The area of the Governor’s Mansion still occupies 200 mu here, directly from the new city wall to the north and south of the old city wall, which are close to the moat, especially the moat of the old city. Before this, the water in this river was introduced into the Governor’s Mansion’s rockery garden, which added interest. Now Zhu Jinglun has decided to dig the aqueduct again to plant the land.

Zhu Jinglun is no stranger to farming. His grandmother’s family came from the countryside and went back to do farm work every year when she was a child.
He is also strong enough. It is no exaggeration to say that it is no problem for one person to support four strong men.
He refused the help of the guards himself, and he reclaimed ten acres of land for water diversion in a few days, so he couldn’t do it himself. This kind of professional matter had to invite craftsmen to help build the diversion canal and install the rollover, so Zhu Jinglun could introduce running water into his field by stepping on the rollover.
Some of the guards were also farmers, and they were also experts in farming, but they found that Zhu Jinglun’s farming was different from theirs. They knew how to transplant seedlings without raising seedlings, but the soil for Zhu Jinglun’s seedlings was particularly thick and the seedlings grew longer, which was even faster than the time of transplanting seedlings.
Only then did they find out that their emperor didn’t intend to transplant rice seedlings, but loaded them into the fields in carts and then threw them directly at the fields.
Isn’t this a waste of crops? At first, many soldiers had such thoughts in their hearts, but they dared not say them. Even they felt guilty to think about it. The emperor felt a strong sense of sacredness in their hearts, especially when he stayed with people like Zhu Jinglun for a long time, which had a strong influence. I don’t know, Zhu Jinglun’s natural atmosphere was very popular.
They don’t know that this is called seedling throwing, which only appeared in the 1950 s and matured in the 1970 s
Zhu Jinglun happened to have done such a thing.
What happened next made the guards feel even more bizarre, because they saw that all the seedlings were alive, not to mention Zhu Jinglun, and then they bought some small fry and put them in. This is not a big deal. Although everyone has never heard of fish farming in rice fields, it is not surprising that fish can’t be seen in the water at ordinary times.
But Zhu Jinglun also put some ducks in other fields, and some hatched. A few days later, the ducklings were in the water, and no fish had teeth. But ducks have mouths. The key point is that everyone knows that ducks eat grass. What can they do if they eat rice seedlings?
At this time, some soldiers suddenly realized that the emperor just planted crops and raised ducks. No wonder the emperor had nothing to do to make these acres of land.
What surprised them was that as rice seedlings and ducks grew up day by day, the two creatures finally coexisted peacefully.
Moreover, Zhu Jinglun also took a family, mainly his wife Zhang Ruan, and made many incredible things, such as Zhu Jinglun’s later experience. Every day, he fed the ducks and let the silver ring shake the bronze bell for a long time. It took a long time to shake the bronze bell before he could play in the rice field, and the ducks quacked and flew to the duck house.
Soldiers who don’t understand this symbiosis are surprised that they are really trying to explain this situation. Privately speaking, the emperor’s ducks know human nature and don’t eat seedlings.
In fact, it is not known when this symbiosis principle was discovered. It was not long ago, at least not before the Republic of China, but was popularized after the reform and opening up.
The reason is that ducks don’t eat rice seedlings, and green seedlings are also in the duck diet, but the duck will eat rice seedlings only when there are no insects and no grass to eat. Therefore, it is impossible to raise too many ducks in an acre of land, which means that there are too many insects in the sky, which will not be enough for ducks to eat. This specific proportion is impossible to find out without experiments, so it has not been explored by ordinary people in old China.
But in this era, people are still superstitious about soldiers’ claims, and soon they go out to the market and talk about it.
It was not until many senior officials visited the emperor and kept looking at Zhu Jinglun’s rice fields that Zhu Jinglun discovered this problem. By this time, the rice seedlings had grown to more than a foot high.
The fourth white three-section emperor’s duck
Superstition imposed on the emperor’s body In ancient China, many Zhu Jinglun’s body had already appeared, and he didn’t care much about it, but this was not his idea.
The land he planted has already been discussed by the Manchu Dynasty. Of course, in this country where agriculture is important, no matter how privately you disagree, you have to express your support for it. It is just to turn the symbolic farming of successive emperors into real farming.
But in fact, many people don’t agree with Chen Zhiting’s status as prime minister, especially because Zhu Jinglun put more and more state affairs on him to make decisions, which made him very unaccustomed. When Zhu Jinglun went to farm, he felt that the emperor was serious and did not do anything to plant that land, regardless of the state affairs, it was not worth the candle.
Many courtiers actually wrote memorials and Chen Zhiting transferred them to Zhu Jinglun, but Zhu Jinglun didn’t look at them at all. Now that he has decided to exercise the government, he can really let go.
