LianJianJia stepped towards the gate. "By the way, let me remind you that you and Jing Zhi are good. Maybe there are some things you can’t handle alone."

Qing stayed there and thought about what LianJianJu meant. It seems that he was treated differently. Did LianJianJu’s last sentence wake up as a shock and tell LianJianJu about himself? Or temptation?
Three days later, long summer has prepared all the silver according to the orders of Lianjia, and all of them have gone to various silver villages to exchange it. At different times, some of the silver is a little dark yellow. It is estimated that the age is older than Lianjia. I can see that the villagers may not be willing to spend the money in the closet.
Yang Hetian checked the silver, which is a total of one million and two hundred silver. Such a temptation can be said to be a lot of money. Yang Hetian feels that this matter should not be simply aimed at an important twenty-four guard.
Even after checking the silver and asking the specific amount, I was a little surprised. This is not exaggerated. But even if you know how rich you are, you have already told you how to make money in the past. You have also raised many caravans according to her suggestion. If the silver is really lost in this operation, the caravans will come back this year.
Grain Rain seems to have touched the trail of Yue Wang these days, but Xiumu Day has arrived, so either hurry or wait for Xiumu to end.
"Yang, you go and tell the report that there are still four days before the dead wood day. We can’t take risks until we can completely determine the trail of Yuewang. After Hugh Mu, we will have completely determined the trail of Yuewang and it will be more convenient to act."
Yang’s expression is somewhat timid. I really don’t know who it is aimed at. She dare not make a mistake. "But the report meant that the sooner the better."
I don’t know if it’s because I don’t believe in myself or there’s no problem, but the more unusual it is when I want to give it to him, I think these people will be a little flustered. At this time, whoever is the most calm is the most suspicious.
"He has other things in his hand now, otherwise it can’t be handed over to you two, and you know that the purpose of this matter is not to turn against Yue Wang, but to win in a stable way, which is also what he needs." Even looking at Yang seriously,
"But …"
"I asked you to ask instead of doing it directly. If he doesn’t agree, it would be nice to act tonight. Don’t you dare to ask more questions now? Why are you so guilty? "
It’s a bit harsh to know your words, but Yang was really scared by such words and bowed his head deeply. But this expression doesn’t look like guilt. It’s just a simple fear that even his face changed slightly. "Is Yang Ruqi Qimu a confidant to you …"
Yang looks even worse. "Princess … you may not know if we Beidou lived to the last seven people."
"How many people were there in the past?"
Yang didn’t answer, but he hesitated slightly. "Let’s do it tonight … don’t ask."
Chapter 24 lend a helping hand
That night, Yang Hetian and beginning of spring secretly transported these silver coins to various stores, each of which ranged from 40,000 yuan to 52,000 yuan. After all, it looked real and there was a consideration of the convenience of recycling.
Qing secretly watched beginning of spring and others transport silver and frowned. This is all real money, not stones. No matter how you look at it, it is true, not a test. These people may disappear in a certain execution. Now he is faced with a choice. Do you want to take risks? But what is it after this action is bound to be framed for corruption? Falling into a well or threatening a crime?
Jing Zhi has learned this from Lian Jian, and even Jian Jian knows that she is the only one who can easily find the Qing Dynasty. Today, it is not the turn of this Qing Dynasty. When Jing Zhi sees him in a place where it is possible to find the Qing Dynasty, his face becomes gloomy.
The shoulder-clearing was slapped, which made him shake all over. Suddenly, he turned back and hid in his sleeve. The knife almost scratched his body and looked at him with a sullen look. "Come with me."
Qing hesitated for a moment, but she left there after her.
Jingzhe walked all the way to Lianjia yard. Qingyi grabbed her, but instead of stopping Jingzhe, she pulled her and continued to want to walk to Lianjia. Qingyi was a little anxious and pulled her back. The whole person was in his arms.
"What do you do?"
"The princess is taking part in this matter behind her back, and only she can help you."
Qing looked around as if no one was there, but there were ears everywhere in this palace; "Don’t talk nonsense here."
"Can’t you guess? This thing is really aimed at you, just to test you. "
Qing shook her head and said that she didn’t want to believe anything, and she knew that she was very stupid. "If you don’t take the initiative to ask Princess Wang’s character, you won’t take the initiative to help you directly. Her participation is to give you a chance."
"Did you tell her about it?"
"She should have guessed that at that time, Hai Guosheng had several people around her looking for a unified point for every news leak, and you could escape. Now Yue Wang is particularly good with Wang Ye. How can an outsider frame him?"
Qing shook his head very firmly, and he was even more anxious. "I know I won’t persuade people, so you can take it as if I told the princess about it?" Can you go or not! "
"What do you want me to say?" Qing frowned so that he couldn’t ask for help when it was over.
"You always come with me and I’ll help you."
Even JianJian just took off her makeup and changed her clothes. Today, they have to do something. You Yan Qimu left his own hospital. Even JianJian didn’t ask what to pack and didn’t know anything.
"Princess Princess, have you rested?"
Shelley heard the fright and shouted, and went out to see it. The expression became a little subtle. "The princess just changed her clothes. If I want to see her, I’ll go to the screen exhibition first."
"Good good ~" Jing Zhe even said three good words, which made Shelley laugh a little harder.
Shelley went in and set up a screen. Even when she talked about it, she suddenly smiled strangely. This was a little different from Shelley’s thought of the reaction. Shelley was a little wary. "Is there any other scene about the princess?"
"Aren’t you a wise man?"
Shelley immediately apologized and turned around and went out. "I’m sorry, princess, handmaiden, please let them in."
Jing Zhe pulls Qing in, and even through the screen, you can see through the light shadow that Qing is being pulled by Jing Zhe, which looks like Jing Zhe is going to beg for himself for him.
"Come on, do you want to get married or do you want something?" There is no light on this side of the cockroach. She wears it slowly. She knows it is everywhere.
"It’s a matter of belonging. Can you ask the princess to move?"
Even JianJi heard the tone of "clear talk". "I was not prepared to intervene in this matter when I came to the report. If there were no big drawbacks, Yang would be too lazy to take care of this matter, but since you talked, go there and wait for me."
"Thank you, Princess!" The startled tone is very exciting.
Lianjia rolled up her hair at will and let Shelley light the lamp in front and walk slowly like there. This is to give Qing an opportunity to go back on her word. It can be seen that it is a surprise, and the three points are to get seven points. Try it because of the words of surprise.