng took a look and saw that it was the one sitting in the middle. This man had a big head, but his body was short and thin. He wore a green robe and his body was less than 1.3 meters tall. He was very ugly. He deliberately and strangely asked, "What can I do for this Taoist friend?"
When Fayuan heard this, he didn’t want to be named as an injury emissary. He stood up and said sharply, "This is our current leader, the green-robed ancestor of Baiman Mountain, the founder of southern magic religion, but he is a distinguished guest here and is not worth talking to you."
When the green-robed bodhi old zu heard this, it was another ugly strange laugh. He ignored Fayuan, shook his big head, stretched out two slender bird claws and slowly walked down from his seat.
This green-robed bodhi old zu has the habit of eating people’s hearts raw. He has been here for two days, but he has already eaten two monks in the temple. When people see him like this, they know that this messenger is doomed, and they all open their eyes and want to find out.
Although Fa Yuan didn’t want to hurt the bodhi old zu in the green robe, he knew that he was particularly eccentric and couldn’t stop him, so he had to listen to it, but he still kept an eye on it and winked at several confidants to prepare everyone.
The green-robed bodhi old zu went to Song Changgeng’s side, stretched out his hand fiercely, and grabbed his paws like electricity, but only heard a loud bang. Song Changgeng’s fists had hit the green-robed bodhi old zu’s paws hard.
The green-robed bodhi old zu was beaten upside down. Before he landed, Song Changgeng didn’t have to do anything. His mind moved, and the’ Three Yang One Sword’ on his back flew up, and three rainbows followed him.
The green bodhi old zu is not thinks lightly, although I didn’t expect Song Changgeng’s melee attack to be so fierce, but others have already released a green brilliance in the air, protecting them at the side of their bodies.
This "hundred poisons cold light barrier" is a magic weapon refined by the green robe bodhi old zu, and its effect is also extraordinary. I thought I could resist it, but I ate the "three yang and one sword" and broke it.
With the help of such a moment’s kung fu, the green bodhi old zu has turned back more than ten meters. He grabbed it in his waist, and Venus flashed out at ten thousand points between the whisking hands. However, between the two men, there was no reaction.
When Fa Yuan and Yu De saw this, they called on them to release the magic weapon of sword light to protect themselves, but don’t start work. The bodhi old zu in green robe was the only one who did it, and at that time all kinds of precious lights flashed in the hall.
Qin Ziling hasn’t spoken since she came in with Song Changgeng. Seeing this situation, she immediately released her own’ Purple Jade Dragon Soul Sword’, and a Zi Long danced to circle them in the middle.
Song Chang-geng touched his right waist, raised his hand, and thousands of red lines flew out. As soon as he appeared, he turned into countless red lines, forming a red cloud, which touched the tens of thousands of gold stars red-handed.
However, after listening to the sound of "squeaking" and "scoffing", the tens of thousands of gold stars fell to the ground like meteors, and the red clouds were also reduced a lot.
When ten thousand gold stars began to land, the green-robed bodhi old zu felt very distressed. He gave a strange cry, and in all directions, he immediately cried out in ghosts, with a piercing voice, gloomy clouds and miserable fog.

Chapter 60 The sword cuts the green robe
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The apprentice of the Dragon Venerable, the pink-faced Buddha Yude, knew it was not good when he saw it. He quickly shouted, "Not good! Please protect yourselves and don’t move! So as not to be attacked. "
He himself put up a golden circle and turned it into a large aperture of more than ten meters, surrounding all the people around him. When all the people in the hall looked carefully again, they saw that there was already a blank sheet of paper in the hands of the green robe bodhi old zu.
On this white paper, there are seven skeletons and seven naked witches painted on it. The bodhi old zu in green robe just shakes the banner, and Yu De and others near him feel dizzy and very sad.
The green-robed bodhi old zu was waiting to shake the banners. Song Chang-geng had given up manipulating the hongyun scattering needle, and took out a dozen thunderbolts, which were refined from Xiaoyao Island and were the size of broad beans, from the dry Kun bag on the right side of his waist, and whisked them out together with Taiyi Thunder.
I saw a thunder fire more than one meter thick cut through the space, hitting the white paper banners, and the thunderbolts mixed inside exploded one after another. At that time, the sound of "bang" was deafening, and everyone quickly took exercise to protect their ears.
The thunder fire split on the white paper trail, and immediately the white paper trail was blown into several sections. This trail was refined by the mind of the bodhi old zu in a green robe. When the trail was destroyed, his mind swung, and just after a stupefied effort, Song Changgeng’s flying sword followed the thunder fire arrived.
"Three Yang and One Sword" combined into a thick rainbow. Before the green robe bodhi old zu came back to his taste, he was cut in two by a circle. Song Changgeng’s heart moved and the sword light began to slowly retreat.
Sure enough, as he knew, the lurking Xinchenzi had already flown out, turned into a green fire, and flew from the northeast, flying like lightning.
The body of the green robe bodhi old zu turned forward.
Song Chang Gung seemed to suddenly think of something, and the sword light suddenly folded back. The green fire was so scared that it flew away immediately, and did not dare to make any stop. It went to the southwest, leaving the green robe bodhi old zu’s dry Kun bag and the lower half of the body in the local area.
A smug smile appeared in the corners of Song Chang-geng’s mouth. This scene unfolded too fast, and everyone was too busy protecting themselves to react. The result was that they were dumbfounded.
The green-robed bodhi old zu is the leader of southern magic religion, who lived in Baiman Mountain for a hundred years and founded southern magic religion alone. So he was killed. Who is this person? Have such skills?
Song Chang-geng ignored them, and directly took it out from the "sweet belt" around his waist to improve and strengthen the "green stork bottle", which was elegant and smooth in shape, but only five inches high in a palm.
With the development of other methods, the jade-colored and moist bottle mouth releases a colorful treasure gas, and its disease is like electricity, flying out of the bottle mouth, and the long whale sucks the sea and engulfs the ten thousand-point Venus that is still fighting against Hongyun.
This 10,000-point Venus is the famous treasure of the green robe bodhi old zu’ Hundred Poisons Golden Silkworm Method’. The five-color gas flew in the field like Changhong, and then rolled back, and everything was collected.
Whether those who have lost the hosting of the’ Hundred Poisons Golden Silkworm Method’ or the green robe bodhi old zu who has only the lower half of the body on the ground, they are directly sucked into the jade bottle, as if disappearing into this world.
When the dust settled, the people came to their senses and were ready to make moves, Song Chang Gung and Qin Ziling had taken back their flying swords, and their swords became one, turning into Changhong and Zi Long, and flew away in surprises.