Therefore, he simply doesn’t know the thoughts of those ministers instructed by Chen Zhiting.
Zhu Jinglun’s own thoughts? It’s very simple that he wants to promote a few advanced agriculture that he only knows. This technology has greatly reduced the labor intensity of farmers. In the past, it was too tired for a seedling to bend once. Many farmers were too old to bend their backs, which is absolutely related to this kind of frequent bending and ploughing.
Throwing seedlings is different from throwing seedlings out, eliminating bending, not only protecting farmers’ waist, but also improving efficiency.
Even if a strong worker plows seven acres of land, it will kill him. However, according to experts’ exaggerated description, a child can throw 30 acres of seedlings a day
Of course, Zhu Jinglun’s goal is really to reduce the burden on farmers, because there is no 30 mu of land for people to cultivate in China with more than one mu per capita.
Raising ducks and raising fish is just an auxiliary technology to cooperate with seedling throwing technology, because seedling throwing has a great defect, that is, it can’t be transplanted horizontally and vertically, and every seedling can’t be neatly arranged in rows and columns, so it is necessary to weed, remove insects and turn over the soil for unified agriculture.
Raising ducks just solves this problem. Ducks keep catching insects and eating weeds in paddy fields instead of farmers’ extermination and weeding workers, which is equivalent to labor. Finally, they can produce duck eggs, eat duck droppings and fertilize the fields.
In general, this is a labor-saving and efficient method.
But who would have thought that in the end, I added a mysterious aura to my head.
Zhu Jinglun doesn’t care much about this mysterious aura. He doesn’t dislike being a prestigious emperor, but if prestige is gained through this superstitious way, he would rather not know too much about what rotten fruit superstitious soil can bear.
The first leader of the Republic is a rare leader with high prestige in the history of China, and modern methods have made him more prestigious than an emperor in history before his death. However, people in some remote areas are superstitious and generally revere leaders, which is not a bad thing in any way. However, when the leader is old, there are some ignorant people who do not want to let the leader leave them. Many of them are unacceptable, such as their children’s lives.
Zhu Jinglun hopes to gain prestige through proper means. He doesn’t want the people to be superstitious about him because he is heaven. He hopes that he has brought happiness and pride to the people and made them love him.
So he was going to explain it until a bodyguard made a request to him, and he decided not to explain it to the outside world for a while. They decided to keep it mysterious for a while.
The guards are very embarrassed. Although Zhu Jinglun has always been approachable, he is still difficult to say that the emperor wants something. He wants his brother to hear that the emperor’s ducks don’t eat seedlings. Curious, they all drive their own ducks into the rice fields. Obviously, those ducks and ducks have harmed the rice seedlings. As a result, his father got angry and accidentally broke his younger brother’s legs.
The young bodyguard felt that his brother’s leg was interrupted and he was very sorry. He quietly bought a lot of delicious food for his brother, but his brother made a request to him for some emperors’ ducks.
"Okay, okay, I’ll give you ten when my ducklings hatch. You take them back to your brother. By then, his legs will have grown. Tell him that these ducks will go to the ground casually and promise not to eat rice seedlings."
The situation of the guards made Zhu Jinglun feel that the mystery of Li might promote these technologies faster.
As time went by, the rice fields headed and produced rich grains, and a bumper harvest was ushered in mid-November.
Before harvest, the fish raised in the paddy fields can be caught by releasing water to dry the paddy fields, and sent to many people, mainly to the courtiers in the DPRK. After the paddy fields are dried and dried, bundles of rice are cut, threshed and threshed. Finally, Zhu Jinglun still distributed these personally planted rice to the courtiers in the DPRK to keep enough rations and seeds for one year.
The emperor personally farmed rice and gave it to loyal ministers. The ministers expressed their gratitude in a tone of gratitude. How much of it was true and how much was false? Zhu Jinglun was not happy. He was satisfied that so many ministers were sincerely moved and became dead set.
However, it has created a big atmosphere, but it is the biggest gain. Throughout the ages, the king has been praised by ministers for a little gadget, so he is really grateful for it. Zhu Jinglun’s trip is not ordinary. He is really giving a little favor. He really personally weighed ten acres to give food to ministers. This trip has directly caused heated discussion in the country. Many ministers have reported that your kindness is as hard to report as the sea.
In this atmosphere, if ministers do inappropriate actions in the future, their names will stink.
Of course, these Zhu Jinglun really don’t care much about letting the ministers do their jobs. He has set up a whole set of assessment systems, including the official department, which is responsible for the assessment every year so that the ministers don’t take bribes and bend the law, and another system with the highest restrictions. Hurd recently set up a strict modern inspection department. Although many officials hate it privately, he also said that this inspection machine is effective.
