In terms of saving money, Lotito has done much better than ever. He will only pay less money, but he will never pay more transfer fees.

In the previous transfer negotiations, he showed his stingy characteristics in this respect.
This time, Lotito didn’t let Changsheng down.
A week later, news came from Spain.
Barcelona agreed to sell Belletti to Lazio for 3.5 million euros.
But when Chang Sheng heard this price, everyone was surprised.
Because it cost Chelsea 5.5 million euros to take Belletti away from Barcelona. When Barcelona dug Belletti from Villarreal, it spent 5.3 million euros.
It can be said that Barcelona is losing money.
Therefore, Changsheng was very surprised that Lotito could keep the price so low.
He also had to admit that Lotito was a genius …
If he doesn’t become the president of the club and becomes the general manager of the club, he will also become a famous manager in the world football.
After obtaining the transfer approval from Barcelona, Lazio began to talk about personal contract with Belletti.
Belletti is not averse to a change of environment, and he has no problem with going to Lazio. He has an Italian passport anyway.
Belletti is negotiating here.
Changsheng turned around and called Blanco.
"Lichsteiner can sell it to you, but for ten million euros, not a penny. He is the main right-back of the league champion team. He is a Swiss international. He is still young and has a bright future. He is worth the price. If Juventus doesn’t agree, then we won’t sell it. "
Blanco couldn’t say anything different at all.
People have made it clear that it is 10 million euros, and you can accept it or not.
The media didn’t know about the negotiations between Barcelona and Lazio, so Blanco didn’t know that Changsheng had found a replacement for Lichsteiner. He actually wanted to sell Lichsteiner.
Ten million … Juventus think about it and think that they are not short of money. And Lichsteiner is really good. The most important thing is that after chiellini left, Juventus’ defence is really in a hurry. They need a defender, no matter how much money, they must buy it.
In this way, Blanco gritted his teeth and agreed to Lazio’s price of 10 million euros.
On the day when the news of Lichsteiner’s transfer to Juventus was revealed, Lazio also announced the arrival of Belletti.
Blanco discovered at this time that he was cheated by Changsheng-Changsheng had already found a way out for selling Lichsteiner, and he contacted himself only after finding a way out … instead of struggling for a week!
For his "struggling week", Juventus paid 10 million fucking euros …
Blanco has a breath in his chest, but he can’t vent it.
Maybe he didn’t need 10 million to buy Lichsteiner at all.
Now all he can do is hope that Lichsteiner will use practical actions to prove that his 10 million euros are well spent …
When Lichsteiner left the team and Belletti came to the team, Lazio had entered the stage of physical training.
Belletti just came to the team. Physical fitness coach Elias Dominic and two medical consultants gave Belletti a very detailed physical examination in the hospital.
According to this physical examination report, Elias Dominic will design a targeted physical training plan for him.
This physical training program is mainly to increase Belletti’s muscle strength and prevent him from being injured again.
Elias Dominique and two medical consultants both think that Belletti’s muscle strength is too low to effectively protect his important joints.