With these systems, Zhu Jinglungen doesn’t need to take things from people’s hearts. He just doesn’t care to give things to ministers. Anyway, he can’t finish them. If he sells them, it’s not appropriate. Because some people are willing to pay a high price with the aura of the emperor, I’m afraid many people will think that eating rice grown by the emperor can prolong life. Then maybe there will be counterfeit goods. He doesn’t want to encourage this business model
With the harvest of rice fields, ducks in rice fields have grown up and laid eggs. Zhu Jinglun gave the first batch of rotten ducklings to Huang Dafeng, a bodyguard in manhole of Xin ‘an County, as promised.
Huang Dafeng gave these ducks to his younger brother Huang Erfeng, who drove them into his own paddy field again. This time, no duck would eat their rice seedlings.
The news spread faster and faster. Everyone knew that the ducks of the emperor were human and knew not to eat rice seedlings of farmers. They didn’t know that Huang Erfeng’s ten ducks had enough cordyceps in their rice fields. Besides, when the seedlings had grown for a while, the rice seedlings had become hard and the roots were not to the taste of ducklings. Of course they wouldn’t eat them.
Seeing that Huang Dafeng had asked for some ducklings from the emperor, other guards were greedy and had the cheek to ask for them. They were all peasant brothers, and most of them were farming at home. Zhu Jinglun gave ten ducklings whenever he wanted.
When they got home, they kept the ducklings in their paddy fields, which had a growing influence. The farmers in Sili Township went to watch the fun, but whoever said that the emperor’s family didn’t eat rice seedlings, they must go to watch the fun. Even some newspaper reporters went to see them and were curious about why the emperor’s ducks didn’t eat rice seedlings.
Of course, there are many ironic stories around these ducks. For example, some people say that eating the emperor’s ducks can cure diseases, and they will come to the families of these soldiers to beg for it. Others try to steal and snatch these ducks, but the people don’t treat them as treasures. Some people simply keep them by their beds when they sleep.
When public opinion became a hot topic for a while, Zhu Jinglun chose to refute the rumor. He invited some big newspapers to be interviewed by their reporters and told reporters why ducks don’t eat rice seedlings, not because they are emperor ducks, but because they prefer to eat insects and eat tender grass without insects. Finally, they will choose to eat rice seedlings.
Therefore, if you want to raise ducks on an acre of land with no more than ten tender grass and enough insect base to eat ducks, you won’t eat rice seedlings. At the same time, you also announced in the newspaper the advantages of raising ducks in rice fields, raising fish and throwing seedlings, and called on the people to learn to throw seedlings.
With the help of this upsurge, the combination technology of Zhu Jinglun’s throwing seedlings and rice field farming was really known to a large number of people for a short time, but the rumor was not completely successful. Even though some newspapers made a demonstration experiment seriously and invited farmers to visit them to raise ordinary ducks in rice fields, many people still insisted that the ducks raised by the emperor were different from ordinary ducks, and some people vowed that eating the eggs of the emperor’s ducks cured his old mother of asthma for many years.
This superstitious story will still flow from generation to generation before the general public is influenced by scientific knowledge.
Then it’s not Zhu Jinglun’s heart. He has to consider his own marriage now, and his wedding day is coming at the end of the year.
Section four hundred and four Marry
December 1st is the day selected by the Ministry of Rites for Zhu Jinglun. Of course, they calculate which day in the lunar calendar is the most suitable wedding day according to the China lunar calendar.
Seeing that the wedding day is approaching, Zhang Rou is more and more obsessed with Zhu Jinglun. This is because she has a sense of crisis and is somewhat sorry. He was born in a monogamous era, but now he wants to marry a second woman. He can feel indebted to the first woman.
Therefore, Zhu Jinglun always satisfies Zhang Rou. Fortunately, he is strong enough, even if he goes to a party every night, there is no problem. He is four times as strong as ordinary people.
But Zhu Jinglun still doesn’t understand her daughter’s heart.
Zhang Rou has a sense of crisis. It’s not that Zhu Jinglun wants to marry a new person. Honestly, Zhang Rou met Eva. At that time, Eva was only fourteen. She also knew that Eva was a beauty blank. But her sense of crisis in her heart was by no means because she was worried that she would fall out of favor. For her, since she was an emperor’s princess, she never thought that she could monopolize your kindness. She was already prepared to accept other women’s psychological preparations. She even cried and begged Zhu Jinglun to marry more concubines because she couldn’t bear dragons many times.
Zhang Rou’s sense of crisis is actually because there is no heir. For women around the emperor, no heir is the most terrible thing.
"Do you often go home recently?"